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  1. George I Louis Ludwig Guelph Hannover: Birth: 28 May 1660 in Leineschlo�, Osnabruck, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Preu�en. Death: 11 Jun 1727 in Osnabruck, Niedersachsen, Germany, from a stroke

  2. Friedrich August Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, Imperial General: Birth: 1661. Death: 1691

  3. Maximilian William of Brunswick-Luneburg: Birth: 13 Dec 1666 in Schloss Iburg near Osnabr�ck, Lower Saxony, Germany. Death: 16 Jul 1726 in Vienna, Austria

  4. Sophia Charlotte of Hanover: Birth: 30 Oct 1668 in Schloss Iburg in Bad Iburg near Osnabr�ck, Lower Saxony, Germany. Death: 1 Feb 1705 in Hanover, Niedersachsen, Germany

  5. Karl Philipp of Brunswick-Luneburg: Birth: 1669. Death: 1690

  6. Christian of Brunswick-Luneburg: Birth: 1671. Death: 1703

  7. Ernest Augustus, Duke of York and Albany: Birth: 7 Sep 1674 in Osnabr�ck, Niedersachsen, Germany. Death: 14 Aug 1728 in Osnabr�ck, Niedersachsen, Germany

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