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  2. Howard Russell Sherrick: Birth: 2 DEC 1925 in Elida, Allen, Ohio. Death: 20 DEC 1926 in Elida, Allen, Ohio

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  6. Viola Maxine Sherrick: Birth: 25 DEC 1934 in Elida, Allen, Ohio. Death: 31 MAR 1935 in Elida, Allen, Ohio

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a. Note:   IRTH & DEATH: VELVA BRUCE, TOOTS(AT) ! Copyright 1984-2017 FamilyHart, Inc (A Nonprofit Corporation) -.Noah was a farmer of 80 acres in Allen County and Marion Township. He also, had cows, pigs and chickens on the farm. The earlier years of his life, he farmed with horses, I (Velva) can just remember using the horses, then in the 1920's, my Dad bought his first tractor, a Fordson. We(Earl, Jr., Jim & I were the younger children) would use the working horse for a riding horse. We knew if Dad ever caught us, we'd really get it. If he ever did know, he never told us. We really had fun, living on a farm, but it was and still is very hard work. We had are own milk, butter, beef, pork meat, frying chickens and eggs. Noah, wife and family attended the Ridge United Brethren Church on Ridge Road, Marion Township, Ohio. ! Copyright 1984-2017 FamilyHart, Inc (A Nonprofit Corporation) -.I should note, myself, I didn't do much farm work, cause I had 5 brothers helping with the farming, but we always had a big garden and I help can the vegetables and sometimes the meat. My sister, Evelyn was the oldest, so she didn't have to do much help on the farm either since the brothers were close to her in age.
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