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Marriage: Children:
  1. Capt. John Fillmore: Birth: 18 MAR 1701/02 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA. Death: 22 FEB 1777 in Norwich, CT

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a. Note:   Information compiled by Gwen Romine:
  John Fillmore was our first known common ancestor. He was thought to have been born in Manchester, Lancashire, England around 1676. He married Abigail Tilton, of Ipswich, Mass., on June 19 1701 in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.
  Abigail Tilton was born on April 1, 1679 at Ipswich, Mass. She was the daughter of Abraham and Deliverance (Shaw) Tilton.
  In 1704, John Fillmore purchased property from Luke Perkins, a blacksmith. The property was described as "a house, barn and about two acres of land," located, "upon the Road from Wenham to Beverly near the Wenham Pond in Beverly" (Mass). The purchase price was 50 pounds. The deed bears the date, November 24, 1704 and was recorded January 14, 1705.
  The record of the Intention of Marriage of John Fillmore, saylor, and Abigail Tilton, and also a record of their children births and the Intention of Marriage of John Fillmore and Mary Spiller can be seen at the Beverly Historical Society Library and Museum.
  Quoting from Dr. Ashbel Woodward:
  "The first of the name we find in this country (North America) was John Fillmore, or Phillmore 'mariner' of Ipswich, Mass., who purchased an estate in Beverly 24 November 1704, and who was, probably, the common ancestor of all of that name in America. He married 19 June 1701, Abigail, daughter of Abraham and Deliverance Tilton of Ipswich, by whom he had two sons and a daughter."
  "The father, while on a voyage, homeward bound, was taken by a French frigate, and carried a prisoner into Marinique, where he suffered incredible hardships, and, although ultimately redeemed, was supposed to have been poisoned, with many others, by the French, during his passage home. He died before 1711, when his wife, Abigail, is called widow."
  "December 25, 1711, Abigail Fillmore of Beverly, widow, personally appearing in court, confess herself guilty of ye crime of fornication and charged Timothy Cunningham of Boston, coaster, of being ye father of ye child unlawfully begotten of her body, and made oath of same. Its considered that she pay a fine of ____(no sum mentioned) and costs and stand committed till performed." (Beverly Historical Records)
  Quoting from Charles L. Fillmore:
  "This child, a daughter, was named Ruth Fillmore. It is quite possible that Timothy Cunningham, coaster, was an acquaintance, perhaps a former companion or friend, of John, the Mariner. He may have come to extend his sympathy and offer his help to Abigail. Perhaps he came too often and stayed too late. There is nothing to indicate that Abigail was a promiscuous woman. Despite the unfortunate incident it is apparent that her eldest son, John, held her in high esteem, as did also, her mother, Deliverance (Shaw) Tilton."
  "By her will, made 9 November 1730 and proved 2 July 1733, Deliverance Tilton left to her three sons, 5 s. apiece. To the three sons of son-in-law Robert Bell, deceased, 5 s. apiece. To her daughter, Sarah, 10 pounds. To John and Ebenezer Philmore and Ruth Kennison, children of my daughter, Abigail, deceased, 10 pounds each." (Taken from Essex Probate, 319, 393)
  Quoting from Charles L. Fillmore:
  "Apparently Abigail did not stand condemned indefinitely in the eyes of all. On 7 November 1717, she married Dr. Robert Bell, a physician and widower, who had come from Scotland to Ipswich. The Bells removed to Norwich, Conn., about 1720. Dr. Bell is listed among the physicians of Norwich, and is referred to as, "the father-in-law of Captain John Fillmore." (A different use of the term from that in present day practice.)" (Information from History of Norwich, Connecticut, by Francis Manwaring Caulkins, pp 224, 634)
  Dr. Robert and Abigail Bell had three children, Samuel, born Ipswich, 1719, Benjamin and Deliverance born in Norwich.
  Dr. Robert Bell, died on August 23, 1727 and his wife, Abigail died on November 13, 1727.
  Quoting from Charles L. Fillmore:
  "Abigail (Tilton) Fillmore-Bell, twice married, twice widowed, the mother of three children by each husband, and mother of a child of 'sorrow' rather than of 'love' entered eternal rest at the age of 48 years 6 months."
  Administration Estate of John, the Mariner, Fillmore:
  "March 17, 1722/23, Samuel Balch and Jona. Raymens of Beverly and Levi John Porter of Wenham appraise house and land formerly John Fillmore's at 45 pounds, and judged it could not be divided."
  "March 19, 1722/23, Abigail Bell, alias Fillmore, relinquishes administration to her son John, carpenter, on his father John's estate, his sureties were Abram Tilton, carpenter and Wm Young all of Ipswich. John brings in the estate free and clear of all charges. He is entitled to two shares, Eben one, Abigail one and the widow's thirds. John redeems and buys the whole."
  "The first John is here called late of Wenham." (Letter from John I Baker Esq.)
  It is unknown the exact date of when John Fillmore died, but is thought to be between 1708 and 1711. He was most likely buried at sea.
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