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1. Title:   1881 Canadian Census
2. Title:   Christ's Church Anglican - Dartmouth, Record Type: church register
Page:   Note that the transcription reads 9 Jun 1832. I believe, however, that is likely a mis-transcription of 9 Jun 1852.

a. Note:   g a much earlier birth date - 1812 or so at the latest. The ages of her children as shown in the 1881 census (22, 20 and 13) would, however, roughly limit an estimate of her birth date to the range 1823 to 1838. Since her sister Caroline (born ~ 1819) is identified as the "third daughter" and we know that Eleanor and Mary Louise were born earlier, this Ann Catherine must be a later child. Assuming that the ages of the children in the 1838 census were correctly known by the census taker, that census has room for her only if she were 14 years or older - implying a birth year before mid-1824. In this regard, it is more likely that the age of Sarah was underestimated by a year or so; thus leaving room for Ann Catherine to be one of the females under 14. Weighing all this, it would seem as though the marriage date is grossly in error - perhaps it is a mis-transcription of 1852, rather than 1832? An estimate for her birth date of about 1829 causes the least problems
Note:   The evidence regarding her date of birth is very inconsistent. The 1881 census shows her age as 51, implying a birth year of 1829/30. The transcription of her marriage record shows the date of marriage to be 9 Jun 1832, implyin
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