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Arthur Alfred Howard BYWATERS: Birth: 1883 in Warrak,VIC,AUS. Death: 2 Dec 1948 in Northam,WA ,AUS
Aubrey Thomas BYWATERS: Birth: 17 Feb 1916 in Northam,WA ,AUS. Death: 9 Mar 1972 in Shenton Park Hospital,WA ,AUS
Benjamin Wesley BYWATERS: Birth: 12 Nov 1869 in Williamstown Dist Bar,SA ,AUS.
Betsy Doreen BYWATERS: Birth: 1912 in WA ,AUS. Death: 1978
Catherine Ann BYWATERS: Birth: 1892 in Warrak,VIC,AUS. Death: 24 Apr 1985 in Ararat,VIC,AUS
Charlotte BYWATERS: Birth: 20 Feb 1868 in Nr Williamstown Dist Bar,SA ,AUS. Death: 20 Feb 1868 in Nr Williamstown Dist Bar,SA ,AUS
Charlotte BYWATERS: Birth: 8 Oct 1885 in Pt Wakefield Dist Gil,SA ,AUS.
Christine Anne BYWATERS: Birth: 22 Jul 1967 in WA ,AUS. Death: 10 Oct 2001 in Goomalling,WA ,AUS
Clara Florence BYWATERS: Birth: 6 May 1907 in WA ,AUS. Death: 9 Jun 1909 in WA ,AUS
Colin John BYWATERS: Birth: 21 May 1936 in WA ,AUS. Death: 10 Feb 2006 in Mandurah,WA ,AUS
Coral Jean BYWATERS: Birth: 10 Jun 1929 in VIC,AUS. Death: 10 Oct 2001 in WA ,AUS
David Henry BYWATERS: Birth: 28 Sep 1866 in Allens Creek Dist Kap,SA ,AUS.
David BYWATERS: Birth: 1863 in SA ,AUS. Death: 11 Sep 1948 in Murray Bridge,SA ,AUS
Desmond Bruce BYWATERS: Birth: 28 May 1933 in Nhill,VIC,AUS. Death: 14 May 2011 in Camillo,WA ,AUS
Dorothy Selina BYWATERS: Birth: 1912 in WA ,AUS. Death: 25 Apr 2003 in WA ,AUS
Edward James BYWATERS: Birth: 16 Jan 1903 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS. Death: 31 Mar 1998 in Gawler,SA ,AUS
Elizabeth Hanna BYWATERS: Birth: 14 May 1862 in Marrabel Dist Kap,SA ,AUS. Death: 1948 in Hindmarsh,SA ,AUS
Elizabeth Sarah BYWATERS: Birth: 29 Jan 1874 in Gawler River Dist Bar,SA ,AUS. Death: 2 Sep 1912 in Pt Pirie Dist Clare,SA ,AUS
Elizabeth Sarah BYWATERS: Birth: 9 Jan 1901 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS. Death: 1995
Elsie Charlotte BYWATERS: Birth: 1909 in WA ,AUS. Death: 6 Aug 1984 in WA ,AUS
Emillie Ann BYWATERS: Birth: 17 Mar 1866 in South Rhine Dist Adelaide,SA ,AUS.
Ernest Alfred BYWATERS: Birth: 18 Feb 1880 in Kersbrook Dist Tal,SA ,AUS. Death: 1940 in WA ,AUS
Ernest George William BYWATERS: Birth: 30 Mar 1881 in Gawler South Dist Ptg,SA ,AUS. Death: Feb 1927 in SA ,AUS
Ethel Blanche BYWATERS: Birth: 15 Jul 1894 in Warrak,VIC,AUS. Death: 26 May 1984 in Dandenong,VIC,AUS
Ethel Emma BYWATERS: Birth: 3 Dec 1876 in Kapunda Dist Kap,SA ,AUS.
Florence Mary BYWATERS: Birth: 1880 in Warrak,VIC,AUS. Death: 31 Aug 1975 in Northam Regional Hospital,WA ,AUS
Francis Edward (Frank) BYWATERS: Birth: 1886 in Warrak,VIC,AUS. Death: 28 Sep 1968 in WA ,AUS
Frederick James Arthur BYWATERS: Birth: 19 Jan 1890 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS. Death: 2 Mar 1890 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS
Gabriel Alexander BYWATERS: Birth: 2 Sep 1914 in Gawler dist Bar,SA ,AUS. Death: 9 Nov 2004 in VIC,AUS
George Thomas BYWATERS: Birth: 6 Jun 1855 in Gumeracha Dist Adelaide,SA ,AUS. Death: 1930
George BYWATERS: Birth: 1833 in LIN,ENG. Death: 4 Nov 1878 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS
Gertrude Elizabeth BYWATERS: Birth: 27 Apr 1896 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS.
Gwendoline Hilda BYWATERS: Birth: 9 Oct 1927 in Nhill,VIC,AUS. Death: 9 Apr 2003 in WA ,AUS
Hannah BYWATERS: Birth: 1834 in LIN,ENG. Death: Dec 1848 in LIN,ENG
Harriett Helena BYWATERS: Birth: 4 Feb 1867 in South Rhine Dist Adelaide,SA ,AUS.
Heather BYWATERS: Death: 1932 in VIC,AUS
Henry Albert (Harry) BYWATERS: Birth: Jun 1840 in Spalding,LIN,ENG. Death: 24 Nov 1870 in Sandy Creek,SA ,AUS
Henry Albert BYWATERS: Birth: 23 Sep 1865 in South Rhine Dist Adelaide,SA ,AUS. Death: 9 Feb 1866 in South Rhine Dist Ade,SA ,AUS
Henry Francis BYWATERS: Birth: 25 Jul 1909 in Jurokine,WA ,AUS. Death: 19 Oct 1983 in Hollywood Nedlands,WA ,AUS
Henry BYWATERS: Birth: 15 Dec 1870 in Nr Eden Valley Dist Ade,SA ,AUS. Death: 7 Apr 1946 in Adelaide dist Ade,SA ,AUS
Herbert Arthur Henry BYWATERS: Birth: 2 Apr 1885 in Gawler South Pt G,SA ,AUS. Death: 20 Nov 1885 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS
Herbert Mathew BYWATERS: Birth: 27 Dec 1889 in Balrootan Nr Nhill,VIC,AUS. Death: Feb 1963 in Beaufort,VIC,AUS
Horace Charles Carman BYWATERS: Birth: 28 May 1887 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS. Death: 11 Dec 1887 in Gawler South Dist Pt G,SA ,AUS
Hurtle BYWATERS: Birth: 12 Aug 1903 in Nhill,VIC,AUS. Death: 19 Aug 1903 in Nhill,VIC,AUS
Irene Campbell BYWATERS: Birth: 1919 in WA ,AUS. Death: 1983
Irene Melva BYWATERS: Birth: 6 Jun 1909 in Dist Nhill,VIC,AUS. Death: 17 Jul 2003 in Clarinda,VIC,AUS

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