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a. Note:   Military records located at
  Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution
 Alphabetical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, pages 90-91
  Breden, Richard, IP.
 Breeden, Richard, Clark's Ill. Reg.
 Bredin, Richard, IP.
 Breeding, Richard, Clark's Ill. Reg.
 Breeding, Richard, recruited by Capt. Edward Worthington in 1780.
 Virginia Military Records
 Appendix: State-Wide and Miscellaneous Records, page 697
  A List of Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers of the Illinois Regiment, and the Western Army, under the command of General George Rogers Clark
  Breeden, Richard, Private
 West Virginians in the American Revolution
 Surnames, A-B, page 31
  Breedin, Richard
 Served as private under George Rogers Clark on the expedition against Vincennes and Kaskaskia.
 Not certain this 1789 record belongs to this Richard Breeden.....
  Kentucky, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1810-1890
 Name: Richard Breeden
 State: KY
 County: Jefferson County
 Township: No Township Listed
 Year: 1789
 Record Type: Tax list
 Database: KY Early Census Index
 Source Information: Kentucky, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1810-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
 Original data: Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. Kentucky Census, 1810-1890. Compiled and digitized by Mr. Jackson and AIS from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes.
 Kentucky, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1810-1890
 Name: Richard Breading
 State: KY
 County: Shelby County
 Township: No Township Listed
 Year: 1795
 Record Type: Tax list
 Page: 006
 Database: KY Early Census Index
 Source Information: Kentucky, Compiled Census and Census Substitutes Index, 1810-1890 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 1999.
 Original data: Jackson, Ron V., Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. Kentucky Census, 1810-1890. Compiled and digitized by Mr. Jackson and AIS from microfilmed schedules of the U.S. Federal Decennial Census, territorial/state censuses, and/or census substitutes.
 Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories
 Shelby County, Book A, page 207
  Breeding, Richard
 20 May 1798
 Wife: Frances. Sons: William, Paul, Dau: Elizabeth. Ex: wife. Wit: William McCroy, Isaac Whitaker. Apprs: William Brodie, Peter Bailey, Elijah Whitaker.
 The following information was compiled by another descendant.............
  FATHER: CULPEPER DEEDS, BOOK A, p. 509, 20 June 1753. "Richard Breeding of Brumfield Parish, Culpeper County" . . . (Lists his children).
  His birth date was estimated, figuring he may have been about 25 at the time of his marriage to Frances ________ (25 beings an average age men marrying, at that time). Since their first child, William Breeden
 was born in 1775, they may have been married approximately a year before.
  RESIDENCES: A deed was found on Richard and Frances Breeding in Henry County, Virginia Deed Book 1, 1777-1779, pages 18,19 and 20. On 28 January 1777, Richard sold 130 acres, for fifty pounds, to John Stockton.
 Stockton/Breeding Deed, 1777 - Henry Co. VA
  DEED BOOK 1, 1777-1779
 p. 18
 This Indenture made Here on this Twenty Eighth Day of January in the year of our Lord
 Christ one Thousand & Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Between Richard Breeding of
 Henry County of the one part & John Stockton of said County of the other part--
 Witnesseth that the sd Richard Breeding for and in Consideration of the Sum of Fifty
 pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid at & before the Sealing & Delivery
 of these presents the receipt is hereby acknowledged hath Given Granted Bargained sold
 and Confirmed and by these Presents doth give grant Bargain Sell & Confirm unto the John
 Stockton his heirs & Assigns forever a Certain Tract or Parcel of land containing one
 hundred and Thirty acres lying and being in the County aforesaid on both sides of the north
 fork of Mayo River and bounded as followeth to it Beginning at a White Oak on the North
 Side of the River and running thence new lines north fifty Three degrees East Twenty poles
 to a Read oak north Thirty five degrees west leaving a branch of said River one hundred &
 four poles to a Sorrel tree South Eighty five degrees west Crossing a Creek a Branch of the
 said River Sixty six poles to a Read Oak north twenty five Degrees west ninty poles to a
 Poplar near the River south sixty five Degrees west Crossing the River sixty poles to a
 white oak south ten Degrees East one hundred and sixty poles to a Read Oak & two
 White oaks on the other side of the River then up the River as it meanders To the First
 Station. With all the Appurtenances belonging or anyway appertaining To Have and to
 hold the said land and premises unto the said John Stockton and to his heirs Executors
 Administrators and Assigns Forever and the said Richard Breeding doth for himself and his
 heirs covenant and agree with the said John Stockton his heirs or Assigns From Time to
 Time and at all Times Hereafter
 p. 19
 Hereafter peacibly and Quickly to have hold possess and enjoy the said land and premises
 & the Right and Title of his the Said Richard Breeding without ......................Trouble or
 Molestation from him the said Richard Breeding his heirs Executors Administrators or any
 other Person or Persons lawfully claiming on by from or under them or any of them or any
 other Person whatsoever and the Said Richard Breeding for himself and his heirs the said
 land and Premises and before Exprest Shall and will warrant and forever defend by these
 Presents in Witness the Richard Breeding hath hereunto set his hand and Seal the Day and
 year First above written Signed Sealed and Delivered in Presence of
 Abraham Penn
 John Solomon
 Richard R Breeding S S
 George Hairston
 Henry County SCt
 In the Name of the Commonwealth of Virginia To Abraham Penn John Solomon Gent
 Greeting whereas ( ) Breeding & Frances his wife by this Certain Indenture of bargain
 & Sale bearing date the 28th day of Jany 1777 have bargained & Sold and by these
 presents do bargain & sell unto John Stockton of the County of Pittsylvania one hundred
 and thirty acres of land be the same more or less as may fully appear by the said Deed and
 Frances the wife of the same James being privily examined appart from her said husband
 doth Acknowledge the same Freely without the same Together with the said deed should
 be Recorded in the County Court of Henry and that the same was done freely & voluntarily
 & you the said Justices are Required to transmit this under your hands & Seals Together
 with your acknowledgments
 p. 20
 Acknowledgments to the Clerk of the Said County for due acknowledgment thereof
 Witness John Cox Clerk of our said County Court at the Courthouse the 26th day of
 January in the Year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy Seven & the
 First year of the Commonwealth .
 John Cox Clk
 By virtue of this Dedamus to us presented we the Subscribers did examine Frances the
 Wife of the said James Touching her acknowledgment of the Said One hundred & Thirty
 acres of Land & she does the same freely with the Threats of persuasions of her said
 Husband and is willing the same should be recorded in the County Court of Henry Given
 under our hands & Seals the 28th day of Jany 1777
 Abraham Penn S
 John Solomon S At a Court held for Henry County on the 17th day of February 1777 This Indenture was
 proved the Oaths of the Witnesses/to has to be the Act or Deed of the Above Richard
 Breeding Also the Dedimus hereto annexed the privily Examinatin of Frances Wife of the
 Said Richard was returned All which proceedings was ordered to be Recorded by the
 Test John Cox
  "VIRGINIANS IN THE REVOLUTION", by John H. Gwathmay. On page 90-91 it lists Richard Breeden/Breeding of the Illinois Regiment, and was recruited by Capt. Edward Worthington in 1780.
 GEORGE ROGERS CLARK AND HIS MEN, 1778-1784, by Margery Heberling Harding, published by Kentucky Historical Society:
 Pg. 47, "Muster Roll of Capt. Edward Wothington's Company of the Illinois Regiment . . . Richd Breden . . . Private . . . date of Inlistment 18 November 1780 . . . present."
 Pg. 52, "Pay Roll of Capt. Edward Wothington's Company of Infantry of the Illinois Regiment . . . Richd Breeding . . . Private . . . Commencing: 18 Nov. 1779 . . . Ending 30 Nov. 1781 . . . Years Time in
 Service 2 years, 12 days . . . [Pay] per mouth - Dollars 6 2/3: 48 � 16 Shillings . . . Present."
 Pg. 106, "Pay Abstract of Capt. Richard Brashear-s Company of the Illinois Regiment . . . Richard Bredin . . . Private . . . Commencement of Pay: 1 Jan. 1782 . . . Time of Service: 7 Mo., 26 Days
 . . . Dollars per mouth 6 2/3 . . . Amount in Dollars 46 2/3 . . . Amount in Virga. Cursy. 14 � 14 shilling"
 Pg. 107, "Pay Abstract of Capt. Richard Brashear-s Company of the Illinois Regiment . . . Richard Bredin . . . Private . . . Commencing 1 Jan. 1782 . . . Present".
 Pg. 141, "Muster Roll of Capt. Isaac Taylor-s Company of Infantry of the Illinois Regiment . . . Date of Inlistment 18 Nov. 1779 . . . Term of Inlistment: Three years or war".
 Pg. 142, "Muster Roll of Capt. Isaac Taylor-s Company of Infantry of the Illinois Regiment . . . Richard Bredin . . . Private . . . Date of Inlistment 18 Nov. 1779 . . . Term of Inlistment: Three years or war".
 Pg. 144, "Pay Abstract of Capt. Isaac Taylor-s Company in the Illinois Regiment . . . Richard Bredin . . . Private . . . Commencement: 1 Augt. 1782 . . . Time of Service 1 Mo. . . . Dollars 6 2/3 . . . Amt. in Virga. currv. 2 � 4 shillg . . . Present". Pg. 154 "Muster Roll of Captain Abraham Chaplin-s Company . . . Richd. Breedin . . . Date of Inlistment 18 Nov. 1779 . . . Term of
 Inlistment: 3 yrs. or During the war . . . Remarks: Absent with out leave".
  Richard Breeden served in the Revolutionary War according to "MAGAZINE OF THE JEFFERSON COUNTY, WEST VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY" Vol. 4, Dec. 1938 article entitled "Revolutionary Soldiers of Jefferson County, W. Virginia". On page 39, it stas "Breeden, Richard, Pvt. with George Rogers Clark, 1778, lived near Harper's Ferry".
  From a book of Muster and Pay Rolls "GEORGE ROGERS CLARK AND HIS MEN MILITARY RECORDS, 1778-1784", by Margery Heberling Harding, page 47, says the following: Muster Roll of Capt. Edward Worthington's Company of the Illinois Reg.., 11 Apr. 1780o 30th Nov 1781, Richd Breeden, Enlisted 18 Nov. 1780. The enlistment date corresponds with the date of his recruitment mentioned in "VIRGINIAN IN THE REVOLUTION", but on pages 52,141,142 and 154 it states that Richard enlisted in 1779. In fact on page 52, he received pay, commencing on 18 Nov. 1779 and
 ending 30 Nov 1781, for the period of 2 yr. 12 days. His term of enlistment was "3 years or war" (page 141 ). On pages 154 and 155, dated 1 Sept. 1782 to 31 Jan. 1783, one a Pay Roll and the other a
 Muster Roll, it lists a Richard Bredin/Breden as absent without leave. Richard Breeden made 6 2/3 dollars or 2 � 4 shillings in Virginia currency per month as a Private (page 144). Although he was entitled to his pay monthly, it was more common than not for him to wait for months, and apparently in one instance he waited over two years for pay (page 52). Money and food were scarce at times for many of the American soldiers during the Revolution, and many times resulted in desertions, and sometimes even mutiny. It was probably worse on the frontier, where Richard was stationed. One fort in which he was stationed was in western Kentucky, near were Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky meet, in present day Ballard County, Ky. Supplies had came as far away as French controlled New Orleans, via the Mississippi River. This fort was abandoned and they relocated to Ft. Nelson. Ft. Nelson was located at or near present day Louisville, Ky., not all that far from where he eventually settled after the war.
 Richard Breeding name appears on two pay roll voucher from the NATIONAL ARCHIVES, Washington DC. One states: "Richard Breeding, soldier (Revolutionary War), Clark's Illinois Regiment., Virginia
 State Troops., Pay Roll for soldiers serving in the Illinois Department for their pay up to the last of December, 1781, Amount 50 pounds 16 shilling, Roll not dated. The other states: "Richard Breeding, Clark's Illinois Regiment., Virginia State Troops., Pay Roll of the Illinois Regiment, From Jan. 1, 1782 to Nov. 18 1782, Amount 21 pounds 4 shillings, Roll not dated".
  KENTUCKY HISTORICAL SOCIETY REGISTER, Vol. 53, page 45: Jefferson County, Virginia Minute Book A, page 22 "At a Court for Jefferson County, Virginia on the 5th of March, 1782. Ordered that the County Surveyor lay off, the following persons, 400 acres of land each, agreeable to act of Assembly passed, May last ....."(last name on list Richard Breeding). Test: Merth Price, CJCC
  GEORGE ROGERS CLARK PAPERS 1781-1784, Virginia Series, Volume IV, Collections of the Illinois State Historical Library, Volume XIX: Chapter XI, page 413, Allotment of land in Clark's grant to Soldiers on the Illinois Expedition, February 1, 1783 - April 3, 1847: page 419 . . . The following claims were taken up & allowed, & disallow'd as they are marked, To wit,: page 421 . . . Richard Bredein, not allowed . . .
  TAX LIST: The 1787 CENSUS OF VIRGINIA, JEFFERSON County, 1987, GENEALOGICAL BOOKS IN PRINT, page 1465: 1789, Jefferson Co., Virginia (Kentucky), Breeden, Richd., Two horses.
  Biography of Richard G. Breeden - McDonough County, Illinois, History of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson Counties, Illinois, 1894
 Portrait and Biographical Recordpages 295 and 296
 "came of an old Virginia family, which was founded in America
 by Scotch ancestors, who left that land and took up their residence in the
 New World prior to the Revolution. There were three brothers who made the
 voyage, and all served in the Colonial army during the struggle for
 independence. One of the number was killed, and the ancestor of our
 subject, at the close of the war, migrated to Kentucky. A love for hunting
 and fishing has always been manifest in the Breeden family, and it is
 supposed that it indicates a trace of Indian blood."
  HISTORY of JACKSON COUNTY, IOWA by Hon. James W. Ellis, Volume 1, Illustrated, Chicago, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, 1910, pages 364 and 365.
 Sketch of the Life of B. B. Breeden
 At about the beginning of the year 1700, three brothers, Henry, Job and Richard Breeden, came from England and settled in Virginia and married.
 Job remained there all his life, living on the old homestead. Henry and Richard, with their families, went west after a time, and settled in Lawrence county, Kentucky. They each took up homesteads. During an encounter with the Indians, Henry and his two sons were killed, but not until Henry had killed six Indians before he fell.
 Richard married Fannie Fairchild, a Virginian woman. To them were born eleven children, seven boys and four girls, the seventh child being Richard Jr., who was born in 1778 in what is now known as Louisville, Kentucky.
 The children scattered to various parts of the country. Paul went to Louisiana; James, William and Richard, Jr., to Indiana. Richard settled in Monroe county, Indiana, in about the year 1818. He was married to Miss Lucretia Curl before he left Kentucky. To them were born fourteen children, thirteen of whom lived to be grown. We give the names in order of their ages: Fielding, born 1810; Millie, Richard O., William, Polly, Dudley, Blan Ballard, Susan, Lucretia, Jane, Berryman, Calvin, James and Amanda. The first six were born in Lawrence county, Kentucky, while Ballard and Susan were born in Monroe county, Indiana. The whole family afterward moved to Putnam county, Indiana, where Jane and Berryman were born, the family afterward going to Edgar county, Illinois, where the rest of the children were born.
 In the year 1838 the family moved to Iowa. Millie married in Illinois and moved back to Kentucky, but afterwards returned to Illinois. The family settled in Jackson county, Iowa, and each of the sons took up claims for themselves. Fielding and William were also married in Illinois. The remainder married in Jackson county.
 In about the year 1850, Fielding, Calvin, Ballard and William went to California to make their fortunes in digging gold. Berryman joined them in 1852. They were three years returning via Pacific Ocean, Isthmus of Panama, Atlantic Ocean, and New York city, thence overland to Iowa. They failed to realize their expectations of making their fortunes.
 Nearly two years after their return, Ballard married Miss Mary Jane Furnish. To them were born three children--Sophronia, DeSoto and Otto. She died on the 12th day of February 1861. On the 5th day of September, he married Miss Mary Ann Campbell. To them were born seven children: Frances J., Dora L., Willaims S., Lillie V., Arizona M., Millie L. and Clarence Bird. Williams S. and Millie L. died in infancy.
 Richard Breeden, father of B. B. Breeden, died in September 1872; Lucretia, his mother, died in February, 1874, at the ages of eighty-four and eighty-three years, respectively. Fielding moved to Keokuk county, Iowa, where he died in 1887. Williams returned to Illinois and lived in Hancock county where he died in 1896. Berryman never returned from California. He died in the year 1875 or 1876. Owen was killed by a falling tree while hunting, on the 12th day of February, 1868. Millie died in Illinois in 1865. Polly died in Kansas in 1878. Dudley died in Jackson county, Iowa, in 1842. Susan died in Jackson county in 1845. Lucretia died in infancy in Putnam county, Indiana. Jane now lives in Mariposa county, California. Calvin died very suddenly on October 31st, 1899. James lives near Clear Lake, Wisconsin, and Amanda in Jackson county.
 Mr. Breeden died on June 7, 1906, being eighty-six years, five months and nineteen days old. His life was long and useful and he was loved and honored by all his family and highly respected by all who knew him. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.