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KATHERINE : Birth: Abt 1335 in Lancashire, England.
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KATHERINE : Birth: Abt 1546 in Cambridge, Gloucestershire, England.
KATHERINE : Birth: Abt 1232.
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KERSTINA : Birth: 1661 in Svolov, Malmhos, Sweden.
KERSTINA : Birth: 1639 in Fiskarhuset Svalov, Malmohus, Sweden. Death: 22 Mar 1709 in Svalov, Malmohus, Sweden
KIERSTINA : Birth: 1654 in Kristianstad, Skane, Sweden.
King Egbert : Birth: in Wessex, England. Death: 19 Nov in Wessex, England
King Wihtgar : Birth: Abt 748 in Isle of Wight, England. Death: Abt 793
King Wihtgar : Birth: Abt 720 in Isle of Wight, England.
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Laf : Birth: Abt 760.
LARS : Birth: 1624 in Kagerod, Malmohus, Sweden. Death: in Malmohus, Sweden
LARS : Birth: Abt 1741 in Malmohus, Sweden.
Laurs : Birth: Abt 1650 in Viborg, Denmark.
Lera : Birth: 1900.
LETTICE : Birth: 1200 in England.
LEUCA : Birth: 1110 in Kingsley, Cheshire, England. Death: 1130 in England
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Llancelod : Birth: Abt 510 in Gaul.
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LLUD : Birth: Abt 485 in Montgomeryshire, Wales.
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LUCIE : Birth: 1566 in Yorkshire, England.
LUCY : Birth: About 1751 in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England. Death: 1807
Mads : Birth: Abt 1495 in Ribe, Denmark.
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MANS : Birth: 1635 in Kvistofta, Malmohus, Sweden.
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MARGARET NMN GERARD : Birth: 1239 in Catenhall, Cheshire, England. Death: 1316
MARGARET : Birth: 1518 in Halifax, West Riding, Yorkshire, England.
MARGARET : Birth: Abt 1516 in Cam, Gloucestershire, England. Death: 24 Apr 1572 in Cambridgeshire, England
MARGARET : Birth: Abt 1690 in Warwickshire, England. Death: in Warwickshire, England
MARGARET : Birth: 1637 in New Castle, Delaware, USA.
MARGARET : Birth: 1637.
Margaret : Birth: 1823 in Mississippi.
MARGARET : Birth: Abt 1182 in Somersetshire, England. Death: 1242 in Whalesborough, Cornwall, England
MARGARET : Birth: 1425. Death: 1471 in Beighton, England
Margaret : Birth: Dec 1865 in Utah.
MARGARET : Birth: Abt 1612 in Fischborn, Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany. Death: in Germany
MARGARET : Birth: Abt 1650 in New Castle, Delaware, USA. Death: in New Castle, Delaware, USA
Margaret : Birth: 2 Jun 1898 in Arkansas, USA. Death: 18 Apr 1983 in Grand Junction, Mesa, Colorado, United States of America
MARGARETA : Birth: 1687 in Svalov, Malmohus, Sweden. Death: 15 Jun 1771 in I Toftra
MARGARETA : Birth: 1629 in Norra Nobbelov, Malmohus, Sweden. Death: 30 Nov 1719 in Norra Nobbelov, Malmohus, Sweden
MARGERY : Birth: 1499 in Parish, Somersetshire, England. Death: 1550 in Parish, Somersetshire, England
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MARIE : Birth: 1596 in (Warwickshire, England).
Marie : Birth: 1888.
Marjorie B : Birth: 1897 in Louisiana, USA.
MARNA : Birth: 1690 in Nevishog, Malmohus, Sweden.
MARTENS : Birth: Abt 1703 in Skane, Sweden.
Martha : Birth: abt 1856 in Alabama.
Martha : Birth: 1802 in Virgina, USA.
Mary Unknown: Birth: 1700 in , Middlesex, Virginia, USA. Death: 1760 in , Cumberland, Virginia, USA
Mary A : Birth: 1840 in Georgia, USA.
Mary A : Birth: 1807 in Georgia, USA.
Mary Ann : Birth: 1864.
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Mary Ellen : Birth: May 1861 in England.
MARY : Birth: 26 Mar 1736 in Fenton, Staffordshire, England. Death: in England
Mary : Birth: Abt 1735 in Ashfield, Franklin, Massachusetts.
Mary : Birth: 1726 in , Antrim, , Ireland.
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MARY : Birth: 1492 in Farnsworth, Prescot, Lancashire, England. Death: 7 Dec 1553 in Prescot, Lancashire, England
Mary : Birth: 1830 in Georgia, USA.
MARY : Birth: 1721 in St Andrew, London, England.
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MARY : Birth: Abt 1596 in Gloucestershire, England .
Mary : Birth: abt 1755.
MARY : Birth: 1610 in Berkshire, England. Death: in Berkshire, England
Mathilde of Flandres : Birth: 1032 in Flandres Orientale, Belgium. Death: 2 Nov 1083 in Caens, Calvados, Normandy, France
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MICKELS : Birth: Abt 1602 in Malmohus, Sweden.
Millicent : Birth: 1225 in Somerset, England. Death: 1261 in Cossington, Somerset, England
Mimmie : Birth: 1882 in , , Mississippi, USA.
Missouri : Birth: 1856 in Georgia, USA.
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Morgalla Verch Ieuan : Birth: Abt 904.
Morten : Birth: ABT 1662 in of Lihme, Viborg, Denmark.
Mrs Aelle : Birth: Abt 700 in Ancient Saxony, Northern, Germany. Death: in Somme, Picardie, France
MRS BYWYR AP BYWDEG : Birth: Abt 645 in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Death: in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Mrs Carloman : Birth: 568 in Belgium.
MRS CEIDIO AP CORF : Birth: Abt 825 in Powys, Wales. Death: in Powysland, Wales
MRS DYFNWALLON AP ARTHEN : Birth: Abt 758 in Ceredigion, Wales. Death: in Y, Somme, Picardie, France
Mrs Eaba Wessex : Birth: Abt 760 in Wessex, England. Death: in Wessex, England
Mrs Eystein Hognasson : Birth: Abt 772 in Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway.
Mrs Halfdan Sveidasson : Birth: Abt 750 in Holtum, Vestfold, Norway. Death: in Norway
Mrs Ivar : Birth: 1684 in Nautrup, Viborg, Denmark.
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