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Baudouin VI of Flandres : Birth: Abt 1030 in Flandres Orientale, Belgium. Death: 10 JUL 1070
Bava : Birth: 0800 in Tours, France.
Beatrice : Birth: 1902.
BEATRIX : Birth: 1043 in Pilton, Devonshire, England.
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BENGT : Birth: Abt 1630 in Malmohus, Sweden.
Beota : Birth: 1212 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Death: 1259 in Shepton Montague, Somersetshire, England
Bettie : Birth: 1875 in Mississippi, USA.
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Betty : Birth: Abt 1734 in Heapy, Lancashire, England.
Blanche : Birth: 1898 in Arkansas, USA.
BLEEG : Birth: Abt 1631 in Skane, Sweden.
BRENIN : Birth: Abt 865.
BRITA : Birth: Abt 1638 in Hokhuvud Parish, Stockholm, Sweden. Death: Abt 1704 in Hokhuvud Parish, Stockholm, Sweden
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Brochwel : Birth: Abt 902 in Wales.
BROER : Birth: Abt 1560 in Sweden.
BRYDW : Birth: Abt 487 in Wales. Death: in Wales
CADELL : Birth: Abt 905 in Austria Hungary.
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CARL : Birth: Abt 1650 in Sweden.
Catherine : Birth: 1846 in Georgia.
CATTRINE : Birth: 1639 in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, England. Death: 20 Dec 1706 in New Jersey, USA
Cecily : Birth: Abt 1062 in Yorkshire, England.
Christen : Birth: Abt 1450 in Denmark?.
CHRISTEN : Birth: Abt 1638 in Malmohus, Sweden.
CHRISTOFFERS : Birth: Abt 1630 in Malmohus, Sweden.
CHRISTOFFERS : Birth: Abt 1583 in Malmohus, Sweden.
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COLWYN : Birth: Abt 970 in (Wales).
Constance of Provence : Birth: Abt 986 in Toulouse, Haute- Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France. Death: 25 Jul 1032 in Meulan, Yvelines, Ile-de-France, France
Cunigunde : Birth: Abt 855.
Dag : Birth: Abt 745 in Norway.
Daniel PACKER : Birth: 1736 in Cam, Gloucestershire, England.
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de Mellent : Birth: Abt 985 in Mellent, Normandy, France. Death: in Somme, Picardie, France
DEBORAH : Birth: Abt 1627. Death: 28 Aug 1755 in Thornbury, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA
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DOROTHIE : Birth: 1564 in England. Death: 1620
Duchess Judith De Bretagne : Birth: 982 in Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France. Death: 16 Jun 1017 in Normandy, France
Duke Robert I "the Magnificent" of Normandy : Birth: 21 June 1008 in Rouen, Seine Inferieure, Normandy, France. Death: 22 JUL 1035 in Nicasia, Bithynia, Turkey
Eadgyth : Birth: 932 in Mercia,,,England. Death: in England
EDITH : Birth: 1460 in Vallis, Frome, Somersetshire, England. Death: 1496 in Vallis, Frome, Somersetshire, England
Elesa of Sachsen : Birth: Abt 700 in Sachsen.
ELICE : Birth: 1643 in Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA.
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Eliza J : Birth: Jul 1877 in Nevada, USA.
Elizabeth : Birth: Abt 1530 in England. Death: in Kent, England
ELIZABETH : Birth: 1713 in Southam, Warwickshire, England.
ELIZABETH : Birth: Abt 1637 in England. Death: in England
ELIZABETH : Birth: 1688 in Llanfrechfa, Monmouth, England. Death: 4 Nov 1754 in Pontypool, Monmouth, England
ELIZABETH : Birth: 1562 in Little, Wiltshire, England. Death: 1602 in Little, Wiltshire, England
ELIZABETH : Birth: 1644 in Sunning, Berkshire, England. Death: in England
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Elizabeth : Birth: 1723 in Dover, Stratford, New Hampshire.
ELIZABETH : Birth: 1711 in Sheepshead, Leicestershire, England. Death: 1773 in England
Elizabeth : Birth: Abt 1832 in Randolph, North Carolina.
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ELIZABETH : Birth: Abt 1533 in England.
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Elizabeth : Birth: 1795 in , , North Carolina, USA. Death: 27 Jun 1876 in Tula, Lafayette, Mississippi, USA
Elizabeth : Birth: 1495 in Alderley, Cheshire, England. Death: Nov 1560 in Alderley, Cheshire, England
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ELIZABETH : Birth: 1513. Death: 1566 in Cambridgeshire, England
Ellen : Birth: 16 Apr 1903. Death: Oct 1982 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA
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ELSA : Birth: 1634 in Norra Nobbelov, Malmohus, Sweden. Death: 3 Mar 1709 in Norra Nobbelov, Malmohus, Sweden
Enflew : Birth: Abt 790.
Eske : Birth: 1650 in Volling, Viborg, Denmark.
Esther : Birth: 1832. Death: 1880 in Bradley, Arkansas
Esther : Birth: 1690. Death: 1772
Ethelwulf : Birth: in Wessex, England. Death: 925 in Farrington, Berkshire, England
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Evylyn : Birth: 1898 in Arkansas, USA.
Flavia Maximiana Fausta : Birth: 289 in Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy. Death: 326
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Francis J : Birth: Oct 1879 in Alabama, USA.
Francis : Birth: Sep 1869 in Arkansas, USA.
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Galicia : Birth: 1225 in Bromham, Wiltshire, England. Death: 1249 in Bromham, Wiltshire, England
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Gladys : Birth: 1893.
Godehilde : Birth: Abt 882 in Maine-et-Loire, Pays de la Loire, France. Death: 940
Gorm Del Gammel "The Old King of Denmark" : Birth: Abt 880 in Jellinge, Vejle, Denmark. Death: in Danmark, Uppsala, Sweden
Gorm Haraldson of Denmark : Birth: Abt 880 in Sjaelland Island, Denmark. Death: 936 in Jellinge Vejle, Denmark
GUDMUND : Birth: Abt 1623 in V�xtorp/N, Sweden.
GUDSMAN : Birth: Abt 1620 in Svolov, Malmohus, Sweden.
Guillaume De Normandy : Birth: 1005 in Normandie, France. Death: Jun 1025
Gunhilda Olafsdatter : Birth: Abt 920.

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