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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Heald: Birth: 1782 in Manchester. Death: Young

  2. Mary Heald: Birth: 1783 in Manchester. Death: 1857 in Parr's Wood, Didsbury

  3. George Heald: Birth: Abt 1785 in Manchester. Death: 10 Oct 1863

  4. Lucy Heald: Birth: 1787 in Stockport. Death: 13 Jul 1823

  5. Margaret Norris Heald: Birth: 1789 in Stockport. Death: Young

  6. James Heald: Birth: 1791 in Stockport. Death: Young

  7. Eliza Heald: Birth: 1792 in Stockport.

  8. Maria Heald: Birth: Abt 1795 in Stockport. Death: 7 Mar 1866

  9. James Heald: Birth: 1 Mar 1796 in Portwood, Brinnington, nr Stockport. Death: 26 Oct 1873 in Parr's Wood, Didsbury

  10. Margaret Heald: Birth: 1797 in Portwood, Stockport. Death: 26 Oct 1885 in Parr's Wood, Didsbury

  11. William Norris Heald: Birth: 1798 in Stockport. Death: 1806

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1. Title:   Portrait of James Heald
Text:   The frame has a plaque "James Heald 1758-1815". The portrait was left to the family by Dr F.C. Wood, anaesthetist, of Hampstead (b. 1890s; d. abt 1980) (? a descendent of the James Wood who was James Heald's executor ?)
2. Title:   Research by David Norris Heald of Woodford, Cheshire and James Richard (Dick) Heald
Publication:   letter, May 1989
3. Title:   Family vault, St Thomas Becket church, Chapel-en-le-Frith
Publication:   Transcription of MIs by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group, p. 116
Text:   C471. Large, panel-sided box tomb, badly overgrown with bramble.
 (Large, bold cleanly incised letters)
 Within this vault are interred the remains of JAMES HEALD who died on the 16th May 1815 aged 57 years. Also of LUCY HEALD his wife who died on the 26th January 1844 aged 84 years. Also of WILLIAM NORRIS HEALD their son who died on the 11th June 1806 aged 8 years. Also of LUCY MOUNCEY their daughter and wife of DANIEL BURTON-MOUNCEY who died on the 13th July 1823 aged 36 years and of LUCY HEALD MOUNCEY their infant daughter. Also of ANN HEALD wife of GEORGE HEALD the eldest son of JAMES and LUCY HEALD who died on the 30th December 1826 aged 39 years also of their infant children JOHN NORRIS HEALD and MARY PARKER HEALD.
 MARIA HEALD, Parrs Wood Didsbury, died March 7th 1866 aged 71 years.
 MARGARET HEALD, Parrs Wood Didsbury, died October 26th 1885 aged 88 years.
4. Title:   Memorial Inscription, inside St Thomas Becket church, Chapel-en-le-Frith
Publication:   Transcription by Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group, p. 138
Text:   (Situated high above the door in the Chancel South Wall. It is difficult to read without a) the full Chancel lighting on, and b) excellent eyesight. It is a two-tiered plaque, with the inscription on a white marble tablet - square with an apexed roof profile. This is mounted upon a black marble base - again generally square, with an apexed centre top and 'ears').
  Sacred to the memory of JAMES HEALD of BRINNINGTON and DISLEY in the COUNTY of CHESTER who died in the faith and hope of the Gospel on the 16th May 1815 in the 58th year of his age. He was a native of this parish and by the guidance and blessing of Divine Providence rose from comparative obscurity to considerable influence and wealth in the prosecution of an extensive business he possessed the confidence and respect of his numerous connections and was distinguished alike for soundness of judgement, great energy and decision of character, untiring diligence, and inflexible integrity. In domestic relations he was a pattern of filial devotedness, of conjugal affection, and of parental tenderness, and he died deeply regretted as he had lived greatly beloved by his family and friends.
  Also of his wife LUCY HEALD who died on the 26th January 1844 in the 85th year of her age. She was aperson of remarkable prudence and conscientiousness and both by council and example endeavoured to bring up her children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. She maintained a humble profession of the Christian Faith for nearly seventy years and died trusting in the alone merits of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life.
  "The blessings of the Lord it maketh rich" Pro: Chap X, V. XXII
 "Her children arise up and call her blessed" Pro: Chap XXXI, V. XXVII
5. Title:   Will of James Heald
Publication:   1815
Text:   The will of James Heald of Portwood in the county of Chester, calico printer, dated 5 May 1815 is available from the Cheshire Records Office and runs to 11 pages with two codicils.
 There is a probate receipt dated 4 July 1815, which gives the date of death 16 May 1815.
  Identified in the will are James Heald's wife Lucy, sons George and James, eldest daughter Mary, married to Thomas Parker, and five younger daughters.
  Trustees and Executors are James Wood of Manchester, manufacturer (called James Wood of Timperley near Altringham, Gentleman in the probate receipt), and Thomas Parker of Manchester, Calico Printer, JH's son in law. By the first codicil, George Heald is also to be an executor; by the second codicil he is made a trustee instead of Thomas Parker of the trust set up for Mary.
  The executors are to occupy his business premises for one year, "for the purpose of carrying on and closing my mercantile manufacturing and farming concerns, and for the increase of my personal estate."
  George is then to inherit "all those my freehold and copyhold messuages cottages printing works buildings lands and hereditaments situate at Waterside and in Whittle or elsewhere in the counties of Chester and Derby or one of these", "all those my leasehold messuage buidings lands and tenements situate at High Water side in the said county of Chester held for lease for a term of years under Miss Anson", and "all and every my water wheels and other wheels engines geers machinery printing utensils and other things used by me in and about my said printing works (other than and except my stock of Calicoes... drugs dye woods and printing rollers [which George is to be offered at a fair price]". George will also have first refusal on "all the horses cows and cattle of every description together with the stock of Hay, Corn, Carts and husbandry utensils which at the end of one year next after my decease shall belong to my estate shall be offered to my said son George Heald at a fair valuation."
  Lucy is to have "all that my messuage or dwellinghouse wherein I now reside situate in Portwood aforesaid with the Coachhouse stable garden and appurtenances thereunto belonging" for her lifetime, also the interest on "ten thousand pounds in the five per cent Government annuities" to be held in trust, and "all my household furniture plate linen china and books" for her lifetime, after which it reverts to the estate.
  "All those my several cottages warehouse and other buildings land and hereditaments situate in Portwood aforesaid and not herein before devised to my said wife for her life and also my warehouse situate in High Street in Manchester aforesaid with the appurtenances" are left for the trustees to realise.
  George and Mary had already been given ten thousand pounds and five thousand pounds of thewir fortunes respectively. The five younger daughters and their brother James were each also to receive five thousand or ten thousand pounds outright on becoming 21, or one year after James Heald's death.
  In addition, trust funds with ten thousand pounds capital each are to be set up for James and his six sisters on reaching the age of 21, for them and their children.
  Smaller gifts, outlined in the first codicil:
 "I bequeath unto my servant John Crompton and Esther his wife and the survivor of them one annuity or clear yearly sum of seventy pounds during their joint lives and the life of the survivor of them and I give and bequeath unto my servant John Heald and Nancy his wife and the survivor of them one annuity or clear yearly sum of sixty pounds during their joint lives and the life of the survivor of them and I bequeath unto my servant William Norris for his life one annuity of fifty pounds...
  "I bequeath the following legacies, viz. to my servant Robert Wild ten pounds, and to my three servants Thomas Blomiley, William Buckley and William Watt five pounds apiece, the said four Legacies to be paid immediately after my death."
  All the rest residue and remainder of his personal estate and effects of what nature or kind soever to be divided equally among all and every his children share and share alike.
6. Title:   Index of Cheshire Wills
7. Title:   Dictionary of National Biography: Heald, James 1796-1873
Publication:   1892
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