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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Heald: Birth: 22 Apr 1859 in Halewood, Lancashire. Death: 14 Feb 1921

  2. Florence Heald: Birth: 1861 in Halewood, Lancashire.

  3. Edith Heald: Birth: 1864 in Halewood, Lancashire.

  4. William Herbert Heald: Birth: Abt 1866 in Halewood, Lancashire.

  5. Charles Reginald Heald: Birth: 25 Mar 1867 in Halewood, Lancashire. Death: 8 Mar 1924

  6. Arthur Ernest Heald: Birth: 1869 in W Liverpool, Lancashire.

  7. Margaret Jeannie Heald: Birth: 1871 in Halewood, Lancashire.

1. Title:   Walford's County Families: Heald, William Norris
Publication:   1894
Text:   HEALD, William Norris Esq., of Parrs Wood, Lancashire Son of the late George Heald, Esq., of Garston, co. Lancaster, and nephew of the late James Heald Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Parrs Wood (formerly M.P. for Stockport); b. 1830; m. 1858 Jane, dau. of the Rev.Edward Walker, and has, with other issue, *James, b. 1859, educated at Trin. Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1882, M.A. 1886); m. 1892 Nettie Stewart, 2nd dau. of Stewart H. Brown, of Quarry Bank, Allerton, and has *William Henry Arthur, b.1893. Mr. Heald is a Magistrate for cos. Chester and Lancaster, and Patron of 4 livings. -- Parrs Wood, Didsbury; Conservative Club, S.W.
2. Title:   Burke's Landed Gentry: Heald, William Norris
Publication:   1906
Text:   Willliam Norris Heald of Parrs Wood, Didsbury, co. Lancaster, J.P. for cos. Lancaster and Chester, patron of two livings, b. 3 May 1830, m. 21 April 1858 Jane dau of Rev. Edward Walker, and has with other issue,
  James, b. 22 April 1859; m. 8 Sept 1892 Henrietta Stewart, 2nd dau. of Stewart H. Brown, of Quarry Bank, Allerton, and has issue William Arthur, b. 1893.
  Lineage -- James Heald, left issue two sons,
 1. James, of Parrs Wood, Lancashire, JP and DL, MP for Stockport
 2. George, of whom presently.
 The younger son, George Heald of Garston, Lancashire left issue William Norris, now of Parrs Wood.
  Arms &c.
  Seat -- Parrs Wood, Didsbury, co Lancaster; Res -- 28 Queen's Road, Southport; Club -- Conservative.
3. Title:   1851 Census HO 107/2192/6 fol 1198
Publication:   1851 Index CD -- Liverpool and SW Lancs FHS, 2001
 HEALD MARY 56 - YKS. SHERBOURNE 1198 2192/6
 HEALD MARY N. 17 - LAN. GARSTON 1198 2192/6
 HEALD WILLIAM M. 20 - LAN. GARSTON 1198 2192/6
4. Title:   UK Census, 1881
Text:   Dwelling: Clarence Parade Clarence House Census Place: Portsea, Hampshire, England
 Source: FHL Film 1341284 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1159 Folio 141 Page 51
  -------------------- Marr Age Sex Birthplace
 Wm.Norris HEALD --- M 50 M Garston, Lancashire, England
 -- Rel: Head
 -- Occ: J.P.
 Jeannie HEALD --- M 45 F Manchester, Lancashire, England
 -- Rel: Wife
 Florence HEALD --- U 20 F Halewood, Lancashire, England
 -- Rel: Daur
 Clara DAVEY --- U 22 F Rochester, Kent, England
 -- Rel: Serv
 -- Occ: Ladys Maid Dom
5. Title:   Walford's County Families: Heald, James
Publication:   1920
6. Title:   Research by David Norris Heald of Woodford, Cheshire and James Richard (Dick) Heald
Publication:   letter, May 1989
7. Text:   NSH kept the game licenses her father-in-law bought from 1846 to 1866. They record the following addresses:
 1846,47: Garston, parish of Childwale, Lancashire
 1848: 56 South Castle St, Liverpool
 1849: Hardwick Grange, Worksop
 1850,51: 30 Waley St, Liverpool
 1852: Church St, Liverpool
 1853: Marylebone, Liverpool
 1854: 95 Church St, Lverpool
 1855: Athenum, Liverpool
 1856-59: 40 Church St, Liverpool
 1863: Halewood, Lancashire
 1866: Halewood, Lancashire
8. Title:   Pedigree card for horse 'Victor'
9. Title:   A History of Didsbury
Author:   Ivor R. Million
Publication:   Didsbury Civic Society & E.J. Morten, 1969
Text:   (p. 124) William Norris Heald took no apparent interest in politics. He was an outdoors man. He achieved more than a local reputation as a sportsman, and the standard of his farming at Parrs Wood was regarded as exemplary. His family still treasure medals he won in agricultural shows with his bulls.
  Although a Methodist he was the patron of a number of church livings, including that of Didsbury, which he purchased, in 1879, for the sum of �1500. For this his neighbour, Fletcher Moss, did not lightly forgive him. Although he did not mention Heald by name he launched vicious criticisms, the target of which was obvious. Writing in 1890 in "Didsbury: Sketches, Reminiscences and Legends" he declared:-
  "It is a scandal and a disgrace, sanctioned by the law, for a rich man (perhaps a dissenter) to buy up the right to nominate the rector of a church, and to ignore the wishes of many who worshipped in that church before he was born."
  And again:-
  "We are told that the Church of England is a national church, and that the priests of it have a special grace, deriving from the laying on of hands... If so, how is it... a dissenter may buy the power to nominate his choice of a 'successor of the Apostles' ?"
  How typical it was of the charitable disposition of his family that Heald bore no malice to the author of these attacks. A few years after the words were published Fletcher moss stood in Didsbury as a candidate for the Withington U.D.C. The names of W.N. Heald JP and James Heald his son were prominently displayed on his election literature as declared supporters.
  William Norris Heald moved from Parrs Wood to Southport before the First World War so as to get sea air for the chest complaint from which he suffered. By that time Parrs Wood had lost much of its charm, first to the Midland Railway Company, which owned the sunken line from Stockport to Didsbury and later to the London and North Western Railway Company, which owned the elevated line to Wilmslow. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.