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Mrs-Seward Countess of Northumbia: Birth: ABT 0982 in of, Northumbia, Scotland.
Seward Earl of Northumbia: Birth: ABT 0978 in Scotland.
Judith (Fausta) Countess Northumbria: Birth: ABT 1037 in Flanders. Death: 1094
Charles Gilman Norton: Birth: 1828 in Kennebec, ME. Death: BEF 1870 in San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX
Charles Mynn Norton: Birth: Feb 1788 in Fredericksburg, VA. Death: 19 Jul 1824 in Natchez, Adams Co. MS
Courtney Norton: Birth: 1772 in Winchester, Frederick Co VA. Death: 11 Feb 1841 in Woodland, Loundon Co. VA
Daniel Norton: Birth: 5 Dec 1765 in London, England. Death: BEF 1802 in Norfolk, VA
Frances "Fanny" Norton: Birth: 5 Dec 1759 in Yorktown, VA.
George Flowerdew Norton: Birth: 20 May 1751 in Yorktown, VA.
George Hatley Norton: Birth: ABT 1787 in VA.
Henry Norton: Birth: 18 Feb 1754 in Yorktown, VA. Death: ABT 1780
John Hatley Norton: Birth: 4 Sep 1745 in Yorktown, VA. Death: 1797 in Winchester, VA
John Nicholas Norton: Birth: ABT 1814 in NY. Death: 18 Jan 1881 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
John Norton: Birth: 1719 in England. Death: 1777 in London, England
Marie Norton: Birth: 10 Apr 1903 in NYC, NY. Death: 26 Sep 1970 in Georgetown, MD
Mary Ann Brandon Norton: Birth: ABT 1813.
Mary Frances "Mollie" Norton: Birth: 27 May 1857 in Refugio, TX. Death: 27 Jun 1947 in Almeda, CA
Mary Norton: Death: ABT 1848
Mary Norton: Birth: ABT 1871.
Mortimer O.H. Norton: Birth: 19 Jun 1818. Death: 30 Aug 1872 in Bay St. Louis, Hancock Co. MS
Permelia Grant Norton: Birth: 1846 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY.
Sidney Ann Powell Norton: Birth: 15 Dec 1812 in Natchez, MS. Death: 22 Jan 1895 in New Orleans, LA
William M. Norton: Birth: 1845. Death: 1887
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Amanda Norvell: Birth: 8 Apr 1802 in Lynchburg, VA. Death: 11 Sep 1838
Ann Maria Norvell: Birth: 28 Apr 1821 in VA. Death: 1899 in VA
Elizabeth "Betsey" Norvell: Birth: 1697 in Caroline Co. VA. Death: in Caroline Co. VA
George Eldon Norvell: Birth: 21 Jul 1906 in Tulsa, OK. Death: 5 Oct 1990 in Oklahoma City, OK
George Norvell: Birth: 1693 in James City Co. VA. Death: 1786 in Hanover Co. VA
John Norvell: Birth: ABT 1724 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: AFT 1803 in Hanover Co. VA
John Norvell: Birth: 21 Dec 1789 in Danville, Boyle Co. KY. Death: 24 Apr 1850
Lipscomb Norvell: Birth: Sep 1756 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 2 Mar 1843 in Nashville, TN
Lucy Wilhelmina Norvell: Birth: 23 Feb 1801 in Lynchburg, VA. Death: 23 May 1866 in Richmond, VA
Lucy Norvell: Birth: 27 Feb 1784 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 29 Jan 1865
Lucy Norvell: Birth: ABT 1721 in VA.
Martha Ann Norvell: Birth: Mar 1797 in Lynchburg, VA. Death: 1 Oct 1815 in Lynchburg, VA
Martha Jane Norvell: Birth: 16 Jul 1798 in VA. Death: 2 Dec 1844 in Richmond, VA
Martha Norvell: Birth: 11 Oct 1776 in Lynchburg, VA.
Mary Norvell: Birth: 1802 in Davidson Co. TN. Death: 6 Jan 1852 in Trimble Co. KY
Reuben Norvell: Birth: 6 Aug 1768 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 17 Jun 1852 in Richmond, VA
Susannah Caroline Norvell: Birth: 15 Apr 1803 in Lynchburg, VA. Death: 19 Feb 1872 in Lynchburg, VA
William Wyatt Norvell: Birth: 9 Apr 1795 in VA. Death: 21 Sep 1871 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co. VA
William Norvell: Birth: 1746 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 7 Jan 1794 in Hanover Co. VA
William Norvell: Birth: 1 Dec 1770 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 27 Oct 1823 in Lynchburg, VA
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Katherine de Norwich: Birth: ABT 1306 in of Stoke, Nrflk, Engl. Death: 28 Jan 1381/1382 in Hull, Yrkshr, Engl
Annie Hendree Norwood: Birth: 8 Oct 1867 in Savannah, GA. Death: in VA
Helen Alves Norwood: Birth: ABT 1846.
Susannah Norwood: Birth: 1639 in Anne Arundel Co. MD. Death: 12 Dec 1685 in Anne Arundel Co. MD
William Norwood: Birth: ABT 1815.
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Sarah Maria Nott: Birth: 1800 in Dutchess Co. NY. Death: 1839
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Anna Maria Josepha Nourse: Birth: 1785 in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Death: 5 Jun 1808 in Georgetown, Washington, DC
Caroline Rebecca Nourse: Birth: 3 Jun 1819 in Bristol, Bucks Co. PA. Death: 27 Jul 1893 in Washington, DC
Catherine Burton Nourse: Birth: 7 May 1759 in London, England. Death: Jun 1833 in Lexington, KY
Charles Benois Nourse: Birth: 5 Aug 1792 in Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY. Death: Nov 1864 in Louisville, KY
Charles Ewing Nourse: Birth: 14 Feb 1826 in Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY. Death: 20 Mar 1866 in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co. KY
Charles Fouace Nourse: Birth: 5 Dec 1809 in Mercer Co. KY. Death: 20 Apr 1836 in Mercer Co. KY
Charles Joseph Nourse: Birth: 23 Jun 1825 in Washington, DC. Death: 1906 in Weston, Fauquier Co. VA
Charles Joseph Nourse: Birth: 14 Feb 1850 in New York City, NY.
Charles Josephus Nourse: Birth: 1 Jun 1786 in Brooklyn, NY. Death: 19 Mar 1851 in The Highlands, Washington, DC
Elizabeth James Nourse: Birth: 13 Jan 1831 in The Highlands, Washington, DC. Death: 22 Sep 1907 in The Highlands, Washington, DC
James Rittenhouse Nourse: Birth: 30 Apr 1805 in Washington, DC. Death: 5 Jul 1854 in Salem, Henry Co. IO
James Nourse: Birth: 11 Mar 1758 in London, Englan. Death: Jul 1799 in Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY
James Nourse: Birth: 19 Jul 1731 in Weston under Peyard House, Hereford Co. England. Death: 19 Oct 1784 in Annapolis, MD
Joseph Harvey Nourse: Birth: 7 Jul 1830 in Washington, DC. Death: 1890 in Bayfield, Bayfield Co. WI
Joseph Nourse: Birth: 16 Jul 1754 in London, England. Death: 1 Sep 1841 in Washington, DC
Mary Eleanor "Ella" Nourse: Birth: 3 Aug 1862 in Elizabethtown, KY.
Michael Nourse: Birth: 1 Sep 1778 in Piedmount, Mineral Co. WV. Death: 6 Dec 1860 in Washington, DC
Robert Charles Nourse: Birth: 25 Feb 1837 in Bardstown, Nelson Co. KY. Death: 1913
Sarah Harriet Nourse: Birth: 20 Jan 1811. Death: 10 Jun 1839
William Nourse: Birth: 30 Oct 1763 in London, England. Death: 30 Aug 1836 in Mercer Co. KY
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Mary Nowell: Birth: ABT 1662 in Charles City, Henrico Co. VA. Death: 1727 in Henrico Co. VA
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David Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1730 in Goochland Co. VA. Death: Nov 1791 in Goochland Co. VA
Elizabeth Nowlin: Birth: 1802.
Francis Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1770 in VA.
Hannah Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1803 in NC. Death: 22 Jul 1895 in Patrick Co. VA
James Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1754 in Goochland Co. VA. Death: ABT Nov 1816 in Patrick Co. VA
John Witt Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1770. Death: 1853 in Franklin Co. VA
Judith Nowlin: Birth: 1804 in Franklin Co. VA. Death: BEF 1860 in Patrick Co. VA
Lucinda Nowlin: Birth: ABT 1801 in Franklin Co. VA. Death: 8 Nov 1865 in Patrick Co. VA
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