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Sarah McDowell: Birth: 9 Oct 1755 in Augusta, Bracken Co. KY. Death: 1774 in Woodford Co. KY
Sarah McDowell: Birth: 1759 in Rockbridge Co. VA. Death: 1802 in Rockbridge Co. VA
Susan S. McDowell: Birth: Feb 1793. Death: 18 Aug 1849 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Thomas Clay McDowell: Birth: 9 Mar 1866 in Louisville, KY. Death: 9 Feb 1935
Thomas McDowell: Birth: 1631 in Ulster, Ireland. Death: in County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland
William Adair McDowell: Birth: 16 Aug 1863 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 14 Aug 1925
William Adair McDowell: Birth: 21 Mar 1795 in Mercer Co. KY. Death: 10 Dec 1853 in Evansville, Posey Co. IN
William Cassius Goodle McDowell: Birth: 3 Jul 1895.
William Lyle McDowell: Birth: ABT 1795 in VA.
William McDowell: Birth: ABT 1682 in County Antrim, Ulster, Ireland. Death: 1759 in Wright's Ferry, Lancaster Co.PA
William McDowell: Birth: 1762. Death: 1821
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Eleanor Jane McDuff: Birth: in Wilmarnock, Scotland. Death: 1814
George McDuffie: Birth: 10 Aug 1790 in Columbia Co. GA. Death: 11 Mar 1851 in Cherry Hill, Sumter Dist, SC
Mary Singleton McDuffie: Birth: 7 Jul 1829 in Home Plantation, Sumter Co. SC. Death: 1 Mar 1874 in Charlottesville, Albemarle Co. VA
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James McElroy: Birth: 1758 in PA. Death: 1806 in Lebannon, Marion Co. KY
Lucy McElroy: Birth: ABT 1856. Death: 29 Dec 1948 in Maysville, Mason Co. Ky
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Margaretha McEntyre: Birth: ABT 1742 in Paxtang, Lancaster Co. PA.
Catherine McEvers: Birth: 10 Feb 1723. Death: 26 Jun 1814 in Southampton, England
Mary McEvers: Birth: in NY. Death: 1801
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Abigail McEwen: Birth: 3 Dec 1762 in Conncord, Cabbarrus Co. NC. Death: 6 Oct 1825 in Conncord, Cabbarrus Co. NC
Ann "Nancy" McEwen: Birth: 1807 in TN.
Henry M. McEwin: Birth: 1835 in TN.
Hettie W. McEwin: Birth: 1859 in TN.
Alexander "Mickey" Bloomfield McFadden: Birth: ABT 1914. Death: 1948 in CO
Barclay McFadden: Birth: 21 Jul 1924 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 11 Jun 1973 in Memphis, TN
Margaret McFadden: Birth: ABT 1884 in Chicago, IL. Death: 11 Aug 1948 in Chicago, IL
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Andrew C. McFall: Birth: 7 Feb 1842 in KY. Death: 28 Mar 1905 in Mayfield, Graves Co. KY
Daisy McFall: Birth: ABT 1875.
William H. McFall: Birth: 15 Sep 1809 in TN.
Daniel McFarland: Birth: ABT 1814 in TN.
Elizabeth Bierne McFarland: Birth: 10 Mar 1836. Death: 19 May 1880
Frances McFarland: Birth: 18 Dec 1864.
Harriett R. McFarland: Birth: ABT 1841 in AR.
Mary C. McFarland: Birth: ABT 1850 in New Webster, Claiborne Pa. LA.
Missouri McFarland: Birth: ABT 1843 in AR.
Susannah McFarland: Birth: 1748 in Woodward Co. KY. Death: 29 Sep 1826 in Louisiana, Pike Co. MO
Victoria McFarland: Birth: ABT 1845 in New Webster, Claiborne Pa. LA.
Walter B. McFarland: Birth: 8 Oct 1837 in AR. Death: 1864
William L. McFarland: Birth: ABT 1806.
Wilson McFarland: Birth: ABT 1847 in New Webster, Claiborne Pa. LA.
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Margaret D. McGary: Birth: 1866 in Scotland. Death: 10 Oct 1940 in Brooklyn, NY
Ann McGavock: Birth: 2 Apr 1820 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN. Death: 25 Jun 1868
David McGavock: Birth: 6 Feb 1763 in Max Meadows, Wythe Co. VA. Death: 7 Aug 1838 in Nashville, TN
Elizabeth Irvin McGavock: Birth: 17 May 1819. Death: 9 Aug 1867
Elizabeth McDowell McGavock: Birth: 5 Oct 1826 in Davidson Co. TN.
Elizabeth McGavock: Birth: 1776 in Wythe Co. VA. Death: 1830 in Pulaski Co. VA
Ephraim McGavock: Birth: 12 Dec 1805 in Wythe Co. VA. Death: 12 Jan 1876
Hugh McGavock: Birth: 25 Sep 1761 in Max Meadows, Wythe Co. VA.
Jacob McGavock: Birth: 20 Sep 1790 in Max Meadows, Wythe Co. VA. Death: 8 Dec 1878 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN
James Randall McGavock: Birth: 9 Jan 1812 in Williamson Co. TN. Death: 12 Feb 1862
James McGavock: Birth: ABT 1728 in Antrim, Ireland.
James McGavock: Birth: 10 Jun 1764. Death: 12 May 1838 in Fort Chiswell, Wythe Co. VA
John Williamson McGavock: Birth: 25 Oct 1846 in VA. Death: 20 Mar 1934 in Dade Co. FL
Margaret McGavock: Birth: 10 Dec 1769. Death: 17 Feb 1837
Maria Louisa McGavock: Birth: 8 Jan 1838 in Nashville, TN.
Mary McGavock: Birth: 31 Aug 1788 in Max-Meadow, Wythe Co. VA. Death: 15 Feb 1866
Randal McGavock: Birth: 27 Mar 1796. Death: 11 Jun 1864 in Dunker's Bottom, Pulaski Co. VA
Randall McGavock: Birth: 20 Jun 1768 in Max Meadow, Wythe Co. VA. Death: 25 Sep 1844 in Williamson Co. TN
Lamira Douglas McGee: Birth: 15 Mar 1826 in Trimble Co. KY. Death: 22 May 1886 in Spencer Co. KY
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Abner Francis McGehee: Birth: 17 Feb 1828 in Elbert Co. GA. Death: 22 May 1892 in Como Co. MS
Abner Francis McGehee: Birth: 19 Jan 1818 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 8 Apr 1849 in Cardston AlbertaTemple
Abner William McGehee: Birth: 17 Nov 1779 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: 19 Feb 1855 in McGehee Switch, Montgomery Co. AL
Abner McGehee: Birth: in VA. Death: 30 Jan 1799 in VA
Abner McGehee: Birth: 23 Apr 1807 in Oglethorpe Co. GA. Death: 14 Apr 1873 in Indian Springs, Butte Co. GA
Abraham or Abram McGehee: Birth: 1 Jan 1791 in Oglethorpe Co. GA. Death: 25 May 1859 in MS
Abraham McGehee: Birth: 1705. Death: ABT 1743 in Goochland Co. VA
Agnes McGehee: Birth: 1758.
Almena McGehee: Birth: 10 Jan 1810 in Abbeville Dist. SC. Death: 21 Jul 1877 in Greenwood Co. SC
Ann "Annie" McGehee: Birth: ABT 1740 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 1796
Ann "Nancy" McGehee: Birth: 31 Oct 1783.
Ann "Nancy" McGehee: Birth: 1732. Death: BEF 1798
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