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Rebecca Pocahantas "Hantas" Bolling: Birth: 23 Feb 1793. Death: 26 Dec 1845 in Petersburg, VA
Rebecca Bolling: Birth: 19 Aug 1763.
Rebecca Bolling: Birth: 15 Feb 1778. Death: 1835
Robert Buckner Bolling: Birth: 2 Mar 1805 in West Hill, Petersburg, VA. Death: 28 Jun 1881 in Petersburg, VA
Robert Thomas Bolling: Birth: 26 Dec 1646 in All Hallows, Barking Pa. Tower St. London, England. Death: 17 Jul 1709 in Charles City Co. VA
Robert Bolling: Birth: 25 Jan 1681 in Charles City Co. VA. Death: 1749 in Prince George Co. VA
Robert Bolling: Birth: 17 Aug 1738 in Chellow, Buckingham Co. VA.
Robert Bolling: Birth: 12 Jun 1730 in Prince George Co. VA. Death: 24 Feb 1775 in Bollingbrook, Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co. VA
Robert Bolling: Birth: 1758.
Robert Bolling: Birth: 1 Feb 1781.
Robert Bolling: Birth: 1811 in Nottaway Co. VA. Death: 14 Aug 1894 in Lunenburg Co. VA
Robert Bolling: Birth: 3 Mar 1759 in VA. Death: 1839 in Centre HIll, Petersburg, VA
Roberta Bolling: Birth: 7 Oct 1875 in Baltimore, MD. Death: 10 Apr 1961 in Myrtle Grove, Talbot Co. GA
Samuel Edward Bolling: Birth: 12 Sep 1830. Death: 22 Jul 1856
Samuel Mordecai "Sam" Bolling: Birth: Dec 1847 in Petersburg, VA. Death: 1911 in Bedford Co. VA
Samuel Pryor Bolling: Birth: 1782. Death: 1822
Sarah Bolling: Birth: 16 Jun 1748 in Cobbs, Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 10 Aug 1770 in VA
Sarah Bolling: Birth: 1780. Death: 1837 in Union Hill, Nelson Co. VA
Seigniora Peyton Bolling: Birth: ABT 1823. Death: 10 Aug 1867 in Petersburg, VA
Stanhope Bolling: Birth: 1 Jan 1858. Death: 2 Feb 1927
Stith Bolling: Birth: 28 Mar 1686 in Charles City Co. VA.
Stith Bolling: Birth: 11 May 1753 in Prince George Co. VA. Death: 28 Jun 1797 in Nottaway Co. VA
Susannah Pochontas Bolling: Birth: 28 Mar 1815 in Chellowe, Buckingham Co. VA. Death: 1849
Susannah Bolling: Birth: 16 Jun 1728 in Prince George Co. VA.
Thomas B. Bolling: Birth: 9 May 1908 in North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Death: Oct 1972 in France
Thomas Randolph Bolling: Birth: 7 Sep 1844 in VA. Death: 15 Apr 1912
Thomas Tabb Bolling: Birth: 27 Feb 1763 in Bollingbrook House, Petersburg, Dinwiddie Co. VA. Death: 1 Dec 1810
Thomas Bolling: Birth: 1807.
Thomas Bolling: Birth: 1688.
Thomas Bolling: Birth: 7 Jul 1735 in Cobbs, Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 7 Aug 1804
Timicinna Virginia Bolling: Birth: 29 Dec 1860 in Farmersville, Hunt Co. TX.
Virginia Randolph Bolling: Death: 1899
Warner T. Bolling: Birth: ABT 1802 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: ABT 1859 in TN
Warner Throckmorton Smith Bolling: Birth: 1846.
William Holcomb Bolling: Birth: 29 May 1837. Death: 6 Jul 1899
William L. Bolling: Birth: 5 Apr 1731 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 5 Apr 1778
William Nichols Bolling: Birth: 1 Aug 1830 in West Hill, Petersburg, VA. Death: 1898
William Smith Bolling: Birth: ABT 1785 in SC. Death: 1851 in Milltown, Chambers Co. AL
William Bolling: Birth: 1757 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 1848
Yelverton DeMatthew Bolling: Birth: 10 Dec 1795 in Bristol Pa. Prince George Co. VA.
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Isaac Bolt: Birth: 1808 in Grayson Co. VA. Death: 1880 in Carroll Co. VA
Jackson Bolton: Birth: 29 Sep 1849 in Richmond, VA. Death: ABT 1911
Carlo Maria Bonaparte: Birth: 1746 in Corsica. Death: 1785
Caroline Bonaparte: Birth: 25 Mar 1782 in Corsica.
Charles Joseph Bonaparte: Birth: 9 Jun 1851 in Baltimore, MD. Death: 2 Jun 1921
Felix Joseph Bonaparte: Birth: 1825.
Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte: Birth: 7 Jul 1805 in Camberwell, England. Death: 17 Jun 1870 in Baltimore, MD
Jerome Bonaparte: Birth: 1784. Death: 1860
Jerome Bonaparte: Birth: 5 May 1832 in Baltimore, MD. Death: 3 Sep 1893 in Beverly, MA
Joseph Bonaparte: Birth: 7 Jan 1768 in Corte, Corsica. Death: 28 Jul 1844 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Louis Bonaparte: Birth: 1778 in Corsica. Death: 1846
Napoleon Bonaparte: Birth: 15 Aug 1769 in Corsica. Death: 5 May 1821 in St. Helena,
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Alisanna Bond: Birth: 1743. Death: 25 Feb 1814 in Baltimore, MD
Benson Bond: Birth: 25 Jun 1710 in Calvert Co. MD. Death: ABT 1750 in Calvert Co. MD
Cecilia B. Bond: Death: BEF 1798
Elizabeth Bond: Birth: 1706 in Isle of Wight Co. VA. Death: BEF 1773 in Culpeper Co. VA
James Bond
L. Montgomery Bond: Birth: 1820. Death: 1882
Lewis Bond: Birth: 10 Jul 1788 in Windsor, NC. Death: 20 Jun 1851 in Windsor, NC
Louisa Bond: Birth: 1807 in KY. Death: 1838 in KY
Mary Elizabeth Attaway Bond: Birth: ABT 1768 in St. Marys Co. MD. Death: 5 Jun 1816 in St. Marys Co. MD
Nicodemus Bond: Birth: 25 Jul 1743 in Garrison Forest, Baltimore, MD. Death: 1804 in Baltimore, MD
Oliver Bond: Birth: 1759. Death: 6 Sep 1798
Priscilla Bond: Birth: ABT 1750.
Roberta Bond: Birth: 1891 in KY. Death: 20 May 1968
Ruth Bond: Birth: 2 May 1692. Death: 1768 in Westmoreland Co. VA
Sarah Bond: Birth: ABT 1704. Death: 1769
Shadrack Bond: Birth: 24 Nov 1773 in Frederick, MD. Death: 14 Apr 1832 in Kaskaskia, Randolph Co. IL
Susannah Bond: Birth: 1740 in MD. Death: in KY
Thomas Bond: Birth: 1720. Death: 18 Aug 1807
Willamina Bond: Birth: 27 Feb 1753 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 9 Sep 1837 in Crawley, Sussex, England
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Alice Foree Bondurant: Birth: 1867 in Oldham Co. KY.
Alice Gray Bondurant: Birth: 1867 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY.
Ann Bondurant: Birth: 1859 in Skylight, Oldham Co. KY.
Celia Bondurant: Birth: 23 Dec 1762. Death: 28 Mar 1847 in Bedford Co. VA
Coleman Bondurant: Birth: ABT 1829 in Oldham Co. KY.
Geoffrey William Bondurant: Birth: 1798 in Woodford Co. KY.
Gibson Bondurant: Birth: 1857 in Skylight, Oldham Co. KY.
Jean Pierre Bondurant: Birth: 18 Jul 1677 in France. Death: Sep 1734 in Goochland Co. VA

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