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Rebecca Bolling Strachan: Birth: 1820.
Robert Glas Strachan: Birth: 26 Aug 1795 in Petersburg, VA. Death: 1839
Sarah Frances Strachan: Birth: ABT 1825.
Theophilus Field Strachan: Birth: 19 Mar 1790 in Petersburg, VA. Death: 24 Jan 1861 in Petersburg, VA

Christopher Strachey: Birth: 1916. Death: 1975
Dorothy Strachey: Death: 1960
Edward Strachey: Birth: 1774. Death: 1832
Giles Lytton Strachey: Birth: 1 Mar 1880. Death: 21 Jan 1932
Henry Strachey: Birth: 23 May 1736 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Death: 2 Jan 1810 in Berkeley Square, London, England
Henry Strachey: Birth: 1706 in Sutton Court, Somerset, England. Death: May 1765 in England
John Strachey: Birth: 1709. Death: 1756
John Strachey: Birth: 10 May 1671 in Sutton Court, Somerset, England. Death: 11 Jun 1743
John Strachey: Birth: 1634 in Sutton Court, Somerset, England. Death: 1674 in England
Lydia Strachey: Birth: 1742 in King & Queen Co. VA. Death: AFT 1787
Oliver Strachey: Birth: 1874. Death: 1960
Richard Strachey: Birth: 1817. Death: 1908
William Strachey: Birth: ABT 1600 in England. Death: 3 Feb 1634 in Flourdien Hundred, VA

Mona Travis Strader: Birth: 5 Feb 1899 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 1986 in Paris, France
Robert Sims Strader: Birth: 27 Sep 1869 in Boone, KY. Death: 15 Sep 1955 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Robert Stewart Strader: Birth: 14 Jan 1895. Death: Sep 1958 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Michael Whitney Straight: Birth: 1 Sep 1916 in New York City, NY. Death: 4 Jan 2004 in Chicago, IL
Willard Dickerman Straight: Birth: 31 Jan 1880 in Oswego, NY. Death: 1 Dec 1918 in Paris, France

Margaret Azubah Strange: Birth: BEF 1765. Death: Jul 1831

Ann Gertrude Stratton: Birth: 2 Feb 1795.
Cornelius Stratton: Birth: 1737. Death: 1810
Edward Stratton: Birth: ABT 1679 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA. Death: 6 Oct 1729 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA
Edward Stratton: Birth: ABT 1655 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA. Death: ABT 1698 in Henrico Co. VA
Elizabeth Stratton: Birth: ABT 1681.
James Henry Stratton: Birth: ABT 1837. Death: 1877
Jane H. Stratton: Birth: 1797 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 16 Jul 1860
John Stratton: Birth: ABT 1720 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA. Death: ABT 1805 in Amherst Co. VA
John Stratton: Birth: 15 Feb 1787 in Montgomery Co. VA. Death: 5 Apr 1871 in Momence, IL
Mary Stratton: Birth: ABT 1684 in St. John's Pa. Prince George Co. VA. Death: 1763 in Prince George Co. VA
Mayo E. Stratton: Birth: 23 Feb 1832. Death: 1 Aug 1914
Prudence Stratton: Birth: 27 Aug 1688 in Bermuda Hundred, Henrico Co. VA.
Sarah Stratton: Birth: ABT 1679. Death: 1726
Sarah Stratton: Birth: 30 Aug 1760. Death: 3 May 1830
Sarah Stratton: Birth: 12 Feb 1769 in Green Farms, CT.
Solomon Stratton: Birth: ABT 1745 in Amherst Co. VA. Death: Jun 1819 in Stanville, Floyd Co. KY
Zoe Agnes Stratton: Birth: 15 Nov 1880 in Greenwood, KS. Death: Jun 1964 in Ingles, OK

David Straughn: Birth: 1680. Death: 19 Nov 1743
Elizabeth Straughn: Birth: 1735 in VA. Death: 29 Apr 1796
James Straughn: Birth: 28 May 1702. Death: 9 Mar 1740
Jesse Isador "Jack" Straus: Birth: 13 Jan 1900. Death: 19 Sep 1985
Jesse Isidor Straus: Birth: 25 Jun 1872 in New York City, NY. Death: 4 Oct 1936 in New York City, NY
Crawford C. Strayer: Birth: 5 Aug 1824. Death: 28 Aug 1897 in Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co. VA

Anna Livingston Street: Birth: 1846. Death: 14 Aug 1918 in Poughkeepsie, NY
Anthony Waddy Street: Birth: 16 Oct 1741 in New Kent Co.VA. Death: 22 Jan 1809 in Lunenburg Co.VA
Anthony Street: Birth: ABT 1710 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: BEF 7 Jun 1790 in Amherst Co. VA
David Street: Birth: 21 Apr 1770. Death: 3 May 1849
Elizabeth "Betsy" Street: Birth: ABT 1744 in Orange Co. VA. Death: 1830 in Cumberland Co. KY
Hannah Street: Birth: ABT 1770 in Hardin Co. KY. Death: 31 Aug 1843 in Mt. Gilead, Hardin Co. KY
John Street: Birth: 1700 in Bristol, Somerset, England. Death: 1801 in Hanover Co. VA
John Street: Birth: 1735 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 18 Jan 1801 in Hanover Co. VA
Joseph Montfort Street: Birth: 18 Dec 1782 in Lunenburg Co. VA. Death: 5 May 1840 in Sauk and Fox, Agency, IO
Mary Belle Street: Birth: 1839. Death: 4 Oct 1878
Mary Street: Birth: 1816 in Gallatin Co. IL. Death: 1877
Sarah Street: Birth: ABT 1718 in Orange Co. VA. Death: BEF 1755 in Orange Co. VA
Sarah Street: Birth: ABT 1690. Death: 28 Nov 1760 in Wallingford, CT
Thornton Montfort Street: Birth: 1814.
William Ingraham Street: Birth: 1808. Death: 1863
William Street: Birth: ABT 1680 in VA. Death: 1752 in Caroline Co. VA

Millicent Strelley: Birth: 1538 in St. Leonard, Eastcheap, London, England.
Susan Matilda Streshley: Birth: 28 Mar 1802 in Fayette Co. KY. Death: 22 Aug 1854 in Montgomery Co. TN
Thomas Streshley: Birth: ABT 1746 in VA. Death: 25 Feb 1829 in Fayette Co. KY
William Streshley: Birth: 22 Dec 1749 in Essex Co. VA. Death: 11 May 1830 in VA
William Streshley: Birth: ABT 1725. Death: ABT 1750 in Essex Co. VA
William Streshley: Birth: 1766 in Essex Co. VA. Death: ABT 1816 in Fayette Co. KY
Ellen Matlack Stretch: Birth: 1792.

Alice Maude Stribling: Birth: 17 Jul 1854 in Winchester, VA.
Andrew Hampton Stribling: Birth: 8 Oct 1816. Death: 16 Mar 1885
Ann Tate "Nancy" Stribling: Birth: 30 Jun 1795 in Hopewell, Frederick Co. VA. Death: 24 Dec 1847 in Norwood, Clarke Co. VA
Ann Stribling: Birth: ABT 1760 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: 15 Jan 1811 in Milton Valley, Berryville, Clarke Co. VA
Benjamin Haile Stribling: Birth: 19 Jul 1794 in SC. Death: 24 Jun 1852 in Lavaca Co. TX
Catherine Mackey Stribling: Birth: 4 Mar 1820 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: 14 May 1874 in Woodbury Co. IO
Christopher Columbus Thomas Alvarado Stribling: Birth: 24 Nov 1844 in Lawrence Co. TN. Death: 28 Aug 1916 in Clifton, Wayne Co. TN
Dulcibella Wilhemina Stribling: Birth: ABT 1792. Death: 15 Apr 1833
Elizabeth "Betsy" Stribling: Birth: ABT 1790.
Elizabeth Taliaferro Stribling: Birth: ABT 1730 in Gloucester Co. VA.
Erasmus Stribling: Birth: 1 Jun 1784 in Hopewell, Frederick Co. VA. Death: 2 Jul 1858 in Mason Co. WV
Francis Stribling: Birth: ABT 1756 in Frederick Co VA. Death: 6 Sep 1823 in Frederick Co VA
Francis Stribling: Birth: 1714 in VA.

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