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Nancy R. "Nannie" Summers: Birth: 18 May 1840. Death: 1900 in Pinckneyville, Livingston Co. KY

James S. Summerville: Birth: ABT 1710 in Donegal. Ireland.

Increase Sumner: Birth: 27 Nov 1746 in Manila PhilippinesTemple. Death: 7 Jun 1799
Letice Sumner: Death: BEF 1784
Mary Heron Sumner: Birth: 30 Aug 1839 in Carlisle, PA. Death: in Brooklyn, NY
William Hyslop Sumner: Birth: 4 Jul 1780 in Roxbury, MA. Death: 24 Apr 1861 in Roxbury, MA

Catherine Surget: Birth: 1817 in Natchez, MS. Death: 1888 in Natchez, MS
Charlotte Catherine Surget: Birth: 1777. Death: 12 Aug 1841
Eustace Surget: Birth: 22 Jul 1832 in Adams Co. MS. Death: 1 Feb 1882 in Bordeaux, France
Francis Surget: Birth: 18 Feb 1784.
Francis Surget: Birth: 1815 in Natchez, MS. Death: 1866 in Natchez, MS
James Surget: Birth: 5 Dec 1836. Death: 1920
James Surget: Birth: 1785. Death: 1855
Jane Surget: Birth: 1787. Death: 1 Jul 1825
Jane Surget: Birth: 28 Sep 1829 in Adams Co. MS. Death: 17 Jul 1866 in New York City, NY
Katherine "Kate" Surget: Birth: ABT 1834. Death: 1926
Lenox Surget: Birth: 19 Feb 1827 in Adams Co. MS. Death: 17 May 1858 in Natchez, Adams Co. MS
Sarah Surget: Birth: 3 Jan 1835 in Natchez, MS. Death: 10 Dec 1865 in Dunleith, Natchez, MS

John Harrison Surratt: Birth: 13 Apr 1844 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 2 Apr 1916 in Baltimore, MD
John Harrison Surratt: Birth: 1813 in Washington, DC. Death: 26 Aug 1862 in Surratsville, Prince Georges Co. MD
Charles Freville Surtees: Birth: 1823 in County Durham, England.
Herbert Conyers Surtees: Birth: 13 Jan 1858 in Redworth Hall, County Durham, England. Death: 1933

Elizabeth Angeline Suter: Birth: ABT 1840 in Marion Co. MO. Death: AFT 1905

Agnes Sutherland: Birth: 22 Aug 1794 in VA. Death: 1859 in Fayette Co. TX
Agnes Sutherland: Birth: ABT 1723 in VA. Death: in Lincoln Co. KY
Anne Sutherland: Birth: 21 Oct 1767.
Elizabeth Coleman Sutherland: Birth: ABT 1755 in King William Co. VA. Death: 10 Jun 1810 in Woodbury, King William Co. VA
Fendall Chiles Sutherland: Birth: 31 Aug 1770. Death: 15 Aug 1833 in Dinwiddie Co. VA
Fendall Sutherland: Birth: BEF 1718. Death: 1789 in King William Co. VA
George Sutherland: Birth: ABT 1660 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: BEF Jun 1699 in King & Queen Co. VA
Joseph Sutherland: Birth: 1734. Death: 16 May 1807 in Louisa Co. VA
Joseph Sutherland: Birth: 1690 in King George Co. VA. Death: 1781 in Mecklenburg Co. VA

Catherine "Kitty" Sutphin: Birth: 1796 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: AFT 1880
Eleanor Alsie Sutphin: Birth: 1806 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: AFT 1800 in Patrick Co. VA
Hannah Sutphin: Birth: 6 Nov 1803 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 28 May 1865 in Floyd Co. VA
Hendrick "Henry" Sutphin: Birth: ABT 1768 in Monmouth, NJ. Death: 12 Feb 1857 in Carroll Co. VA
Owen Sutphin: Birth: 1796 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 28 Feb 1873 in Carroll Co. VA
Serepta Artexas Sutphin: Birth: 27 Jan 1865. Death: 17 Mar 1940 in Floyd Co. VA
Tazewell E. Sutphin: Birth: 1 Apr 1826. Death: Aug 1879 in Floyd Co. VA
Wallace Sutphin: Birth: 29 Dec 1892 in Floyd Co. VA. Death: 22 Mar 1918 in White Plains, VA
William Jesse Sutphin: Birth: 1820. Death: 1907
Alfred Orville Sutton: Birth: ABT 1808.
Ann Sutton: Birth: 1623 in Rushton, Staffordshire, England.
David Sutton: Birth: 1776 in VA. Death: 13 Dec 1839 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Elizabeth McCullough Sutton: Birth: 23 Jun 1871.
Elizabeth Sutton: Birth: 27 Aug 1813 in KY. Death: 7 Jan 1881 in La Rue Co. KY
Frances Anne Sutton: Birth: 25 May 1837. Death: 2 Sep 1903
George Washington Sutton: Birth: 10 Jun 1804. Death: 10 Oct 1870 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
James Taylor Sutton: Birth: 25 Jul 1791.
James Sutton: Birth: 1755. Death: 1800
Jane Sophia Sutton: Birth: 1792. Death: 1867
John Carter Sutton: Birth: 1778. Death: 1827
John Sutton: Birth: 28 Dec 1780. Death: BEF 6 Jul 1830
John Sutton: Birth: 25 May 1759 in Caroline Co. VA. Death: 22 Apr 1826 in VA
John Sutton: Birth: ABT 1735 in Goochland Co. VA. Death: 14 Jun 1810 in Scott Co. KY
Jospeh Pike Sutton: Birth: 1815.
Louisa Sutton: Birth: 1806. Death: 1829
Martha Sutton: Death: AFT 20 Jul 1816

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