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Amy Goodwyn: Birth: 4 Mar 1772 in Dinwiddie Co. VA. Death: 29 Sep 1842 in SC
Jesse Goodwyn: Birth: ABT 1740. Death: 1767
John T. Goodwyn: Birth: 1 Mar 1821. Death: 10 Jul 1855
John Goodwyn: Birth: 1710.
Keziah Goodwyn: Birth: 1764. Death: 1840
Martha Epps Goodwyn: Birth: 1755 in Richland Co. SC. Death: 22 May 1785 in Richland Co. SC
William Goodwyn: Birth: 24 Jan 1745. Death: 1784
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Anson Conger Goodyear: Birth: 20 Jun 1877 in Buffalo, NY.
Charles Waterhouse "Charley" Goodyear: Birth: 6 Apr 1883. Death: 22 Jun 1967 in Buffalo, NY
Charles Waterhouse Goodyear: Birth: 15 Oct 1846 in Cortland, NY. Death: 1911
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Charles T. Goolrick: Birth: ABT 1873 in VA.
William Barber Goolrick: Birth: ABT 1840.
Mary Elizabeth Goolsby: Birth: 1 May 1832. Death: 9 Jul 1870
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Milos Mitroy Gopcevic: Birth: in Montenegro. Death: 7 Apr 1951
Agnes Campbell Gordon: Birth: 28 Jun 1818 in Falmouth, Stafford Co. VA. Death: 4 Jan 1880
Alexander B. Gordon: Birth: 16 Nov 1758 in Michety Creek, Spartanburg Co. GA. Death: ABT Jul 1816 in Fair Forest, Oglethorpe Co. GA
Alice Gertrude "Altrude" Gordon: Birth: 1894. Death: 8 Aug 1961 in London, England
Ambrose Gordon: Birth: 21 May 1750 in Monmouth Co. NJ. Death: 28 Jun 1804 in Chatham Co. GA
Ann Foote Gordon: Birth: 3 Oct 1861 in Jefferson Co. KY.
Ann Gordon: Birth: 13 Jul 1766. Death: 7 Jun 1821
Ann Gordon: Birth: 19 Mar 1743. Death: 20 Apr 1765
Anne Campbell "Annie" Gordon: Birth: 29 Oct 1819 in Falmouth, Stafford Co. VA. Death: 17 Mar 1886 in Baltimore, MD
Anne Huntly Gordon: Death: 20 Jun 1936 in China
Anne Sparks Gordon: Birth: 1789 in Culpeper Co. VA. Death: 1860
Archibald Alexander Gordon: Birth: 5 Aug 1811 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: 22 Dec 1879 in Louisville, KY
Archibald Alexander Gordon: Birth: 7 Oct 1859 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co. MO.
Armistead Churchill Gordon: Birth: 19 Jan 1846 in TN. Death: 22 Jul 1927 in Carroll Co. TN
Armistead Churchill Gordon: Birth: 20 Dec 1855 in Edgeworth, Albemarle Co. VA. Death: 31 Dec 1931 in Staunton Co. VA
Augustine Gordon: Birth: 18 Jul 1842. Death: 17 Sep 1910 in Alexandria, VA
Basil Brown Gordon: Birth: 1860. Death: 1901
Bazil Gordon: Birth: 7 May 1808 in Kenmore, Fredericksburg, VA. Death: 18 Dec 1891
Bazil Gordon: Birth: 1768 in Lochdougan, Scotland. Death: in VA
Bolling Cross Gordon: Birth: 12 Apr 1800 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN. Death: 10 Dec 1880 in College Hill, Hickman Co. TN
Caroline Ferguson "Carrie" Gordon: Birth: 6 Oct 1895 in KY. Death: 11 Apr 1981 in San Cristobal, Oaxaca, Mexico
Catherine Gordon: Birth: 20 Oct 1718 in Scotland. Death: 10 Dec 1779 in London, England
Churchill Gordon: Birth: 10 Feb 1761 in Middlesex Co. VA. Death: 1802 in VA
Douglas Hamilton Gordon: Birth: 1817 in VA. Death: 1883 in Baltimore, MD
Douglas Huntly Gordon: Birth: 5 Oct 1866 in Newport News, VA. Death: 8 Apr 1918
Edith Newbold Gordon: Birth: 1852 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: 16 Jan 1927 in Mobile Co. AL
Elizabeth Gordon: Death: 7 Apr 1807 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: ABT 1809.
Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: 1750 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Death: 1802 in Fauquier Co. VA
Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: 1700 in Nansemond Co. VA. Death: 1753 in Nansemond Co. VA
Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: 6 Aug 1758 in VA. Death: 1820
Emma Louise Gordon: Birth: 3 May 1822 in Charleston, SC. Death: 22 Jan 1878 in Mobile, AL
Frances Elizabeth Clark Gordon: Birth: 25 Dec 1795 in Covington, KY. Death: 16 Jul 1851 in Marion, IN
Frances Roy Gordon: Birth: 8 Jun 1772 in Wilkes Co. GA. Death: 12 Jul 1837 in Madison Co. GA
Frederick Elliott Gordon: Birth: 7 Oct 1819 in Charleston, SC. Death: 1 Aug 1869 in Spring Hill, Mobile Co. AL
George Loyall Gordon: Birth: 17 Jan 1829 in Albemarle Co. VA. Death: 1 Jul 1862 in Battle of Malvern Hill, VA
George Gordon: Birth: 17 Apr 1758 in Antrim Township, Shady Grove, Cumberland Co. PA. Death: 26 Jun 1809 in St. Louis, MO
George Gordon: Birth: 3 May 1764 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 20 Dec 1842 in Cincinnati, OH
Guilelma Clifford Gordon: Birth: 6 Nov 1840 in Savannah, Chatham Co. GA. Death: 1885 in Brandon Plantation, Prince George Co. VA
Hannah Elizabeth Gordon: Birth: 27 Sep 1817 in Charlottesville, Albemarle Co. VA. Death: 7 Dec 1861 in Albemarle Co. VA
Hannah Gordon: Birth: 1758 in Urbana, Middlesex Co. VA. Death: ABT 1820
Isabella Gordon: Birth: 1850 in TN.
James Alexander Gordon: Birth: 1786.
James Maury Morris Gordon: Birth: 10 Feb 1861 in Albemarle Co. VA. Death: 1944 in Merry Mont, Guthrie, Todd Co. KY
James Gordon: Birth: ABT 1680. Death: ABT 1749
James Gordon: Birth: 1714 in Newry, Ireland. Death: 2 Jan 1768 in Lancaster Co. VA
James Gordon: Birth: 1759 in Middlesex Co. VA. Death: 14 Dec 1799 in Germanna, Orange Co. VA
Jane Welch "Jennie" Gordon: Birth: 20 Dec 1832 in Colombus, OH.
Jessie Somerville Gordon: Birth: 1820. Death: Aug 1822 in VA
John Churchill Gordon: Birth: 18 Nov 1779. Death: 20 Apr 1848
John Harrington Gordon: Birth: 13 Sep 1863 in Jefferson Co. KY.
John Harrison Gordon: Birth: 1790. Death: 1863
John James Gordon: Birth: 1834. Death: 1911
John Montgomery Gordon: Birth: 1826. Death: 1884
John Gordon: Birth: 1752 in Lochdougan, Kirkudbright, Scotland. Death: 22 Feb 1812 in Lochdougan, Kirkudbright, Scotland
John Gordon: Birth: 9 Oct 1765 in Gordonsville, Orange Co. VA. Death: 7 May 1842 in Picqua, Miami Co. OH
John Gordon: Birth: 1720 in Newry, County Down, Ireland. Death: 1780 in Richmond Co. VA
John Gordon: Birth: 15 Jul 1763 in Fredericksburg, VA.
John Gordon: Death: 5 Jun 1783
Juliana Gordon: Birth: 1813. Death: 1895
Juliette Magill Kenzie "Daisy" Gordon: Birth: 31 Oct 1860 in Savannah, GA. Death: 17 Jan 1927 in Savannah, GA
Keturah Wynne Gordon: Birth: 18 Jan 1791 in Bryant's Station, KY. Death: 14 Dec 1872 in Delhi, Hamilton Co. OH
Louise Pocahantas Gordon: Birth: 21 Feb 1819 in Gordon's Ferry, Duck Pond, Maury Co. TN. Death: 13 Jul 1857
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