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Ruth "Polly" Moore: Birth: 1648 in Calvert Co. MD. Death: 1712 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Samuel Moore: Birth: 1727 in Chalres Co. MD.
Samuel Moore: Birth: 15 Jan 1764 in Sullivan Co. TN. Death: 29 Aug 1834 in Sullivan Co. TN
Sarah "Sally" Moore: Death: 1845
Sarah "Sally" Moore: Birth: 10 Jul 1790 in Halifax Co. NC. Death: 24 Dec 1879 in Lauderdale, FL
Sarah "Sally" Moore: Birth: ABT 1748 in Charlotte Co. VA. Death: 1793 in Woodburn Plantation, Person Co. NC
Sarah Jane Moore: Birth: 1830. Death: 1901
Sarah Lawson"Sally" Moore: Birth: 19 Mar 1795. Death: 1843
Sarah Lloyd Robert Moore: Birth: 24 Feb 1807 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 4 Aug 1833
Sarah Martha Taylor Moore: Birth: 2 Sep 1835 in Orange Co. VA. Death: 7 Apr 1895 in Orange Co. VA
Sarah Taylor Moore: Birth: 1890.
Sarah Moore: Birth: 1829.
Sarah Moore: Birth: 1751. Death: 14 Dec 1816 in Henderson House, Dumfries, Prince William Co. VA
Sarah Moore: Birth: ABT 1718 in Loundoun Co. VA.
Sophia Washington Moore: Birth: 7 Nov 1812. Death: 30 Jul 1845 in Adams Co. MS
Susan Hicks Moore: Birth: 22 May 1841. Death: 25 Jun 1865 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple
Susan Moore: Birth: ABT 1779. Death: ABT 1816
Susannah Price Moore: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: ABT 1752
Thomas Overton Moore: Birth: 10 Apr 1804 in Sampson Co. NC. Death: 25 Jun 1876 in Alexandria, LA
Thomas Rochester Moore: Birth: 13 Aug 1821 in Danville, Boyle Co. KY. Death: 1 Mar 1851 in KY
Thomas Towles Moore: Birth: 8 Nov 1874. Death: 28 May 1939 in Trenton, TN
Thomas Moore: Birth: ABT 1725 in King William Co. VA. Death: 1797 in Moorefield, King William Co. VA
Varille Moore: Birth: 1830 in KY.
Walter S. Moore: Birth: Dec 1851 in PA.
William Catlett Moore: Birth: 13 Feb 1802. Death: 1886 in Buchanan Co. MO
William Grant Moore: Birth: 5 Mar 1753 in Louisa Co. VA. Death: 24 Aug 1812 in Fayette Co. KY
William Harvie Moore: Birth: 27 Apr 1787 in Broad River, GA. Death: 24 Aug 1866 in Coosa Co. AL
William Lawson Moore: Birth: 16 Aug 1820. Death: 31 Dec 1862 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co. TN
William Lawson Moore: Birth: ABT 1865.
William Scoville Moore: Birth: 6 Aug 1882 in NY. Death: 28 Mar 1944 in Sarasota, FL
William Taylor Moore: Birth: 8 Oct 1823.
William Moore: Birth: ABT 1715 in Westmoreland Co. VA. Death: Apr 1796 in Westmoreland Co. VA
William Moore: Birth: 28 Sep 1786 in Green River, Lincoln Co. KY. Death: 1871 in Tullahoma, Coffee Co. TN
William Moore: Death: 1736
William Moore: Birth: 1740 in King George Co. Va. Death: 1802 in Orange Co. Va
William Moore: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: 1769

Nancy Moorefield: Birth: ABT 1860.
Martha J. Moorfield: Birth: ABT 1826 in Patrick Co. VA.
Mary Rebecca Moorfield: Birth: 1841 in Patrick Co. VA.
William Moorfield: Birth: ABT 1777 in Halifax Co. VA. Death: ABT 1828 in Patrick Co. VA
Wright Moorfield: Birth: 20 Oct 1812 in Halifax Co. VA. Death: 26 Apr 1882 in Stokes Co. NC
Achilles Herndon Moorman: Birth: 1745. Death: 10 Nov 1775
Achilles Moorman: Birth: 26 Oct 1713. Death: 26 Nov 1785 in Fluvanna Co. VA
Andrew Moorman: Birth: 2 Dec 1744 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 10 Mar 1791 in Campbell Co. VA
Ann Eliza Moorman: Birth: 31 May 1805 in Campbell Co. VA. Death: 28 Mar 1829 in Bolivar, Hardemann Co. TN
Ann Moorman: Birth: 1712 in Green Springs, New Kent Co. VA. Death: 1766 in Louisa Co.VA
Charles Moorman: Birth: ABT 1684 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: ABT 1757 in Green Springs, Louisa Co. VA
Charles Moorman: Birth: 1715.
Charles Moorman: Birth: 28 Jun 1746.
Clark Terrell Moorman: Birth: 1734 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 14 May 1814 in Hanover Co. VA
Elizabeth Moorman: Birth: 20 Apr 1738 in Louisa Co. VA. Death: 16 Mar 1809 in Campbell Co. VA
Elizabeth Moorman: Birth: ABT 1770.
Jesse Adams Moorman: Death: 9 Jul 1843
Judith "Jane" Moorman: Birth: ABT 1752 in VA. Death: BEF Oct 1775 in VA
Judith C. Moorman: Death: 1854
Judith Moorman: Death: 1770
Mary Bolling Moorman: Birth: 19 Feb 1731 in Cedar Creek, Hanover Co. VA. Death: 9 Sep 1814 in Bedford Co. VA
Micajah Clark Moorman: Birth: 21 Jan 1775 in Campbell Co. VA. Death: 9 Sep 1826 in Russelville, AL
Rachel Clark Moorman: Birth: 1754 in Green Springs, Louisa Co. VA.
Robert Moorman: Birth: ABT 1750.
Thomas Moorman: Birth: 14 Sep 1705 in Green Springs, Louisa Co. VA. Death: 10 Jan 1766 in Bedford Co. VA
William Moorman: Birth: 1766 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 16 Mar 1831 in Banadush, Van West Co. OH
Zachariah Moorman: Birth: 2 Feb 1732 in Cedar Creek, Hanover Co. VA. Death: 15 Jan 1788 in Campbell Co. VA

Anne Mathilde Morales: Birth: ABT 1789.
Juan Ventura Morales: Birth: ABT 1763.
Lorene E. Moran: Birth: 19 Aug 1919 in Patrick Co., VA. Death: 22 Jul 1977 in Patrick Co., VA

Duncan Earl of Moray: Birth: ABT 1038 in of, Morayshire, Scotland.

Alfred Mordecai: Birth: 3 Jan 1804.
Alfred Mordecai: Birth: 1840. Death: 1920
Augustus Mordecai: Birth: 5 Oct 1806 in Warrenton Co. NC. Death: 25 Jul 1847
Brooke Fisher Mordecai: Birth: 21 Feb 1883 in Madera Co. CA. Death: 11 Aug 1971 in Madera Co. CA
Caroline Mordecai: Birth: ABT 1794.
Elizabeth Kennon Mordecai: Birth: 10 Aug 1809 in Warrenton, NC. Death: 8 Nov 1861 in Richmond, Henrico Co. VA

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