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L.S. Shoreder
Ann Shores: Death: ABT 1791
Elizabeth Shores: Birth: 20 Aug 1775 in Fayette Co. KY. Death: 5 Sep 1826 in Fleming Co. KY
Jane Shores: Birth: Jan 1755 in Bourbon Co. KY. Death: 11 Aug 1838 in Bourbon Co. KY
Richard Shores: Birth: 16 Oct 1755 in Fairfax Co. VA. Death: 1840 in Fayette Co. KY
Thomas Shores: Birth: 1733. Death: 1795
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Anna Maria Short: Birth: 4 Apr 1800 in Fayette Co. KY. Death: in Fayette Co. KY
Charles Wilkins Short: Birth: 15 Sep 1851. Death: 26 Apr 1926
Charles Wilkins Short: Birth: 5 Oct 1884 in Cincinnati, OH.
Charles Wilkins Short: Birth: 6 Oct 1794 in Woodford Co. KY. Death: 1863
Eleanor May Short: Birth: 16 Oct 1776 in Bucks Co. PA. Death: 3 Apr 1836 in Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Skipwith Short: Birth: 25 Oct 1804 in KY.
Elizabeth Short: Birth: ABT 1667 in Surry Co. VA. Death: BEF 20 Nov 1722 in Prince George Co. VA
Elizabeth Short: Birth: 1797 in King George Co. VA.
John Cleaves Short: Birth: 6 Feb 1877. Death: 1937
John Cleves Short: Birth: 15 Mar 1792. Death: 3 Mar 1864 in Short Hill, Cinncinati, Hamilton Co. OH
John Short: Birth: ABT 1718 in Belmont, Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1764 in Stafford Co. VA
Margaret Short: Birth: 9 May 1755 in VA. Death: 7 May 1823 in Bloomfield, Loudon Co. VA
Peyton Short: Birth: 17 Dec 1761 in Surrey Co. VA. Death: 1 Sep 1825 in Christian Co. KY
Robert Monroe Short: Birth: 6 Aug 1862 in Panola, MS. Death: 6 Aug 1919 in Como, MS
Samuel Short: Birth: AFT 1649. Death: BEF 1740
Sarah Bradford Short: Birth: 22 Feb 1825. Death: 21 Jan 1902
Sarah Short: Birth: 14 Aug 1745 in Northampton, NC. Death: 2 Jun 1814 in Henrico Co. VA
Sythia Elizabeth Short: Birth: ABT 1667 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: in Stafford Co. VA
Thornton Short: Birth: 29 Oct 1853. Death: 20 Aug 1854
Wickliffe A. Dudley Short: Birth: 26 May 1873. Death: 8 Jun 1917
William Short: Birth: 15 Mar 1759 in Spring Garden, Surrey Co. VA. Death: 5 Dec 1849 in Philadelphia, PA
William Short: Birth: 1666 in Granville Co. NC. Death: 10 Nov 1763 in Northampton, NC
William Short: Birth: 28 Feb 1732 in Spring Garden, Surry Co. VA. Death: 8 Nov 1782 in Spring Garden, Surry Co. VA
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Forest L. Shortt: Birth: ABT 1899 in Virginia.
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Elizabeth Shotwell: Birth: 1761 in NJ.
John Shotwell: Birth: 1836. Death: 10 Mar 1881
Virginia Susan Shotwell: Birth: 13 Jan 1871. Death: 14 Feb 1948
Jacob Shough: Birth: 11 Nov 1814 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 1 Feb 1892 in Patrick Springs, Patrick Co. VA
Lucy Shough: Birth: 23 Jan 1883.
Martha Alice Shough: Birth: 8 Apr 1885 in Patrick Co., VA. Death: 24 Jan 1967 in Patrick Co., VA
Richard Watson Shough: Birth: 29 Sep 1851 in VA. Death: 20 Jul 1918 in Patrick Springs, Patrick Co. VA
Sophia Jane Shough: Birth: 13 Sep 1880 in Patrick Co. VA. Death: 1 Jul 1966
Albert Felix Shouse: Birth: 24 Oct 1865 in Woodford Co. KY.
Euncie Katherine Shouse: Birth: 1894.
Samuel Headley Shouse: Birth: 1897 in Versailles, Woodford Co. KY.
Ellen Showell: Birth: May 1868 in MD. Death: 1930
Benjamin Shreve: Birth: 9 Jun 1706 in Mansfield, Burlington co. NJ. Death: 14 Mar 1750
Caleb Shreve: Birth: 25 Aug 1734 in Mansfield, Burlington Co. NJ. Death: 21 Apr 1792 in Mansfield, Burlington Co. NJ
Florence Shreve: Birth: 1848 in St. Louis, MO. Death: Jan 1851 in St. Louis, MO
Grace Shreve: Birth: 31 Dec 1806 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH. Death: 3 Jul 1873 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Hampden Zane Shreve: Birth: 8 Apr 1815 in Brownsville, PA. Death: AFT 1815 in Louisville, KY
Harriet Louisa Shreve: Birth: 29 Nov 1811 in Brownsville, PA. Death: Jun 1833 in Louisville, KY
Henry Miller Shreve: Birth: 21 Oct 1785 in Mt. Pleasant, Burlington Co.NJ. Death: 6 Mar 1851 in St. Louis, MO
Israel Shreve: Birth: 24 Dec 1739 in Mansfield, Burlington co. NJ. Death: 14 Dec 1799 in Fayette Co. PA
Minnie Elliot Shreve: Birth: 7 Jan 1860 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 1936 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Rebecca Ann Shreve: Birth: 3 Oct 1813 in Brownsville, PA. Death: 9 Mar 1873 in St. Louis, MO
Thomas Shreve: Birth: 1 Nov 1770 in Mansfield, Burlington co. NJ. Death: 17 Feb 1846 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. OH
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Elizabeth "Betty" Shrewsbury: Birth: 1 Nov 1804 in Kanawha Co. WV.
Joel Shrewsbury: Birth: 18 Aug 1778 in VA. Death: 19 Mar 1859 in Kanawha Co. WV
John Shrewsbury: Birth: ABT 1798 in Augusta Co. VA.
John Shrewsbury: Birth: ABT 1771 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 1835
Julia B. Shrewsbury: Birth: 29 Dec 1800 in Kanawha Co. VA.
Juliette Shrewsbury: Birth: 19 Jul 1809 in Kanawah Co. VA.
Martha Dickinson "Patsey" Shrewsbury: Birth: 7 Dec 1791 in England.
Martha Dickinson Shrewsbury: Birth: 16 Mar 1820 in Charleston, WV. Death: 29 Jul 1891 in Denison, TX
Martha Dickinson Shrewsbury: Birth: 3 Feb 1828. Death: 24 Mar 1875 in Charleston, WV
Nathaniel Shrewsbury: Birth: 1739 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 1825 in Wayne Co. KY
Ruel Shrewsbury: Birth: 1 Feb 1699. Death: 1755
Samuel Shrewsbury: Death: 2 Jan 1885
Samuel Shrewsbury: Birth: ABT 1736 in Hanover Co. VA. Death: 1785 in Bedford Co. VA
Samuel Shrewsbury: Birth: 1763. Death: 1830
Sarah Lee "Sally" Shrewsbury: Birth: 7 Jun 1812 in Kanawha Co. VA. Death: 27 May 1830 in Kanawha Co. VA
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Henry Shriver: Birth: 9 Aug 1841. Death: 13 Nov 1898
Hilda Shriver: Birth: 2 Nov 1883.
Joseph Shriver: Birth: 11 Jan 1806 in Union Mills, Carroll Co. MD. Death: 1 Jan 1886 in Cumberland, Allegheny Co. MD
Robert Sargent Shriver: Birth: 12 Jan 1878. Death: 12 Jun 1942
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Martha Amelia Shroder: Birth: 1 Mar 1822 in PA. Death: 27 Apr 1894 in San Francisco, CA
Abner Shropshire: Birth: 13 May 1761. Death: 13 Dec 1841
Alexander Harcourt Shropshire: Birth: 1839. Death: 1900
Elizabeth "Betty" Shropshire: Birth: 8 Dec 1815. Death: 1879
James Harvey Shropshire: Birth: 25 Aug 1808 in Bourbon Co. KY. Death: 13 Mar 1891 in Bourbon Co. KY
James Shropshire: Birth: 1764 in Orange Co. VA. Death: 1826 in Bourbon Co. KY
Joseph Shropshire: Birth: 1770.
Julia Ann Shropshire: Birth: 21 Sep 1804. Death: 10 Aug 1823

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