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Samuel Magruder: Birth: 1662 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1711 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Sarah Gilmer Magruder: Birth: ABT 1885.
Sarah Magruder: Birth: ABT 1722 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: AFT 1790
Sarah Magruder: Birth: 23 Jun 1755. Death: 10 Mar 1822
Thomas Warren Magruder: Birth: 13 Oct 1840. Death: 7 Jul 1900
Thomas Magruder: Birth: 1779 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1830
Thomas Magruder: Birth: 1750 in Frederick Co. MD. Death: 21 Jul 1788 in Culpeper Co. VA
Verlinda Magruder: Birth: 1690 in Calvert Co. MD. Death: 1745 in Prince Georges Co. MD
William Beans Magruder: Birth: 11 Feb 1810 in Baltimore, MD. Death: 30 May 1869
William Mills Magruder: Birth: ABT 1724 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: AFT 1793
William Magruder: Birth: ABT 1701 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1765 in Prince Georges Co. MD
William Magruder: Birth: 15 Mar 1747. Death: 11 Oct 1802
Zadock Magruder: Birth: ABT 1720 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 12 Apr 1811 in VA

William Maguire: Death: 28 Sep 1965 in Detroit, MI

Sarah Mahall: Birth: AFT 1721 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: AFT 1761 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Margaret Mahan: Birth: 1847 in Shannon Co. MO. Death: 1875

James Mahon: Birth: ABT 1800 in VA. Death: 1853
Mary Mahoney: Birth: 1796.

Adoph Mailliard: Death: 1896 in Woodacre, San Gernonimo Valley, Marin Co. CA

Ermengarde (Ermentrude) du Maine: Birth: ABT 1096 in , , Maine, France. Death: 1126 in , , Maine, France
Keepwilliam Mainwaring: Birth: ABT 1396 in Cheshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Margery Mainwaring: Birth: ABT 1439 in Shropshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN

Ann Mary Maitland: Death: 16 Feb 1881 in Petersburg, VA

Agnes J. Major: Birth: 1837 in Franklin Co. KY. Death: AFT 1880 in Lafayette Co. MO
Carrie Elizabeth Major: Birth: 23 Jun 1855 in Christian Co. KY. Death: 26 Oct 1926 in Christian Co. KY
Charles Humphrey Major: Birth: 3 Dec 1775 in Culpeper Co. VA. Death: 1857
Charles Humphrey Major: Birth: 17 Sep 1817. Death: 5 Feb 1905
Edward Taylor Major: Birth: 10 Mar 1871 in Troy, Lincoln Co. MO. Death: 29 Jun 1949 in Lenexa, Johnson Co. KS
Elizabeth Redd Major: Birth: ABT 1771. Death: 1794
Elliott Woolfolk Major: Birth: 20 Oct 1864 in Edgewood, Lincoln Co. MO. Death: 9 Jul 1949 in Eureka, Jefferson Co. MO
Eugene H. Major: Birth: 1857. Death: Apr 1894
Frances Major: Birth: ABT 1685. Death: BEF 1731
Francis Major: Birth: 1756 in VA. Death: 1835 in KY
George Major: Birth: ABT 1683 in King & Queen Co. VA.
George Major: Birth: 1717.
George Major: Birth: ABT 1658 in King William Co. VA.
George Major: Birth: 1631 in Hulsey, Hampshire, England.
Harwood A. Major: Birth: 20 Sep 1807 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 1896 in Bedford Co. VA
James Coleman Major: Birth: 14 Apr 1860.
James Patrick Major: Birth: 14 May 1836 in Fayette, Howard Co. MO. Death: 7 May 1877 in Austin, TX
James Redd Major: Birth: 5 May 1825 in Henry Co. VA. Death: 25 Apr 1921 in Calloway Co. MO
James Major: Birth: 1771 in KY. Death: 1862 in MO
John H. Major: Birth: 1822. Death: 1894
John Major: Birth: 1755 in Culpeper Co. VA. Death: 3 Aug 1805 in Newbury Co. SC
John Major: Birth: 1 Apr 1777 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: 20 Dec 1849 in Bedford Co. VA
John Major: Birth: 1677. Death: BEF 1737
John Major: Birth: 1874.
John Major: Birth: 1764. Death: 1821
John Major: Birth: 1740 in King & Queen Co. VA. Death: 1808 in Weehawkin, Lexington Co. KY
Joseph Minter Major: Birth: 1803 in Franklin Co. KY. Death: 25 Mar 1872 in Lafayette Co. MO
Joseph Major: Birth: 1794 in KY. Death: 1864
Lodowick Jones Major: Birth: 1742 in King William Co. VA. Death: 1830 in Christian Co. KY
Martisha Major: Birth: 1715 in King & Queen Co. VA. Death: 1785 in Pittsylvania Co. VA
Mary Eliza Major: Birth: 1831.
Mildred Taylor Major: Birth: 1791. Death: 1879
Olive Trabue Major: Birth: 14 Jan 1794 in Woodford Co. KY. Death: 14 Mar 1846 in Franklin Co. KY
Olivia Major: Birth: ABT Mar 1840 in Franklin Co. KY.
Patrick Upshaw Major: Birth: 1822 in Frankfort, Franklin Co. KY.
Samuel Ironmonger Major: Birth: 1711 in King William Co. VA. Death: 1799 in Madison Co. VA
Samuel Ironmonger Major: Birth: 1743. Death: 1798
Samuel Ironmonger Major: Birth: 2 Apr 1791 in VA. Death: 20 Mar 1855 in Frankfort, Franklin Co. KY
Samuel Ironmonger Major: Birth: 1830 in Franklin Co. KY. Death: 1886
Samuel Redd "Bud" Major: Birth: 22 May 1868.
Susannah Major: Birth: 9 Jul 1761 in Culpeper Co. VA. Death: 5 Sep 1853 in Anderson Co. SC
Thomas Major: Birth: 25 Dec 1769 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 6 May 1846 in Franklin Co. KY
Uriah Lodowick "UL" Major: Birth: 11 Feb 1809 in Madison Co. VA. Death: 21 Sep 1861 in Christian Co. KY
William Major: Birth: 4 Oct 1774. Death: 19 Mar 1847
William Major: Birth: 14 Jun 1813 in Culpeper Co. VA. Death: 7 Aug 1891 in Springfield, VA

Rachel Ann Majors: Birth: ABT 1725 in Chatham, Pittsylvania Co. VA. Death: AFT 8 Apr 1776 in Chatham, Pittsylvania Co. VA

Grace Makin: Birth: 1631.

Guido Malagola: Birth: 23 Feb 1883 in Rome, Itlay. Death: 1940 in Italy?

Deborah Malbone: Birth: 1744. Death: 1813
Edward Greene Malbone: Birth: Aug 1777 in Newport, RI. Death: 7 May 1807 in Savannah, GA
Godfrey Malbone: Birth: 1694. Death: 1785
John Malbone: Birth: 21 Aug 1735. Death: 15 Oct 1795
Mary Malbone: Birth: 14 Feb 1730 in Newport, RI. Death: 7 Oct 1797 in Augusta, GA

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