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Celestine Eustis Hitchcock: Death: 24 Jan 1935 in At Sea
Center Hitchcock: Birth: 1863. Death: 23 Dec 1908 in New York City, NY
Charles McPhail Hitchcock: Birth: 26 Aug 1810. Death: 3 Apr 1885 in San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Wyche "Lillie" Hitchcock: Birth: 23 Aug 1843 in West Point, NY. Death: 22 Jul 1929 in San Francisco, CA
Francis Center Eustis "Frank" Hitchcock: Death: 1928
Thomas "Tommy" Hitchcock: Birth: 11 Feb 1900 in Aiken, SC. Death: 19 Apr 1944 in Salisbury Plain, England
Thomas Hitchcock: Birth: 12 Nov 1860 in New Orleans, LA. Death: Sep 1941
Thomas Hitchcock
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Abraham Hite: Birth: 10 May 1729 in Perkomen, PA. Death: 17 Jan 1790 in Jefferson Co. KY
Ann Maury Hite: Birth: 17 May 1805 in Belle Grove, Frederick Co.. VA. Death: AFT 1850 in Winchester, Frederick Co. VA
Ann Hite: Birth: 18 Jan 1746 in Long Meadow, Frederick Co. VA.
Cornelius Baldwin Hite: Birth: 21 Feb 1818 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: 1843 in Frederick Co. VA
Cornelius Baldwin Hite: Birth: 6 Aug 1842 in Belle Grove, Frederick Co.. VA. Death: AFT 1900 in Washington, DC
Eleanor Hite: Birth: ABT 1750. Death: ABT 1781
Elizabeth "Betty" Hite: Birth: Mar 1840 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: AFT 1920 in St. Louis, MO
Elizabeth Hite: Birth: 19 Jan 1743 in VA.
Elizabeth Hite: Birth: 13 Jan 1765. Death: 4 Apr 1845
Fontaine Maury Hite: Birth: 31 Jul 1839.
Frances Conway "Fanny" Hite: Birth: 21 Dec 1798 in New Hopewell, VA. Death: 21 Feb 1857 in Frederick, MD
Frances Madison "Fanny" Hite: Birth: 4 Oct 1773. Death: 27 Jul 1857 in Charlestown, WV
Frances Madison Hite: Birth: 28 Dec 1790 in VA. Death: 27 Jan 1873
George Burns Hite: Birth: 20 Jan 1825 in Adairville, Logan Co. KY. Death: 24 Nov 1891 in Adairville, Logan Co. KY
Hans Justus "Joist" Hite: Birth: 5 Dec 1685 in Alsace, Germany. Death: 7 May 1760 in Kernstown, Frederick Co. VA
Hugh H. Hite: Birth: 10 Aug 1816 in Belle Grove, Middletown, VA. Death: 1870 in Piedmount, Rappahannock Co. VA
Isaac Hite: Birth: 27 Mar 1753 in Hampshire Co. VA. Death: 22 Feb 1794 in Jefferson Co. KY
Isaac Hite: Birth: 7 Feb 1758 in Belle Grove, Frederick Co. VA.
Isaac Hite: Birth: 12 May 1723 in PA. Death: 23 Sep 1795 in Fredrick Co. VA
Jacob Hite: Birth: 14 Mar 1718 in Perkiomen, Chester Co. PA. Death: 1 Jul 1776 in Greenville, SC
Jacob Hite: Birth: 6 Apr 1778. Death: 5 Sep 1851
James Madison Hite: Birth: 10 Apr 1788 in Guilford, Clark Co. VA. Death: in Baltimore, MD
James Madison Hite: Birth: 6 Oct 1776. Death: 1855 in Hopewell, Jefferson Co. WV
John Il Hite: Birth: 1712 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 1792 in Frederick Co. MD
John Hite: Birth: 25 Jun 1751. Death: 12 Jun 1808
Kidder Meade Hite: Birth: 11 May 1840 in VA. Death: 23 Jan 1896 in Culpeper Co. VA
Lucy Meade Hite: Birth: Jan 1845 in Frederick Co. VA. Death: AFT 1920 in Gainesville, Prince William Co. VA
Magdalena Hite: Birth: 13 Sep 1713 in Kingston, Ulster Co. NY. Death: 1771 in Frederick Co. VA
Maria Elizabeth "Mary" Hite: Birth: 2 Jan 1707 in Germany. Death: AFT 1768 in Middletown, Frederick Co. MD
Rebecca Van Meter Hite: Birth: Nov 1787. Death: 15 Sep 1841
Rebecca Hite: Birth: 19 Jan 1754 in VA. Death: 1815 in Jefferson Co. KY
Rebecca Hite: Birth: ABT 1740 in Red Bud, Frederick Co. VA.
Robert Woodson "Wood" Hite: Birth: 1850 in TN. Death: 4 Dec 1881 in Richmond, MO
Sarah Clarke Hite: Birth: 7 Nov 1812.
Sarah Ragsdale"Sally" Hite: Birth: 1801 in VA. Death: 1869 in Calloway Co. KY
Sarah Hite: Birth: ABT 1758. Death: ABT 1819 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Thomas Hite: Birth: 13 Sep 1750 in Fredrick Co. VA. Death: Aug 1776 in Hopewell, Jefferson Co. WV
Walker Maury Hite: Birth: 12 May 1811.
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Ann "Nancy" Hitt: Birth: 14 Jun 1774. Death: 26 Sep 1859
Edward Greenway Hitt: Birth: 31 Jul 1886 in Augusta, GA. Death: 28 Jul 1962 in Atlanta, GA
Harmon Hitt: Birth: ABT 1721 in Germantown, Stafford Co. VA. Death: ABT 1820 in Rectortown, Fauquier Co. VA
Harriet Hughes Hitt: Birth: 19 Jul 1820 in Bourbon Co. KY. Death: 10 Nov 1855 in Nelson Co. KY
Jacob "Jackey" Hitt: Birth: 4 Feb 1781 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: 4 Apr 1847 in Bourbon Co. KY
Jesse Hitt: Birth: 18 Feb 1756 in Bourbon Co. KY. Death: Aug 1806
Joseph Woolfolk Hitt: Birth: 9 Dec 1875.
Lucille Winter Hitt: Birth: 17 Aug 1877.
Marguerite Westmoreland Hitt: Birth: 28 Dec 1886 in Louisville, KY. Death: 16 Nov 1982 in RI
Martin Hitt: Birth: 29 Dec 1763 in VA. Death: 16 Feb 1832 in Urbanna, Champaign Co. IL
Miriam Hitt: Birth: 14 Jan 1766 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: ABT 1841 in Clay Co. MO
Peter Hitt: Birth: ABT 1726. Death: 31 Aug 1810
Peter Hitt: Birth: ABT 1681. Death: 27 Jul 1772
Robert Roberts Hitt: Birth: 16 Jan 1834 in Urbanna, Champaign Co. IL. Death: 20 Sep 1906 in Narragansett Pier, RI
Robert Stockwell Reynolds Hitt: Death: 16 Apr 1938
Samuel Milton Hitt: Birth: 1856 in Louisville, KY.
Sarah Jane Hitt: Birth: 5 Jan 1816 in Bourbon Co. KY. Death: 29 Jun 1837 in Laurel Co. AL
Thomas Smith Hitt: Birth: 14 Feb 1797. Death: 23 Sep 1852
Virginius Greenway Hitt: Birth: 14 Jun 1840 in Richmond Co. GA. Death: 17 Jan 1905 in Fulton Co. GA
William Moultrie Hitt: Birth: 11 Jan 1883.
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James Hix: Birth: ABT 1784.
Sarah Hix: Birth: ABT 1740 in VA. Death: BEF 1788 in Mecklenburg Co.VA
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Harriet Hoadley: Birth: 25 Sep 1833 in Utica, NY. Death: 3 Feb 1922
Sarah Tappan Hoadley: Birth: 16 Aug 1832 in New York City, NY.
Ebenezer Rockwood Hoar: Birth: 21 Feb 1816 in Concord, MA. Death: 3 Jan 1895 in Concord, MA
George Frisby Hoar: Birth: 1826 in Concord, MA. Death: 30 Sep 1904 in Worchester, MA
Rockwood Hoar: Birth: 24 Aug 1855 in Worchester, MA. Death: 1906
Samuel Hoar: Birth: 18 May 1778 in Concord, MA. Death: 2 Nov 1856 in Concord, MA
James Hoban: Birth: 1762 in Kilkenny, Ireland. Death: 8 Dec 1831 in Washington, DC
Richard Bryan Hobart: Birth: 1855 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 1963
Ruth Hobart: Birth: ABT 1897 in San Francisco, CA.
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Basil Nicholas Hobbs: Birth: 1786. Death: 1837
Deborah Hobbs: Birth: 1776. Death: 4 Nov 1867 in Brandenburg Co. KY
Edward Dorsey Hobbs: Birth: 16 Nov 1810. Death: 1888

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