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Ann Wade: Birth: ABT 1705. Death: AFT 1751
Anne Wade: Birth: ABT 1759 in Kinderhook, NY.
Catherine Adelaide Wade: Birth: 13 Nov 1844 in Jefferson Co. MS. Death: 29 May 1910
Daniel Franklin Wade: Birth: 4 Nov 1802 in SC. Death: 8 Feb 1858 in Enon, Barbour Co. AL
David Wade: Birth: ABT 1762. Death: ABT 1785 in Mecklenburg Co. VA
Eleanor Wade: Birth: 1691 in Calvert Co. MD.
Elizabeth Wade: Birth: ABT 1752 in Amherst Co. VA.
Frances Wade: Death: 13 Oct 1721
George Wade: Birth: 29 May 1747 in Shoco Creek, NC. Death: 24 Nov 1824 in Columbia, SC
Hampton Wade: Birth: ABT 1726 in Lunenburg Co. VA. Death: 1763 in Halifax Co. VA
Helen Elizabeth Wade
Ida Wade: Birth: ABT 1867 in VA. Death: in Baltimore, MD
Isaac Ross Wade: Birth: 7 Feb 1814. Death: 9 Jan 1891
James Taylor Wade: Birth: 27 Nov 1786. Death: 1853 in Lancaster Dist. SC
James Wade: Birth: 1697 in St. Peter's Pa. New Kent Co. VA.
James Wade: Birth: 1668 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: in New Kent Co. VA
Johh Daniel Wade: Birth: 13 May 1834 in Abbeville Dist. SC. Death: 2 Aug 1905 in Marshallville, Macon Co. GA
John Donald Wade: Birth: 28 Sep 1892 in Marshallville, Macon Co. GA. Death: 9 Oct 1963 in Marshallville, Macon Co. GA
Joseph Wade: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: 1757
Margaret Wade: Birth: 1 May 1694 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 17 May 1773 in Fairfax Co. VA
Martha Jones Wade: Birth: 20 Oct 1778.
Mary "Polly" Wade: Birth: 22 Aug 1871 in Mecklenburg Co. VA.
Mary "Polly" Wade: Birth: 1736. Death: 1825
Mary Julia Wade: Birth: 24 Nov 1844 in Floyd Co. VA. Death: 6 Jun 1908 in Carroll Co. VA
Mary Willis "Molly" Wade: Birth: 1723. Death: 1797
Meek Wade: Birth: 1722. Death: ABT 1794 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Mildred "Millie" Wade: Birth: ABT 1796 in VA.
Rebecca Wade: Birth: 15 May 1778 in Camden, Kershaw Dist, SC. Death: 4 Nov 1851 in Winnsboro, Fairfield Co. SC
Robert Wade: Birth: ABT 1700 in Goochland Co. VA. Death: ABT 1770 in Halifax Co. VA
Samuel Magruder Wade: Birth: 1808.
Sarah Elizabeth Wade: Birth: 1715. Death: 10 Aug 1784 in Louisa Co. VA
Theodosia Wade: Birth: ABT 1668 in Charles Co. MD. Death: 25 Mar 1749 in Charles Co. MD
Verlinda Wade: Birth: ABT 1755 in VA. Death: BEF 1804

Evelyn Wadsworth: Birth: 7 Jul 1903 in Cleveland, OH. Death: Feb 1972
Hopestill Wadsworth: Birth: 16 Mar 1686 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 25 Mar 1773 in Lebanon, New London, CT
James Walcott Wadsworth: Birth: ABT 1843 in Genesso, Livingston Co. NY.
James Wolcott Wadsworth: Birth: 12 Aug 1877 in Genesco, Livingston Co. NY. Death: 21 Jun 1952 in Washington, DC
Martha Wadsworth: Birth: 1 Apr 1710 in Lebanon, New London, CT.
Peleg Wadsworth: Birth: 29 Aug 1715 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 28 Jul 1799 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA
Peleg Wadsworth: Birth: 6 May 1748 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 18 Jul 1829 in Hiram, Oxford Co. ME
Zilpah Wadsworth: Birth: 6 Jan 1778 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 12 Mar 1851 in Portland, Cumberland Co. ME

Peter Wagener: Birth: 5 Apr 1717.

Thomas Ennalls Waggaman: Birth: 26 Feb 1782. Death: 1832
Ann "Nancy" Waggoner: Birth: 8 Oct 1763 in Spotsylvania Co. VA. Death: 12 Jul 1847 in Union Co. KY
Lucretia "Lucrecy" Waggoner: Birth: ABT 1714 in VA. Death: 17 Aug 1754 in Spotsylvania Co. VA
Malinda Waggoner: Birth: in VA. Death: Nov 1835 in Green Co. KY
Reuben Waggoner: Birth: 1755.

Mary Elizabeth Wagoner: Birth: 1741 in Piscataque, Essex Co. VA. Death: 1810 in Washington, D.C.
Alfred B. Wagstaff: Birth: Mar 1844 in New York City, NY. Death: 2 Oct 1921 in Tahlulah, Babylon, Long Island, NY
David Wagstaff: Birth: 1 Oct 1882 in Babylon, NY.
Samuel J. "Sam" Wagstaff: Birth: 4 Nov 1921 in New York City, NY. Death: Nov 1987 in New York City, NY
Samuel Jones Wagstaff: Birth: 12 Mar 1885 in NY. Death: Jan 1975 in Vergennes, Addison Co. VT

Ann Overing Wainwright: Birth: 28 Apr 1821 in Charlestown, MA. Death: 8 Feb 1917 in 2011 I St. Washington, DC
David Wainwright: Birth: 1685. Death: 1720
Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright: Birth: 27 Jul 1821. Death: 1 Jan 1863

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