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Ann "Nancy" Stanton: Birth: 1726 in Frederick Co. MD.
Desire Stanton: Birth: 22 Apr 1733 in Stonington, New London, CT. Death: 6 Aug 1825 in Stonington, New London, CT
Frances Stanton: Birth: 9 Nov 1723 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 19 Jan 1804 in Spotsylvania Co. VA
Henry Brewster Stanton: Birth: 26 Jun 1805 in Griswold, Preston Co. CT. Death: 14 Jan 1887
Joseph Stanton: Birth: ABT 1780 in Charlestown, Washingnton Co. RI. Death: 1828
Julia Stanton: Birth: 1823.
Priscilla Dixon Stanton: Birth: ABT 1892.
Sarah Stanton: Death: Nov 1816
Sarah Stanton: Death: 17 Nov 1834 in VA
Thomas Stanton: Birth: ABT 1689. Death: 1741 in Orange Co VA
Harriet Bailey Stanwood: Birth: 12 Oct 1828. Death: 15 Jul 1903
Elizabeth Stanworth
Thomas Stanyarne: Birth: ABT 1700.
Emma Stapler: Birth: 1845.
John Richard Stapler: Birth: 1819. Death: 1876
John Stapler: Birth: 1790. Death: 1840
Louise J. H. Stapler: Birth: 7 Jun 1813. Death: Nov 1845 in Marshallville, Macon Co. GA
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John Staples: Birth: 1690 in Fluvanna Co. VA. Death: 1769 in Buckingham Co. VA
John Staples: Birth: 20 Dec 1773. Death: 21 Aug 1828
Keziah Carter Staples: Birth: 26 Feb 1792 in Henry Co. VA. Death: 26 Jul 1818
Mary Ann Staples: Birth: ABT 1756 in Campbell Co. VA. Death: AFT 1803 in Franklin Co. VA
Robert Lewis Staples: Birth: 12 Dec 1798. Death: 30 Dec 1855 in Richmond, Henrico Co. VA
Ruth Penn Staples: Birth: 29 Mar 1801. Death: 17 Dec 1872 in Henry Co. VA
Samuel Staples: Birth: 23 Mar 1762 in Buckingham Co. VA. Death: 23 Mar 1825 in Stuart, Patrick Co. VA
Susannah Staples: Birth: 20 Aug 1778. Death: 22 Nov 1855
Volumnia Hundley Basie Staples: Birth: 1 Apr 1868 in Pass Christian, MS. Death: 1949
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Paul Starbuck: Birth: 29 Feb 1748 in Nantucket, MA. Death: ABT 1826 in Stokes Co. NC
Tristram Starbuck: Birth: 18 Jun 1785 in Stokes Co. NC.
Bolling Stark: Birth: 1733. Death: 1788
Clarence McDonald Stark: Birth: 22 May 1855 in Louisianna, Pike Co. MO. Death: 30 May 1914 in Louisianna, Pike Co. MO
Elizabeth Stark: Birth: 1731 in Dinwiddie Co. VA. Death: 23 Jun 1828
Frances Stark: Birth: 28 Jul 1803 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: 10 Jan 1892 in Albemarle Co. VA
Horatio Stark: Birth: 17 Nov 1778 in Edgefield Dist, SC. Death: 28 Feb 1828 in Wilkerson Co. MS
James Stark: Birth: 1719 in Scotland. Death: 6 May 1761
James Stark: Birth: 21 Dec 1747 in Overwharton Pa. Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1829 in Fauquier Co. VA
James Stark: Birth: 1695 in Glasgow, Scotland. Death: 12 Apr 1754 in Londonderry, Rockingham Co. NC
Lloyd Crow Stark: Birth: 23 Nov 1887 in Louisianna, Pike Co. MO. Death: 17 Sep 1972 in Louisianna, Pike Co. MO
Louis Raoul Stark: Birth: 4 Jun 1841 in SC. Death: 9 Apr 1909 in Little Rock AR
Margaret W Stark: Birth: 19 Jan 1843 in Robertson Co. TN. Death: 6 Mar 1914 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Margaret Stark: Birth: 18 Mar 1788 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: 16 Jul 1835 in Fauquier Co. VA
Marion Viola Stark: Birth: 10 Aug 1850 in Columbus, MS. Death: 10 Aug 1942 in Mobile, AL
Mary Ann Stark: Birth: ABT 1810 in VA. Death: 24 Nov 1869 in Fauquier Co. VA
Mary Farrar Stark: Birth: 1809. Death: 1900
Mary Stark: Birth: 23 Nov 1742. Death: 24 Feb 1836 in Rome, Oneida Co. NY
Peter Stark: Birth: 20 May 1824.
Rebecca Stark: Birth: 1727.
Robert Stark: Birth: ABT 1738 in Prince George Co. VA. Death: 28 May 1806 in Winchester Co. VA
Robert Stark: Birth: 10 Jan 1763 in Petersburg, VA. Death: 4 Sep 1830 in Mill Creek, Richland Co. SC
Sarah Rebecca "Sallie" Stark: Birth: ABT 1814 in Fairfield Co. SC.
Sarah Stark: Birth: 26 Nov 1797 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: 17 Nov 1854 in Fauquier Co. VA
Sophia Stark: Birth: Jan 1775. Death: 27 Oct 1830
Susannah Stark: Birth: ABT 1790 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: AFT 1850 in Hardin Co. KY
Theodore Stark: Birth: 14 Jan 1805 in Richland Co. SC. Death: 2 Aug 1882
Thomas Taylor Stark: Birth: 16 Oct 1812 in Richland Co. SC. Death: 28 Aug 1854
William Stark: Birth: 1736. Death: 1801
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Elizabeth "Betsey" Starke: Birth: 25 Dec 1754 in Fairfield Co. SC. Death: Oct 1835 in Fairfield Co. SC
Elizabeth Starke: Birth: 1730 in Overwharton, Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1789 in Augusta Co. VA
Elizabeth Starke: Birth: 13 Apr 1736 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 14 Dec 1815 in VA
Frances S. "Fannie" Starke: Birth: 5 Oct 1827 in VA. Death: 7 Jun 1878 in Tipton Co. TN
Jane Starke: Birth: ABT 1782.
John Starke: Birth: 1715 in King William Co. VA. Death: 1782 in Hanover Co. VA
Robert Bolling Starke: Birth: ABT 1785 in VA. Death: 2 Mar 1839
William Starke: Birth: ABT 1691 in VA. Death: ABT 1755 in Prince George Co. VA
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Dianna Starkey: Birth: ABT 1698.
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Elizabeth Crutcher "Bettie" Starks: Birth: 9 Nov 1852.
James Madison Starks: Birth: 16 Sep 1818 in Fayette Co. KY. Death: 25 May 1881 in Mercer Co. KY
John Price Starks: Birth: 14 May 1848.
Mary Clark "Molly" Starks: Birth: 1858 in MS. Death: 1890 in MS
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Eunice Starkweather: Birth: 19 Sep 1735 in Stonington, CT.
Welthy Starkweather: Birth: 23 Jan 1800 in Preston, CT. Death: 14 Dec 1881 in Washington, DC
Anne Starling: Birth: 21 Sep 1777. Death: 2 Aug 1840 in Henderson, Henderson Co. KY
Charles Hensley Starling: Birth: 3 Jan 1851.

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