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Mary "Polly" Simmons
Mary Simmons: Birth: ABT 1751.
Mary Simmons: Birth: 1783. Death: 1862
Mary Simmons: Birth: ABT 1793. Death: 3 Dec 1830 in Baltimore, MD
Rebecca Simmons: Birth: ABT 1763.
Samuel Bradford Simmons: Birth: 13 Sep 1902 in Sacramento, CA. Death: 14 Aug 1984 in San Mateo Co. CA
Samuel Ewer Simmons: Birth: 12 Jul 1874 in Hingham, Plymouth Co. MA. Death: 21 Nov 1934 in Berkeley, CA
Samuel Simmons: Birth: ABT 1742 in Landover, Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1781 in MD
Susan Pinckney Simmons: Birth: ABT 1782.
Tabitha Simmons: Birth: 1765 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1850 in Madison Co. KY
Verlinda Simmons: Birth: 1773 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: AFT 1848 in Todd Co. Ky

Amy Simms: Birth: 8 Dec 1766. Death: 13 Aug 1845 in Still Valley, Madison Co. VA
Ann "Nancy" Simms: Birth: 20 Sep 1790 in VA. Death: 22 Jun 1847 in Albemarle Co. VA
Benjamin Ashby Simms: Birth: ABT 1800. Death: 2 Jan 1854 in Clinton Co. MO
Catherine Simms: Birth: 2 Feb 1780 in Alexandria, VA. Death: 1876 in Middleburg, Loudoun Co. VA
Charles Carroll Simms: Birth: 30 Mar 1824 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 18 Dec 1884 in Washington, DC
Charles Simms: Birth: 1755. Death: 1819 in Alexandria, VA
Edward Francis Simms: Birth: 5 Mar 1871 in Mount Airy, Paris, Bourbon Co. KY.
Elizabeth Brent Simms: Birth: 1902 in Washington, DC. Death: 1966
Elizabeth Fullerton Simms: Birth: 25 Jun 1903. Death: 13 Jun 1969
Frances Ashby Simms: Birth: 24 Aug 1796 in Liberty, Clay Co. MO. Death: 20 Jan 1848 in Liberty, Clay Co. MO
John Douglas Simms: Birth: 1788 in Alexandria, VA. Death: 1843 in Washington, DC
Lucy B. Simms: Birth: 3 Jan 1868 in KY.
Lucy Blythe Simms: Birth: 29 Feb 1912. Death: 14 Sep 1961
Lurania Simms: Death: BEF 1850
Mary Eliza Simms: Birth: 10 Dec 1827 in Madison Co. VA. Death: 7 Feb 1850 in Orange Co. VA
Richard Douglas Simms: Birth: 1868 in Washington, DC. Death: 1920 in Asheville, NC
Richard Simms: Birth: 13 Mar 1751 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 21 Oct 1850 in Liberty, Clay Co. MO
Richard Simms: Birth: ABT 1720 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: ABT 1812 in Stafford Co. VA
Virginia Neville Simms: Birth: 17 Feb 1812 in Pittsburgh, PA. Death: 29 Nov 1892 in Washington, DC
William Douglas Simms: Birth: 27 Aug 1783 in Alexandria, VA. Death: 26 Aug 1822 in Pensacola, FL
William Emmett Simms: Birth: 2 Jan 1822 in Harriosn Co. KY. Death: 25 Jun 1898
William Erskine "Will" Simms: Birth: 1 Aug 1869. Death: 31 Dec 1956
William Marmaduke Simms: Birth: 30 Nov 1788 in Henry Co. VA. Death: 20 Jan 1844

Jeanne Simon: Birth: 21 May 1793 in France.

Olive Hall Simonds: Birth: ABT 1793 in Troy, Rensselaer Co. NY.
Anne Simons: Birth: 1 Dec 1745. Death: Mar 1773
Elizabeth Simons: Birth: 11 Jul 1747. Death: Apr 1788 in SC
Mary Simons: Birth: 1894 in KS. Death: AFT 1930
Charles Henry Simpkins: Birth: 21 Mar 1827 in Yarmouth, MA. Death: 13 Feb 1893 in San Francisco, CA
Elizabeth Simpkins: Birth: 1724 in VA. Death: ABT 1772 in KY
Margaret Eliza Simpkins: Birth: in Edgefield, SC. Death: 12 Aug 1842

Alberta "Ella" Simpson: Birth: 17 Nov 1907 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co. OK. Death: 29 Oct 1983 in Fort Bragg, CA
Alexander Heath Simpson: Birth: 4 Oct 1843 in Huntsville, Madison Co. AL. Death: 1 Nov 1919 in Gulfport, Harrison Co. AL
Allen Huston Simpson: Birth: 9 Jan 1845 in Winchester, Clark Co. KY.
Barbara Jean Simpson: Birth: 25 Aug 1902 in San Francisco, CA. Death: 27 Mar 2000 in Los Angeles, CA
Caroline Simpson: Death: 1835
Ernest Aldrich Simpson: Birth: 1895 in New York City, NY. Death: 1958 in London, England
Frances Irvine "Fannie" Simpson: Birth: 1826 in KY. Death: 1911 in Lafayette Co. MO
Grace J. Simpson: Death: 1986 in Henry Co., VA
Henrietta Simpson: Birth: 2 Feb 1804 in NC.
Hubbard Taylor Simpson: Birth: 7 Jan 1871 in Winchester, Clark Co. KY. Death: 4 Aug 1916 in Asheville, NC
James Simpson: Birth: 16 Mar 1796 in Belfast, Ireland.
John Russell Simpson: Birth: 13 Apr 1884 in Tibbee, Clay Co. MS. Death: 1 Jan 1951 in Tulsa, OK
John Simpson: Birth: ABT 1680 in Stafford Co. VA.
Lydia Simpson: Birth: 6 Mar 1775. Death: 4 Mar 1849
Maria T. Simpson: Birth: ABT 1813 in New Bern, NC. Death: 1871
Martha Jane Simpson: Birth: ABT 1814.
Mary Ann Simpson: Birth: Jun 1828 in Cardston AlbertaTemple. Death: AFT 1900 in Huntsville, AL
Mary Ann Simpson: Birth: ABT 1755 in Faifax Co. VA. Death: 1825 in Fayette Co. KY
Mary Simpson: Birth: 1738. Death: in Saluda, Saluda Co. SC
Mary Simpson: Birth: 1 Mar 1842 in Laurens, SC.
Mildred Martin Simpson: Birth: 27 Dec 1872 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY. Death: 8 Sep 1905 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Rebecca E. Simpson: Birth: ABT 1825 in Washington, DC.

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