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James Feild: Birth: ABT 1726 in Petersburg, VA. Death: 1788 in Petersburg, VA
John Shaw Feild: Birth: ABT 1825. Death: 14 Mar 1910 in Prestwold, Boydon, VA
John Shaw Feild: Birth: ABT 1796.
John Shaw Feild: Birth: 9 Jun 1768 in Prince George Co. VA. Death: Jan 1795 in Mecklenburg Co. VA
John Feild: Birth: 10 Jul 1791. Death: 26 Sep 1851 in Brunswick Co. VA
Lucy Gray Feild: Birth: 29 Jul 1810. Death: 11 Feb 1897
Margaret Bothwick Feild: Birth: 11 Oct 1787. Death: 16 Jun 1865 in Petersburg, VA
Margaret Feild: Birth: ABT 1789 in VA. Death: AFT 1870
Mary C. Feild: Birth: May 1873.
Mary Feild: Birth: ABT 1769. Death: 13 Apr 1814
Richard Wythe Feild: Birth: 1797 in Brunswick Co. VA. Death: 16 Jul 1855 in Brunswick Co. VA
Richard Feild: Birth: 1767 in Brunswick Co. VA. Death: 23 May 1829
Sarah Feild: Birth: 3 Dec 1764 in VA.
Theophilus Agricola Feild: Birth: 5 Sep 1868. Death: 24 Nov 1933
Theophilus Agricola Feild: Birth: ABT 1803 in Brunswick Co. VA. Death: 25 Jan 1859 in Sussex Co. VA
Theophilus Feild: Birth: ABT 1700 in VA. Death: 1769 in Petersburg, VA
Theophilus Feild: Death: 1789
Theophilus Feild: Birth: 1724 in Dinwiddie Co. VA. Death: ABT 1790
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Percy Henry Feilding: Birth: 23 Dec 1867. Death: 29 Jun 1929
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Lucinda Feland: Birth: 31 Dec 1800 in Lincoln Co. Ky.
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Felix,: Birth: 1922 in Vienna, Austria. Death: 30 Jul 2005 in New York City, NY
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Henry Felkins: Birth: 1695 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1743 in Prince William Co. VA
Dorothy Randolph Fell: Death: 28 Jul 1948 in New York City, NY
Eliza B. Fell: Birth: Sep 1842 in Bloomington, IL.
Frances Paul Drexel Fell: Birth: 23 Dec 1887 in Camp Hill, PA. Death: 1961
Jesse Weldon Fell: Birth: 10 Nov 1808 in Chester, PA. Death: 25 Feb 1887 in Normal, IL
John Ruckman Fell: Birth: 1858 in Bucks Co. PA. Death: 1896
John Ruckman Fell: Birth: 1890 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 22 Feb 1933 in Java
Mae Drexel Fell: Birth: 1884. Death: 1948
Minnie Drexel Fell: Birth: 1880. Death: 31 May 1954 in New York City, NY
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Caroline Fellowes: Birth: 12 Sep 1832 in Louisville, KY. Death: 4 Aug 1914 in Sunny Lawn Estate, Clifton, Staten Island, NY
Cornelius Fellowes: Birth: 8 Mar 1840 in Louisville, KY. Death: 30 Apr 1909 in New Orleans, LA
Coulson Churchill Fellowes: Birth: 1883. Death: 1915
Diana Rosamund Fellowes: Birth: 1907. Death: 1937
Reginald Ailwyn Fellowes: Birth: 1884. Death: 1953
William Henry Fellowes: Birth: 1848. Death: 1925
William Fellowes: Birth: 8 Jun 1836 in Louisville, KY. Death: 24 May 1894 in Montclair, NJ
William Fellowes: Birth: 17 Apr 1802 in Pitt Co. NC. Death: 12 May 1875 in New York City, NY
Maria E. Fellows: Birth: 3 Oct 1848 in IN. Death: 7 Oct 1870
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Arthur Fendall: Birth: 1843. Death: 1878
Benjamin Truman Fendall: Birth: ABT 1787 in VA. Death: 1849
Benjamin Fendall: Birth: 20 Aug 1708 in Charles Co. MD. Death: 16 May 1764 in Potomac, Charles Co. MD
Elizabeth Caroline Fendall: Birth: 27 Oct 1809. Death: ABT 1865 in Prince Georges Co. MD
John Fendall: Death: 20 Nov 1695 in Pequimans Princinct, NC
Lucy Eleanor Fendall: Birth: ABT 1795 in Alexandria, VA. Death: ABT 1827
Philip Richard Fendall: Birth: 18 Dec 1794 in Lee-Fendall House (614 Oronoco St.), Alexandria, VA . Death: 16 Feb 1868
Philip Richard Fendall: Birth: 24 Nov 1734 in Charles Co. MD. Death: 1805 in Charles Co. MD
Sarah Fendall: Birth: 7 Feb 1731. Death: 4 Apr 1793 in Brookfield, Prince Georges Co. MD
Susan Fitzhugh Fendall: Birth: 7 Sep 1803. Death: 25 Aug 1871 in Prince Georges Co. MD
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Elizabeth Fenimore: Birth: 1756 in NJ. Death: 15 Sep 1817
John Morris Fenley: Birth: 25 Nov 1815 in PA. Death: 13 Oct 1860
Mary Fenley: Birth: 22 Nov 1733 in Prince Georges Co. MD. Death: 1806 in Prince Georges Co. MD
Oscar Fenley: Birth: 25 Jun 1855. Death: 28 Jun 1931 in Louisville, KY
Sarah Fenn: Birth: 1660 in Otho Thorpe, Middle Plantation, VA. Death: 18 Oct 1716
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Carolyn Louise Fenner: Birth: 20 Nov 1903. Death: 7 May 1993
Charles Erasmus Fenner: Birth: 14 Feb 1834 in Jackson, TN. Death: 11 Oct 1911 in New Orleans, LA
Charles Payne Fenner: Birth: 26 Oct 1867 in Yazoo City, Yazoo Co. MS. Death: 10 Oct 1927 in New Orleans, LA
Eveline Gasquet Fenner: Birth: 9 Jan 1901 in New Orleans, LA. Death: Dec 1976 in Baltimore, MD
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Brenda Fenolossa: Birth: 25 Jul 1883 in Tokyo, Japan.
Ernest Francisco Fenolossa: Birth: 18 Feb 1853 in Salem, MA. Death: 21 Sep 1908
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Irene Fenton: Death: Dec 1959 in Gloucester, Essex Co. MA
Mildred Fenton: Birth: ABT 1721 in King William Co. VA.
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Sarah Wendell "Sallie" Fentress: Birth: ABT 1847.
Cuthbert Fenwick: Birth: 1613.
Irene Fenwick: Birth: 1877. Death: 1936
Maria Fenwick: Birth: 1782 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1836
Mary Fenwick: Death: 1854
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Charles Ferdinand: Birth: 13 Feb 1820 in Versailles, France.
Hawise Fergan: Birth: ABT 1130 in , Brittany, , France.
Alan IV Fergent: Birth: ABT 1070 in <, Bretagne, Indre, France>.
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Ann "Nancy" Ferguson: Birth: 2 Jun 1763 in Mecklenburg Co. NC. Death: 10 Jul 1796 in Sangamon Co. IL
Ann Jane Ferguson: Birth: 22 Aug 1797 in Oakley Grove Plantation, Adams Co. MS. Death: 8 Nov 1874
Archibald Ferguson: Birth: 1789 in Bedford Co. VA. Death: 1850 in Patrick Co. VA
Caroline Champlin Ferguson: Birth: 16 Dec 1848. Death: 27 Mar 1939
Charles Ferguson: Birth: 1758 in NC.
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