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David Campbell: Birth: 7 Aug 1799 in Royal Oak, Washington Co. VA. Death: 1859 in Montcalm, Abingdon, Washington Co. VA
David Campbell: Birth: 4 Mar 1781 in Washington Co. NC. Death: 18 Jun 1841 in Smith Co. TN
Demaris Alethia Campbell: Birth: 27 Feb 1797.
Duncan Greene Campbell: Birth: 17 Feb 1787 in Fayetteville, Orange Co. NC. Death: 30 Jul 1828 in Wilkes Co. GA
Duncan Greene Campbell: Birth: 7 Nov 1835 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co. AL. Death: 13 Mar 1888 in Baltimore, MD
Duncan John McCleod Campbell: Birth: 1895. Death: 1916 in Belgium
Edward McDonald Campbell: Birth: 1781 in Washington Co. VA. Death: 23 Feb 1833 in Sinking Springs, Abingdon, Washington Co. VA
Edward McDonald Campbell: Birth: 31 Oct 1825. Death: 11 Jun 1878
Eleanor Campbell: Birth: ABT 1808. Death: ABT 1844 in TX
Eliza Campbell: Birth: Nov 1784 in VA. Death: 30 May 1810 in Muhlenburg Co. KY
Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Campbell: Birth: 1704 in Lancaster Co. PA.
Elizabeth Mason "Betty" Campbell: Birth: 12 Jan 1875 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 20 Apr 1931 in Philadelphia, PA
Elizabeth Trippe Campbell: Birth: ABT 1794 in Charles Co. MD. Death: 26 Jan 1831 in Mulberry Grove, Port Tobacco, Charles Co. MD
Elizabeth Winston Campbell: Birth: 4 May 1841 in Woodford Co. KY.
Elizabeth Campbell: Birth: 10 Mar 1803. Death: 12 Sep 1839
Elizabeth Campbell: Birth: 1748 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: 22 Mar 1820
Elizabeth Campbell: Death: BEF 1820
Frances Harris Campbell: Birth: 19 Aug 1781 in VA. Death: AFT 1817
Frances M. "Fannie" Campbell: Birth: Sep 1831 in VA. Death: 1918
Francis Lee Campbell: Birth: 1760. Death: 15 Oct 1840
Francis Watkins Campbell: Birth: 31 May 1834. Death: 16 Mar 1908
Francis Watlkins Campbell: Birth: 7 Jun 1808. Death: 5 Apr 1844
George Duke of Argyle Campbell: Birth: 30 Apr 1823 in Ardencapl Castle, Dumbarton, Scotland. Death: 24 Apr 1900 in Inveraray, Scotland
George Washington Campbell: Birth: ABT 1800. Death: ABT 1865 in Big Bend, MS
George Whitaker Campbell: Birth: 11 Nov 1806 in King William Co. VA. Death: 16 Sep 1881 in Chicago, Cook Co. IL
George Campbell: Birth: 10 Jan 1814.
Georgine Campbell: Birth: 1861 in New Orleans, LA. Death: 1931
Harold Campbell: Death: 1992 in Bethesda, MD
Harriet Brady "Hattie" Campbell: Birth: 19 Nov 1840 in Galena, Jo Daviess Co. IL. Death: 2 Apr 1926 in Coronado, CA
Harriet Caroline Campbell: Birth: 11 Jun 1794. Death: 1840
Hazlett Kyle Campbell: Birth: 2 Feb 1858 in St. Louis, MO. Death: 27 Mar 1938 in St. Louis, MO
Helen Campbell: Birth: 20 Jul 1871 in Philadelphia, PA.
Henrietta Campbell: Birth: 21 Feb 1832 in Mobile, AL.
Hugh B. Campbell: Birth: ABT 1785. Death: AFT 1815
Hugh Campbell: Birth: ABT 1765.
Hugh Campbell: Birth: 15 Nov 1847 in St. Louis, MO. Death: 9 Aug 1931 in St. Louis, MO
James Alexander Campbell: Birth: 16 Mar 1860 in St. Louis, MO. Death: Jan 1890 in Paris, France
James Calloway Campbell: Birth: 3 Nov 1824 in SC. Death: 24 Jan 1906 in Ila, Madison Co. GA
James Campbell: Birth: 3 Nov 1751 in Tornavy in the thricks of Durnin, Scotland. Death: 4 Apr 1814
Jane Allen Campbell: Birth: 25 Jun 1865 in Montclair, NY. Death: 23 Jun 1938 in Rome, Italy
Jane E. Campbell: Birth: 1840. Death: 1907
Jeanne Washington Campbell: Birth: 1841.
John Archibald Campbell: Birth: 24 Jun 1811 in Washington, Wilkes Co. VA. Death: 12 Mar 1889 in Baltimore, MD
John Douglas Edward Henry Campbell: Birth: 21 Dec 1777. Death: 25 Apr 1847 in Inveraray, Scotland
John Duncan D'Urban Campbell: Birth: Jul 1854 in St.Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Death: 1920 in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada
John Wilson Campbell: Birth: 23 Feb 1782 in Augusta Co. VA. Death: 24 Sep 1833 in Petersburg, VA
John Campbell: Birth: ABT 1764 in Charles Co. MD. Death: AFT 1792 in Charles Co. MD
Jospeh Watkins Campbell: Birth: 1795 in Orange Co. VA. Death: 1875 in Albemarle Co. VA
Katherine Rebecca Campbell: Birth: 26 Aug 1839 in Mobile, AL.
Lavinia MacGregor Campbell: Birth: 17 Jan 1818. Death: 29 May 1846
Lawrence Campbell: Birth: ABT 1735 in Scotland. Death: 17 Oct 1814 in Amherst Co. VA
Lydia Campbell: Birth: 26 Dec 1787 in Stokes Co. NC. Death: 25 Jun 1875 in Fayette Co. TX
Margaret Ann Campbell: Birth: 11 Feb 1764. Death: 29 Feb 1816 in Steel Creek, Mecklenburg Co. NC
Margaret Campbell: Birth: ABT 1707 in Antrim, Ireland. Death: 1 Mar 1764 in Amsterdam, Botetourt Co. VA
Maria Frances Campbell: Birth: Mar 1826 in Marlborough Dist. SC. Death: 17 Jan 1901 in New Orleans, LA
Marian Campbell: Birth: 1821 in Jamaica, NY. Death: 12 Mar 1914 in Washington, DC
Marie Leizinski Campbell: Birth: ABT 1852. Death: 13 Nov 1880
Martha Eliza Campbell: Birth: 25 Jul 1871 in Kansas City, MO. Death: Sep 1974 in Los Angeles, CA
Mary "Polly" Campbell: Birth: ABT 1686 in Drumaboden, Letterkenny, Ireland.
Mary A. Campbell
Mary Ann Campbell: Birth: ABT 1710 in Antrim, Ireland. Death: 7 Jun 1801 in Madison Co. KY
Mary Champe Campbell: Death: BEF 1837 in Whiteville, Hardeman Co. TN
Mary Ellen Campbell: Birth: 1 Aug 1842 in Mobile, AL. Death: 15 May 1870 in New Orleans, LA
Mary Kate Campbell: Birth: 1854 in Lyme, Erie Co. OH.
Mary Spotswood Campbell: Birth: 1852.
Mary Campbell: Death: 1842
Mary Campbell: Death: 1795
Patrick Cochrane Campbell: Birth: 4 Jul 1871 in Louisville, KY. Death: 28 Oct 1938
Rachael Campbell: Death: 28 Mar 1809
Rebecca Frances Campbell: Birth: Feb 1846 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 1912
Robert Alexander Campbell: Birth: 12 Feb 1804 in Tyrone, Ireland. Death: 19 Oct 1879 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co. MO
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