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Elizabeth Julia Flournoy: Birth: 5 Dec 1721 in VA. Death: BEF Jul 1793
Elizabeth Julia Flournoy: Birth: 1768. Death: 1813
Elizabeth Julia Flournoy: Birth: ABT 1800 in KY. Death: Jul 1882
Elizabeth Louise "Lizzie Lou" Flournoy: Birth: 3 Oct 1877 in Greenwood, Caddo Pa. LA.
Emily Flournoy: Birth: 1801 in Lincoln Co. KY.
Evalina Flournoy: Birth: ABT 1804. Death: 1 Dec 1821 in Eatenton, Putnam Co. GA
Francois "Francis" Flournoy: Birth: 31 Jan 1686 in Geneva, Switzerland. Death: 5 Mar 1773 in Chesterfield Co. VA
Jacob Flournoy: Birth: 5 Jan 1662 in Geneva, Switzerland. Death: 22 Feb 1725 in Henrico Co. VA
Jane Flournoy: Birth: 1726 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 1806 in Bedford Co. VA
Jean Jacques Flournoy: Birth: 17 Nov 1686 in Geneva, Switzerland. Death: 23 Mar 1739 in Henrico Co. VA
John James Flournoy: Birth: ABT 1786.
Josiah Flournoy: Birth: 3 Sep 1741 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 15 Jul 1819 in Chesterfield Co. VA
Lafayette Montgomery "LM" Flournoy: Birth: 19 Sep 1820 in Powhatan Co. VA. Death: Jun 1900 in Spokane, WA
Letitia Grayson Flournoy: Birth: ABT 1812.
Lucy Farish Flournoy: Birth: 1785. Death: 1836
Magdalaine Flournoy: Birth: 26 Jan 1685 in The Hague, Holland. Death: Nov 1731 in Henrico Co. VA
Maria Louisa Flournoy: Birth: 11 Jul 1811 in Powhatan Co. VA. Death: 8 Jun 1892 in Caldwell Co. KY
Mary Flournoy: Birth: 23 Feb 1734 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 1798 in Prince Edward Co. VA
Mary Flournoy: Birth: 1715 in Henrico Co. Va. Death: 1808 in Chesterfield Co. VA
Matthews Flournoy: Birth: 21 Jun 1732 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: 1784 in Cumberland Co. KY
Matthews Flournoy: Birth: 14 Jul 1776 in Charlotte Co. VA. Death: 15 Jun 1852 in Mercer Co. KY
Nancy Flournoy: Birth: 14 Sep 1820.
Richard Wilson Flournoy: Birth: 1842. Death: 1926
Richard Wilson Flournoy: Birth: 16 Nov 1806. Death: 29 Nov 1857
Samuel Flournoy: Birth: 4 Oct 1724 in Manakintown, Henrico Co. VA. Death: 12 Dec 1780 in Powhatan Co. VA
Samuel Flournoy: Birth: 17 May 1778 in VA. Death: 15 Jun 1828 in Chesterfield Co. VA
Samuel Flournoy: Birth: 9 Dec 1758 in Charlotte Co. VA. Death: 19 Aug 1818 in Mercer Co. KY
Sarah Agnes Flournoy: Birth: 17 Sep 1848 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 2 Jan 1901 in Chesterfield Co. VA
Sarah Frances Flournoy: Birth: 7 May 1853 in Henrico Co. VA.
Silas Flournoy: Birth: 1815 in Davidson Co. TN. Death: 31 Oct 1844 in Caddo Pa. LA
Silas Flournoy: Birth: 4 Jun 1774 in Farmington, Powhatan Co. VA. Death: 18 May 1822 in Locust Hill, Pulaski, Giles Co. VA
Thomas Jefferson Flournoy: Birth: 15 Jan 1800 in Powhatan Co. VA. Death: 23 Oct 1882 in Clinton, Clinton Co. IA
Thomas Flournoy: Birth: 20 Nov 1738 in VA. Death: 16 Feb 1801 in Prince Edward Co. VA

Temperance Flowardieu (Flowerdew): Birth: ABT 1576 in Norfolk, England. Death: Dec 1628 in Jamestown, VA

Charles Henry Flower: Birth: 18 Feb 1827 in Feliciana Pa. LA. Death: 9 Apr 1858 in Rapides Pa. LA
Charles Mulholland Flower: Birth: ABT 1855. Death: 1940
Walter Chew Flower: Birth: 6 Aug 1850 in East Feliciana Pa. LA. Death: 11 Oct 1900 in Covington, LA

Abigail Davis "Abba" Floyd: Birth: in VA. Death: 1834 in Bullitt Co. KY
Ann Elizabeth Floyd: Birth: 8 Apr 1827.
Benjamin Floyd: Birth: ABT 1760. Death: 3 Apr 1833 in Gerrard Co. KY
Catherine "Kitty" Floyd: Birth: 24 Apr 1767 in Mastic, Long Island, NY. Death: 7 Aug 1832 in Brooklyn, NY
Charity Floyd: Birth: 6 Apr 1692.
Charity Floyd: Birth: 1692. Death: 1758
Charles Floyd: Birth: 1782 in Floyd's Station, KY. Death: in Souix City, IA
Charles Floyd: Birth: 6 Jul 1760 in Albemarle Co. VA. Death: 1828 in Todd Co. KY
Davis Floyd: Birth: 1774 in VA. Death: 1831 in Leon Co. FL
Elizabeth Floyd: Birth: 1754 in Brunswick Co. VA.
Elizabeth Floyd: Birth: ABT 1750. Death: 1833
Gabriel Jones Floyd: Birth: 1795 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY.
George Rodgers Clark Floyd: Birth: 20 Nov 1807 in Roanoke, VA. Death: 15 Aug 1808 in Christiansburg, VA
Harriet Preston Floyd: Birth: 14 Dec 1814.
Harry Augustus Lyons "Hal" Floyd: Birth: 1873 in San Francisco, CA. Death: 11 Feb 1904
Henry Bruce Floyd: Birth: 1719 in Fauquier Co. VA. Death: 21 Jan 1816 in Union Co. KY
Henry Crosby Floyd: Birth: 4 Jul 1789 in Union Co. KY. Death: 19 Apr 1858 in Waverly, Union Co. KY
Henry Helm Floyd: Birth: 21 Sep 1761 in Prince William Co. VA. Death: 8 Sep 1850 in Waverly, Union Co. KY
Henry Floyd: Birth: 1692 in Wales. Death: 1776 in Fauquier Co. Va
James Fountain Floyd: Birth: 1 Mar 1825 in Union Co. KY.
James Marion Floyd: Birth: 1 Jun 1853 in Olanta, Florence Co. SC. Death: 11 Feb 1935
Jane Breckinridge Floyd: Birth: 2 Nov 1794.
Jemima "Mima" Floyd: Birth: 1753 in Amherst Co. VA.
John Buchanan Floyd: Birth: 6 Jun 1806 in Smithfield, Montgomery Co. VA. Death: 26 Aug 1863 in Abingdon, Washington Co. VA
John Burford Floyd: Birth: 24 Oct 1771 in Amherst Co. VA. Death: 9 Jul 1838 in Morgan Co. GA
John Nathaniel Floyd: Birth: 15 Oct 1823 in Union Co. KY.
John Threlkeld Floyd: Birth: 6 Feb 1821 in Union Co. KY.
John Floyd: Birth: 1751. Death: 13 Apr 1783 in Floyd's Station, KY
John Floyd: Birth: 24 Apr 1783 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 16 Aug 1837 in Lynside, Sweet Springs, Monroe Co. VA
John Floyd: Birth: 1752 in VA. Death: 1810 in Lincoln Co. KY
Julia Fort Floyd: Birth: 1848 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple. Death: 1923 in Madison, Morgan Co. GA
Lucy Ellen Floyd: Birth: 15 Feb 1830 in Union Co. KY.
Malinda Floyd: Birth: 11 Nov 1819 in Union Co. KY.
Mary Ann Floyd: Birth: ABT 1725 in Campbell Co. KY. Death: AFT 1816 in VA
Mary Faith Floyd: Birth: 8 Sep 1832 in St. Marys, Camden Co. GA.

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