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Elizabeth Hope Mitchell: Birth: 18 Aug 1792 in Hayes, Montgomery Co. MD. Death: 28 Jan 1847 in Washington, DC
Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: 1698 in New Kent Co. VA.
Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: 28 Sep 1726 in Lancaster Co. VA. Death: 26 Dec 1785 in Richmond, Henrico Co. VA
Emily "Milly" Mitchell: Birth: 28 Nov 1805. Death: 1 May 1883
Fannie Berry Mitchell: Birth: 3 Aug 1844 in St. Louis, MO. Death: 18 Apr 1928 in St. Louis, MO
Hannah Mitchell: Birth: 1764 in New Bern, Craven Co. NC. Death: 1805 in TN
Henry Milner Mitchell: Birth: 1857 in Richmond, VA.
Isabel Jerdone Mitchell: Birth: 5 May 1834 in PA. Death: 2 Apr 1916 in St. Louis, MO
J. Murray Mitchell: Birth: 28 Mar 1898 in Washington, DC. Death: 22 Sep 1973 in County Waterford, Ireland
James Mitchell: Birth: in Elgin, Scotland. Death: 4 May 1822
Jane Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1712 in County Antrim, Ireland. Death: 1772
Jean "Jane" Mitchell: Birth: AFT 1804.
Judith Mitchell: Birth: 19 Mar 1732 in Lancaster Co. VA.
Louisa Jeanette Mitchell: Birth: 1806 in TN. Death: 1882 in Sumner Co. TN
Lucy Hancock Mitchell: Birth: 1803 in Lexington, AL.
Margaret Gillian Mitchell: Birth: 1829 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: Nov 1879
Martha Bell Mitchell: Birth: 1816. Death: 1903
Martha Mitchell: Birth: 12 Dec 1762. Death: Dec 1795
Mary Ann Mitchell: Birth: 18 Sep 1782 in Prince George Co. MD.
Mary Catherine Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1734. Death: 7 Nov 1760
Mary Chesley Mitchell: Birth: 7 Dec 1796. Death: 9 Mar 1889
Mary Cook Mitchell: Birth: 3 Mar 1771 in Laurens Co. SC. Death: 12 Jul 1838 in Laurens Co. SC
Mary Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: 1838. Death: 1870
Mary Hannford Mitchell: Birth: 1873. Death: 1940
Mary S. Mitchell: Birth: 13 Dec 1841 in MO. Death: 2 Dec 1903 in St. Louis, MO
Mary Mitchell: Birth: 1789 in VA.
Mary Mitchell: Birth: Jan 1692. Death: Aug 1777
Nimrod Mitchell: Birth: 21 Apr 1743 in Edgecombe Co. NC. Death: 14 Apr 1790 in Laurens Co. SC
Rebecca Boyd Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1806 in KY. Death: AFT 1880
Ruth Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1719 in Surry Co. Va.
Sarah Marion Mitchell: Birth: 1761 in Georgetown, SC.
Sarah Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1777. Death: ABT 1853
Sarah Mitchell: Birth: 16 Jun 1801 in VA. Death: 31 Mar 1883 in St. Louis, MO
Sarah Mitchell: Birth: 10 Mar 1716. Death: 31 Jan 1752 in Lancaster Co. PA
Silas Weir Mitchell: Birth: 15 Jan 1829 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 4 Jan 1914 in Philadelphia, PA
Susan Preston Christy Mitchell: Birth: 13 Feb 1847 in St. Louis, MO. Death: 8 Mar 1910 in St. Louis, MO
Thomas Mitchell: Death: 1768

Ann "Nancy" Mitchum: Birth: 12 Aug 1792 in KY. Death: 11 May 1834 in KY
Dudley Mitchum: Birth: 2 Jul 1754 in Middlesex Co. VA.
James Mitchum: Birth: Mar 1719.
Lucy Mitchum: Death: 22 Feb 1849
Martha "Patsy" Mitchum: Birth: 20 Aug 1797 in VA. Death: 24 Apr 1888 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Sarah "Sallie" Mitchum: Birth: 28 Mar 1780.
Susan Mitchum: Birth: 15 Feb 1804 in Woodford Co. KY. Death: 22 Sep 1868
Caleb Mix: Birth: 15 Dec 1661 in New Haven, New Haven Co. CT. Death: 12 Aug 1708 in New Haven, New Haven Co. CT
Elizabeth Mix: Birth: 1876 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 17 Oct 1929 in New York City, NY
Hannah Mix: Birth: 27 Nov 1735 in New Haven Twnship, New Haven, CT. Death: 16 Sep 1782 in Bloomfield, Essex Co. NJ
John Mix: Birth: 1649 in New Haven, CT. Death: 21 Jan 1711 in New Haven, CT
Joseph Mix: Birth: 18 Dec 1684 in New Haven, CT. Death: 1757 in New Haven, CT
Juliette Mix: Birth: 1807 in NY.
Loraine Mix: Birth: 3 Jan 1877 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY. Death: 15 Apr 1952 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
Margaret Mix: Birth: Oct 1770 in New Haven, CT. Death: 25 Aug 1809 in Augusta, Richmond Co. GA
Nancy Mix: Birth: 1836.
Nathaniel Mix: Birth: 14 Sep 1651 in New Haven, New Haven Co. CT. Death: 14 Oct 1725
Thomas Mix: Birth: 1624 in London, England. Death: 1691 in New Haven, CT
Thomas Mix: Birth: 1655.
Timothy Mix: Birth: 11 Sep 1711 in New Haven, CT. Death: 15 Dec 1779 in New Haven, CT
Timothy Mix: Birth: 20 Jan 1740 in New Haven, CT. Death: 6 Jun 1824 in New Haven, CT
William Mix: Birth: 18 Mar 1833 in KY. Death: 30 Oct 1894 in KY
William Mix: Birth: 1795 in New Haven, New Haven Co. CT. Death: 9 Mar 1859 in Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY
William Mix: Birth: ABT 1874 in KY.
William Mix: Birth: Aug 1773 in New Haven, CT. Death: 29 Apr 1845 in New Haven, CT

Quincey A. Mize: Birth: 1851 in Patrick Co, VA.
Verlina Gladys Mize: Birth: 16 Sep 1914 in Henry Co., VA. Death: 18 Sep 1990 in Henry Co., VA

Addison Mizner: Birth: 12 Dec 1872 in Benicia, Solano Co. CA. Death: 2 Feb 1933 in Palm Beach, FL
Alice Mizner: Birth: 28 Sep 1914 in St. Louis, MO. Death: 15 Feb 2004 in Amherst, MA
Henry Caldwell Mizner: Birth: 1795 in Mendham, Morris Co. NJ. Death: 1829 in Monroe Co. IL
Henry Rutgers Mizner: Birth: 10 Aug 1822 in Geneva, Ontario Co. NY.
Henry Watson Mizner: Birth: Sep 1868 in Benicia, Sonoma Co. CA. Death: 8 Jul 1930 in Paris, France
Lansing Bond Mizner: Birth: 22 Jul 1794 in Mendham, Morris Co. NJ. Death: 3 Jul 1866 in Detroit, MI

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