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James Howard McMillan: Birth: 17 Sep 1866 in Detroit, MI. Death: 9 May 1902 in Colorado Springs, CO
Viola Savannah McMillan: Birth: 1867.

John McMinn: Birth: 1779. Death: 6 Jan 1832 in New Castle Co. DE
Sarah Copeland McMinn: Birth: 3 Jun 1833 in Richmond, VA. Death: 9 Sep 1871
William Lindsay McMinn: Birth: 4 Jul 1807 in New Castle Co. DE. Death: 5 Oct 1880 in Richmond, VA

John Thomspon McMurran: Birth: 1801 in Franklin Co. PA. Death: 1866 in MS
Mary Louisa McMurran: Birth: 1831. Death: 1864

Anna Maria McMurtrie: Birth: 1789 in PA. Death: Apr 1872
Joseph McMurtrie: Birth: Jul 1786 in Mercer Co. KY. Death: 1832 in Paris, Bourbon Co. KY
Maria Coxe McMurtrie: Birth: 22 Feb 1818.
William McMurtrie: Birth: 29 Mar 1787. Death: 23 Mar 1836
George Gibson McMurtry: Birth: 6 Nov 1876. Death: 22 Nov 1958
Jane Madison McMurtry: Birth: 1832.
Mary McNair: Birth: 1736 in Scotland.
Stella Frances McNair: Birth: 1826 in New Orleans, LA. Death: 9 Dec 1858 in Bowling Green, Wilkinson Co. MS

Mary Selena McNairy: Birth: 19 Nov 1812 in Davidson Co. TN. Death: 29 Mar 1837 in Belle Meade Plantation, Nashville, Davidson Co. TN
John McNamara: Birth: ABT 1773.
Sarah Esther Chinn McNamara: Birth: Apr 1806. Death: AFT 1878
Timothy McNamara: Birth: ABT 1777.

Elizabeth McNary: Birth: 17 Sep 1782 in SC. Death: 23 Nov 1849 in Springfield, IL
Hugh McNary: Birth: 1720 in Clackmannon, Scotland. Death: 9 Aug 1785 in NC
John McNary: Birth: 1752 in Baskin Ridge, NJ. Death: 9 Dec 1830 in KY
Lucy McNary: Birth: 1846 in Princeton, KY.
Thomas Logan McNary: Birth: 1 Jul 1805 in Walnut Hill, Fayette Co. KY. Death: 20 May 1874 in Waveland, Princeton, Caldwell Co. KY
William B. McNary: Birth: 1757 in Muhlenburg Co. KY. Death: 19 Aug 1813 in Muhlenburg Co. KY

Margaret McNeal: Birth: 1801. Death: 1873

Anna Matilda McNeill: Birth: 27 Sep 1804 in Wilmington, NC. Death: 31 Jan 1881 in Hastings, England
Catherine Jane "Kate" McNeill: Birth: 1812. Death: 1877
Charles Donald (Daniel) McNeill: Birth: ABT 1780 in Wilmington, NC.
Charles Johnson McNeill: Birth: 1802. Death: 1869
Isabella McNeill: Birth: ABT 1800.
William Gibbs McNeill: Birth: 3 Oct 1800 in Wilmington, NC. Death: 16 Feb 1853 in Brooklyn, NY

Sarah Maria "Sallie" McNeir: Birth: 20 Sep 1826. Death: 12 Mar 1902

Franklin Alonzo McNinch: Birth: 1841. Death: 1893
Mary McNinch: Birth: 21 May 1879. Death: Sep 1974
Alexander McNutt: Birth: 10 Dec 1754 in Rockbridge Co. VA. Death: 29 Mar 1812 in Rockbridge Co. VA
Isabella McNutt: Birth: 5 May 1780 in VA. Death: 26 Mar 1843
Janetta Grigsby McNutt: Birth: 1804 in Rockbridge Co. VA. Death: 29 Mar 1812
Rebecca McNutt: Birth: 1713 in Culpeper Co. VA.

Archelous McPeak: Birth: Oct 1800 in Floyd Co. VA. Death: 1895 in Floyd Co. VA
Bluford McPeak: Birth: May 1846 in Patrick Co. VA.
Itura McPeak: Birth: 1838.
Jefferson McPeak: Birth: 1834 in Floyd Co. VA. Death: 21 Apr 1889 in Floyd Co. VA
Julia A. McPeak: Birth: 1863 in Patrick Co. VA.
Lucretia T. McPeak: Birth: ABT 1823 in Carroll Co. VA.
Martha E. McPeak: Birth: May 1877 in Patrick Co. VA.
Paul A. McPeak: Birth: 1867 in Patrick Co. VA.
Reuben McPeak: Birth: 1828. Death: 28 Jun 1890 in Burks Fork, Willis, Floyd Co. VA
Susan McPeak: Birth: ABT 1830. Death: in Carroll Co. VA

Catherine McPhaerdes: Birth: 20 May 1722. Death: 5 Aug 1792 in Poughkeepsie, NY
Ann Carrington "Nannie" McPhail: Birth: 5 Oct 1837 in VA. Death: 12 Aug 1922 in Richmond, VA
George Wilson McPhail: Birth: 1816 in Norfolk, VA. Death: 28 Jun 1871 in Davidson College, NC
John Blair McPhail: Birth: 9 Nov 1807 in Norfolk, VA. Death: 7 Nov 1897 in Randolph, Charlotte Co. VA

Florence McPheeters: Birth: 1858 in PA. Death: 24 Jan 1935

Elizabeth Blair McPherson: Birth: 1788. Death: 1860
Elizabeth McPherson: Death: 12 Aug 1843
Martha Washington McPherson: Birth: 11 Feb 1842 in Jefferson Co. VA.
Robert Grier McPherson: Birth: 26 Mar 1819 in Frederick Co. MD. Death: 13 Nov 1899 in Frederick Co. MD
Verlinda McPherson: Birth: ABT 1728.

Helen McQuat: Birth: 1802 in Stirlingshire, Scotland.
Archibald L. McQueen: Death: Mar 1829
Elizabeth Anne "Eliza" McQueen: Birth: 1778 in Grange Plantation, GA. Death: 1862
John C. McQueen: Birth: 1759 in Carroll Co. MD. Death: 1834 in TX
John McQueen: Birth: 18 Sep 1751 in Philadelphia, PA. Death: 11 Oct 1807
John McQueen: Death: ABT 1762
Matilda "Spicey" McQueen: Birth: 1793 in Madison Co. KY. Death: Feb 1855 in Orange Co. TX
Thomas McQueen: Birth: ABT 1730.

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