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John Eppes: Birth: 29 Jan 1772 in VA. Death: Nov 1816 in The Old Place, Amelia Co. VA
Littleberry Eppes: Birth: ABT 1655 in Charles City Co. VA. Death: Dec 1743 in Charles City Co. VA
Llewellyn Eppes: Birth: ABT 1694 in Westover Pa. Charles City Co. VA. Death: 5 Mar 1758
LLewelyn Eppes: Birth: ABT 1712 in Charles City, VA. Death: 1744
Maria "Mary" Eppes: Birth: 1664 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 10 Dec 1712
Maria Jefferson Eppes: Birth: 12 Apr 1840. Death: 1897
Martha Bolling Eppes: Birth: Nov 1778. Death: 27 Sep 1836 in Cardston AlbertaTemple
Martha Bolling Eppes: Birth: May 1746 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 10 Dec 1810 in Mecklenburg Co.VA
Martha Elizabeth Eppes: Birth: 1755 in Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 1801 in Pickens Dist, SC
Martha Virginia Eppes: Birth: 14 Nov 1847 in Tallahassee, FL.
Martha Wilmuth Eppes: Birth: 23 Dec 1789 in Nottoway Co. VA. Death: 24 Nov 1864 in Nottoway Co. VA
Martha Eppes: Birth: 10 Apr 1712 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 5 Nov 1748
Mary Elizabeth Cleland Eppes: Birth: 5 Jul 1832. Death: 1903 in Ashville, Orange Co. FL
Mary Elizabeth Poythress Eppes: Birth: 22 Sep 1767. Death: 15 May 1823 in Nottoway Co. VA
Mary Poythress Eppes: Birth: 1846.
Mary Eppes: Birth: ABT 1720.
Miriam Ann Eppes: Birth: 1741 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 1815 in Warren Co. TN
Nicholas Ware Eppes: Birth: 1 Nov 1843 in Tallahassee, FL.
Peter Eppes: Birth: 1730 in Amelia Co. VA. Death: 19 Nov 1807 in Prince George Co. VA
Peter"The Elder" Eppes: Birth: 1718 in Charles City Co. VA. Death: 1773 in Shirley's Hundred, Charles City Co. VA
Richard Eppes: Birth: 1714 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co. VA. Death: 1765 in Bermuda Hundred, Chesterfield Co. VA
Sarah "Sallie" Eppes: Birth: 17 Nov 1757.
Sarah Roper Eppes: Birth: 28 Dec 1819 in Nottoway Co. VA. Death: 20 Apr 1845
Sarah Eppes: Birth: 23 Mar 1793. Death: 26 Nov 1833 in Nottoway Co. VA
Sarah Eppes: Birth: ABT 1702. Death: Oct 1750
Susan Frances Eppes: Birth: 15 Mar 1839 in Tallahassee, Leon Co. FL.
Thomas Jefferson Eppes: Birth: 29 Jun 1827 in Poplar Forest, Albemarle Co. VA.
William Eston Eppes: Birth: 5 Jul 1830 in Leon Co. FL. Death: 25 Apr 1896 in Clarksville, GA
William Eppes: Birth: 1686. Death: Aug 1725
William Eppes: Birth: 1662. Death: 16 Nov 1710 in Prince Edward Co. VA
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Adele (Alice) Countess of Equisheim: Birth: ABT 0929 in <of, Hainault, Belgium>.
Hugh Count of Equisheim: Birth: ABT 0903 in <of, Hainault, Belgium>.
Abigail Erick: Birth: BEF 1642 in Leiciester, England.
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David Montague Erskine: Birth: 1777 in England. Death: 19 Mar 1855
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John Langdon Erving: Birth: 31 Jul 1866 in Rye, NY.
John Erving: Birth: 6 Jul 1833 in Philadelphia, PA.
Sarah Elizabeth Erving: Birth: 4 May 1870 in New York City, NY.
Andrew Eugene Erwin: Birth: 2 Oct 1830 in Woodlands, Fayette Co. KY. Death: 25 Jun 1864 in Battle of Vicksburg, MS
Andrew Erwin: Birth: 8 Aug 1773 in VA. Death: 19 Apr 1834 in Wartrace, Bedford Co. TN
Andrew Erwin: Birth: 1800. Death: 1872
Ann "Nancy" Erwin: Birth: 10 Aug 1796.
Charles Edward "Ned" Erwin: Birth: 2 Nov 1835 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY. Death: 6 Feb 1860 in Lexington, Fayette Co. KY
Eugenia Erwin: Birth: 26 Jan 1864.
Frances Anne Erwin: Birth: 1823. Death: 1858
Isaac Hevlin Erwin: Birth: 1 May 1807 in Buncombe Co. NC. Death: 10 Oct 1843 in Cardston AlbertaTemple
James Patton Erwin: Birth: 21 Oct 1796 in Wilkesboro, NC. Death: 1 Jun 1851 in Lexington, KY
James Patton Erwin: Birth: 1828. Death: 1848 in New Orleans, LA
Jane Patton Erwin: Birth: 22 Oct 1798 in Ashville, NC. Death: 12 Oct 1877 in Hamilton Place, Maury Co. TN
John Patton Erwin: Birth: 8 Jan 1795 in Wilkesboro, NC. Death: 27 Aug 1859 in Nashville, TN
Johnson Erwin: Birth: 22 Mar 1850. Death: 1924
Joseph Erwin: Birth: 1750 in Guilford Co. NC. Death: 14 Apr 1829 in Iberville Pa. LA
Leodocia Erwin: Birth: 2 Nov 1789. Death: 1 Aug 1852 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple
Lucretia Clay Erwin: Birth: 12 Jun 1854 in Independence, MO.
Mary Ann Erwin: Birth: 9 Sep 1810. Death: 7 Jul 1836 in Smithland, Livingston Co. KY
Mary Webster Erwin: Birth: 5 Feb 1861 in Jackson Co. MO.
Zaenett Russell "Nettie" Erwin: Birth: 20 Apr 1857. Death: 7 Jan 1889
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Mariana Escamilla: Birth: 27 Sep 1805 in San Francisco, CA. Death: Oct 1871
Alexander Parker Eskridge: Birth: ABT 1806 in VA. Death: 1877
Ann B. "Nancy" Eskridge: Birth: 1823 in NC.
Elizabeth Eskridge: Birth: 1714.
George Eskridge: Birth: 1655 in Lancashire, England. Death: BEF Nov 1735 in Westmoreland Co. VA
James E. Eskridge: Birth: 1822.
James Wood Eskridge: Birth: ABT 1797 in VA. Death: 1884
Margaret Eskridge: Birth: ABT 1715 in Westmoreland Co. VA. Death: 8 Oct 1801 in Fauquier Co. VA
Maria Eskridge: Birth: ABT 1827.
Sarah Eskridge: Birth: 1708. Death: 2 Dec 1753
Virginia Lewis Eskridge: Birth: ABT 1838 in MS.
Felipe Espil: Birth: in Argentina. Death: 1972
Lavinia Espy: Birth: 7 Feb 1818 in Bedford Co. PA. Death: 14 Jul 1900 in Washington, DC
William Thomas Essex: Death: 1907
Marjorie Estabrook: Death: 1949
David Kirkpartrick Este: Birth: ABT 1780.
Hannah Este: Birth: 1800. Death: 1858
Louise Miller "Ella" Este: Birth: 1807.
Lucy Ann Harrison Este: Death: 1868
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Mary Estell: Birth: 1811 in Burlington Co. NJ. Death: 3 Mar 1877 in Philadelphia, PA
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Mildred Hardy Esterbrook: Birth: 21 Feb 1891 in Jersey City, NJ. Death: 25 Aug 1958 in Los Angeles, CA
Bedford Samuel Mitchell Estes: Birth: 10 Oct 1832 in TN. Death: 1898 in Memphis, TN
Benjamin Estes: Birth: 1753 in Caroline Co. VA. Death: 22 Jul 1816 in Bedford Co. VA
Edwin Booton Estes: Birth: 1 Jul 1888 in Greene Co. VA. Death: 17 Dec 1963 in Winchester Co. VA
Elizabeth Estes: Birth: 27 Sep 1748.
Francis Marion "Frank" Estes: Birth: 26 Aug 1854 in TN. Death: 19 Jun 1909 in TN
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