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Mary Ann Ellis
Mary Jane Ellis: Birth: ABT 1804. Death: 1844
Mary Martin Ellis: Birth: ABT 1846 in Cincinnati, OH.
Mary Ursula Ellis: Birth: 10 May 1812 in Hamilton Co. OH. Death: 9 Jun 1893 in Hanover Co. VA
Mary Walker Ellis: Birth: ABT 1698 in Halifax Co. VA. Death: 1794 in Halifax Co. VA
Mary Ellis: Death: BEF 1867
Mary Ellis: Birth: ABT 1742.
Mildred Ellis: Birth: 1791. Death: 1810
Mildred Ellis: Birth: ABT 1782.
Nancy Ellis: Death: BEF 1818 in KY
Powhatan Ellis: Birth: 19 Jun 1772 in Red Hill, Amherst Co. VA. Death: 1863 in Richmond, VA
Ralph Nicholson Ellis: Birth: 1852. Death: 1930
Richard Cocke Ellis: Birth: Jan 1790. Death: Apr 1791
Richard Ellis: Birth: ABT 1750.
Richard Ellis: Birth: 1730 in Amelia Co. VA. Death: 1792 in Natchez, Adams Co. MS
Robert Chamberlain Ellis: Birth: 4 Feb 1812 in Sumner Co. TN. Death: 18 Sep 1884 in Gallatin, Sumner Co. TN
Robert Ellis: Birth: 4 Aug 1790 in Fayette Co. KY. Death: 15 Nov 1840 in Henry Co. KY
Sarah Anne Ellis: Birth: 1829. Death: 1879
Sarah Palmer Ellis: Birth: 17 Jun 1774 in Franklin, CT. Death: 16 Dec 1857 in Franklin, CT
Sarah Ellis: Birth: ABT 1745 in VA.
Snelling Ellis: Birth: 1785.
Sydney Helen Ellis: Birth: 1893. Death: 1919
Thomas George Percy Ellis: Birth: BEF 1808. Death: ABT 1830
Thomas Harding Ellis: Birth: 6 Sep 1814 in Clover Green, Campbell Co. VA. Death: 22 Apr 1898 in Richmond, VA
Thomas La Roche Ellis: Birth: 26 Aug 1836. Death: 5 Feb 1862
Thomas Ellis: Birth: 9 Nov 1758. Death: 26 May 1816 in Pine Park, Orange Co. VA
William Cocke Ellis: Death: BEF 1795
William Ellis: Birth: May 1705 in Spotsylvania Pa. VA. Death: 1766 in Spotsylvania Pa. VA
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Ruth Ellison: Birth: ABT 1771 in NJ.
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John Elliston: Birth: 1777 in VA. Death: 1835 in Gallatin Co. KY
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Margaret Ellsey: Birth: 1743.
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Agatha Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1696 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: BEF 1762
Agnes Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1740 in VA. Death: AFT 1803 in VA
Ann Ellyson: Birth: 8 Dec 1761.
Bliss Page S. Ellyson: Birth: 31 Aug 1886 in Danville, VA. Death: 11 May 1968
Cecily Ellyson: Birth: 1704 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 5 May 1772 in Rowan Co. NC
Gerrad Robert Ellyson: Birth: 1690. Death: 1772
Gerrard Robert Ellyson: Birth: 1650.
Gerrard Robert Ellyson: Birth: 1676.
Gerrard Ellyson: Death: 1770
Gideon Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1723. Death: 29 Jan 1807
Hannah Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1700 in Charles City Co, Va. Death: 21 Nov 1774 in Charles City Co, Va
Henry Keeling Ellyson: Birth: 31 Jul 1823 in Richmond, VA. Death: 27 Nov 1890 in Richmond, VA
James Taylor Ellyson: Birth: 20 May 1847 in Richmond, VA. Death: 18 Feb 1919 in Richmond, VA
John Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1680.
Joseph Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1718 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: AFT 1755
Robert Ellyson: Birth: 1615 in England.
Susannah Ellyson: Birth: 1750 in Henrico Co. VA. Death: 1825 in Buncombe Co. NC
Susannah"Hannah" Ellyson: Birth: 1641. Death: 19 Dec 1728 in Elizabeth City Co. VA
Thomas Ellyson: Birth: 1685. Death: BEF 1758 in Chestefield Co. VA
Ursula Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1716. Death: 8 May 1780
William Ellyson: Birth: ABT 1700. Death: 22 May 1779
William Ellyson: Birth: 1 Oct 1758.
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Catherine Ellzey: Birth: 11 Sep 1770 in Dumphries, Prince William Co. VA. Death: 16 May 1835 in Morrisworth, Loudoun Co. VA
Frances Westwood Ellzey: Birth: ABT 1811 in Loudoun Co. VA. Death: BEF 1836 in Loudoun Co. VA
John Ellzey: Death: BEF 1781
Lewis Ellzey: Birth: ABT 1702 in Stafford Co. VA. Death: 1786 in Fairfax Co. VA
Mason Graham Ellzey: Birth: 31 Jul 1838 in Loudoun Co. VA. Death: 18 Mar 1915 in Richmond, VA
Sarah Ellzey: Birth: 24 Apr 1736 in Truro Pa. Fairfax Co. VA. Death: 20 Jul 1803
Thomas Lewis Ellzey: Birth: 7 Nov 1810 in Loudoun Co. VA. Death: 6 Jan 1874 in Loudoun Co. VA
William Ellzey: Birth: 1726 in Fairfax Co. VA. Death: 1796 in Loudoun Co. VA
William Ellzey: Birth: 1764 in Loudoun Co. VA. Death: 30 Nov 1835 in Loudoun Co. VA
Blandina Elmendorf: Birth: 7 Mar 1756. Death: 1848
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Albert Rhett Elmore: Birth: 23 Oct 1843 in Charleston, SC. Death: 11 Mar 1915 in FL
Albert Standhope Elmore: Birth: 12 Jun 1827 in Autauga Co. AL. Death: 10 Jun 1909 in Elmore Co. AL
Archelus Elmore: Birth: ABT 1730 in New Kent Co. VA. Death: 1764
Benjamin Thomas Elmore: Birth: 3 Feb 1791 in Richland Dist. SC. Death: 18 Feb 1841 in Glenn's Springs, Spartanburg Dist. SC
Caroline Cornelia Elmore: Birth: 1 Jan 1835 in Columbia, SC. Death: 14 Mar 1921
Charlotte Perry Elmore: Birth: 26 Oct 1796. Death: 11 Oct 1832
Franklin Harper Elmore: Birth: 16 Jan 1790 in Laurens Dist SC. Death: 29 May 1850 in Washington, DC
Grace Brown Elmore: Birth: 19 Nov 1839 in Columbia, SC. Death: 3 Jun 1912 in Florence, SC
John Archer Elmore: Birth: 21 Aug 1762 in Prince Edward Co. VA. Death: 24 Apr 1834 in Autauga Co. AL
Mary Martin Elmore: Birth: 23 Nov 1823 in Elmore Co. AL. Death: 1852 in Waverly, TX
Sarah Canty "Sally" Elmore: Birth: 1829.

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