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Samuel Hillman Ingersoll: Birth: 9 Aug 1815 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 27 Nov 1815
Samuel Nash Ingersoll: Birth: 17 Jun 1784 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 4 Feb 1872 in Centerville, Washington, ME
Samuel Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1654 in Falmouth, Cumberland, ME. Death: AFT. 1733 in Gloucester, Essex, MA
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1663 in Salem, Essex, MA. Death: 13 Oct 1732 in Mendon, Worcester, MA
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 1747 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA.
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 22 Jan 1727/28.
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 1 Jul 1627 in Sutton, Bedfordshire. Death: 1719 in Houlton, MA
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 30 Oct 1660 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA. Death: 21 Dec 1712 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 1778 in Addison, Washington, ME. Death: 1843
Sarah Ingersoll: Birth: 17 May 1718 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.
Shepard Mellin Ingersoll: Birth: 9 Apr 1827 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 1861
Solomon Root Ingersoll: Birth: 10 Sep 1813 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 16 Sep 1862 in Columbia, Washington, ME
Son Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1650. Death: Oct 1675 in Falmouth, Cumberland, ME
Stephen Ingersoll: Birth: 1745 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA. Death: 1755 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA
Stephen Ingersoll: Birth: 1755 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA.
Stephen Ingersoll: Birth: 1680 in Salem, Essex, MA.
Susan Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1801. Death: AFT. 1883
Susanna Abi Ingersoll: Birth: 3 Jun 1833 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 30 Jun 1910 in Addison, Washington, ME
Temperance Ann Langdon Ingersoll: Birth: 13 Feb 1825 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 29 Apr 1876 in Columbia, Washington, ME
Thomas Ingersoll: Birth: 28 Mar 1668 in Westfield, Hampden, MA. Death: 1732 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Thomas Ingersoll: Birth: 1740 in Great Barrington, Berkshire, MA.
Thomas Ingersoll: Birth: 1692 in Westfield, Hampden, MA. Death: 1748 in Westfield, Hampden, MA
Thomas Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1793 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: AFT. 1820 in Pennsylvania
Wallace James Ingersoll: Birth: 24 Dec 1899 in Claflin, Barton, KS. Death: 13 Jun 1976 in Fredonia, Louisa, IA
Wilbur Morgan Ingersoll: Birth: 7 Mar 1828 in Evans, Erie, NY.
William Hezekiah Ingersoll: Birth: 19 Apr 1831 in Columbia, Washington, ME. Death: 1914
William Hurley Ingersoll: Birth: 15 Mar 1801 in Cayuga County, NY. Death: 24 Sep 1898 in North Evans, Erie, NY
William Ingersoll: Birth: 1589. Death: 1590
William Ingersoll: Birth: 1600.
William Ingersoll: Birth: 8 Sep 1717 in Gloucester, Essex, MA. Death: 28 Aug 1807
William Ingersoll: Birth: 1755.
William Ingersoll: Birth: 12 Oct 1779 in Addison, Washington, ME. Death: 6 May 1858 in Columbia, Washington, ME
William Ingersoll: Birth: ABT. 1754 in North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME. Death: 28 Aug 1807 in Columbia Falls, Washington, ME

Christian Ludwig Ingerson: Birth: 9 Jul 1831 in Germany.
Mehitable Ingham: Death: 1865 in (Unknown), Ogle, IL
Sarah Chapman Ingham: Death: 3 Oct 1820
Tryphena Ingham: Birth: 12 Mar 1796.

Olav Ingjaldsson: Birth: ABT. 840 in of Dyflinni, Ireland. Death: 871 in Dublin, Ireland
Olof I Ingjaldsson: Birth: ABT. 682 in Vaerland, Sweeden. Death: ABT. 710 in sacraficed to Woden by his own people during famine
Cora Ellen Ingle: Birth: 1870.
Gordon Kelsie Ingle: Birth: 1864.
Joseph Henry Ingle: Birth: 1868.
Josephine Ingle: Birth: 1862.
Mary Octavia Ingle: Birth: 22 Sep 1865 in Mohawk, Greene, TN. Death: 3 May 1948 in Jarvis, Anderson, TN
Maude B. Ingle: Birth: ABT. 1872.
Robert Taylor Ingle: Birth: 1875.
Sarah Corline Ingle: Birth: 1879.
Willey Ingle: Birth: AFT. 1880.
William Riley Ingle: Birth: 7 Jan 1833 in North Carolina. Death: 31 Jan 1915 in McKinney, Allen, TX

Elizabeth Ingoldsbee: Birth: ABT. 1676.
John Ingoldsbury: Birth: 1674-1679. Death: BEF. May 1707 in poss. Salem, Essex, MA
Sarah Ingoldsby: Birth: ABT. 1651.

Abigail Ingraham: Birth: ABT. 1602.
Abigail Ingraham: Birth: ABT. 1636 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Death: 12 Feb 1714/15 in Groton, New London, CT
Catherine A. Ingraham: Birth: 1844. Death: 1899
Duncan Ingraham: Birth: 2 Dec 1752 in Boston, Suffolk, MA. Death: 16 Jun 1804 in Greenvale Farm near Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY
Elisha Ingraham: Birth: 15 Mar 1704/05.
Elizabeth Ingraham: Birth: 21 Mar 1627/28 in Essex. Death: 7 Jan 1659/60 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Elizabeth Ingraham: Birth: 1 Feb 1669/70.
George Ingraham: Birth: ABT. 1713.
Grace Amelia Ingraham: Birth: 6 Apr 1866 in Lower Queensbury, York, NB.
Hannah Ingraham: Birth: ABT. 1756.
Hezekiah Ingraham: Birth: 3 Oct 1698.
Jeremiah Ingraham: Birth: 11 Feb 1694/95.
Jeremiah Ingraham: Birth: 20 Jan 1663/64.
Joanna Ingraham: Birth: ABT. 1636. Death: 26 Jul 1699 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA
Judith Ingraham: Death: 15 Nov 1799
Leo Leroy Ingraham: Birth: 5 Jan 1873 in Ackley, IA.
Lucinda Ingraham: Death: 4 Nov 1815 in Cummington, Hampshire, MA
Marie Ingraham: Birth: 26 Jun 1666.
Mary Maria Ingraham: Birth: 21 Jul 1849 in Bear Island, York, NB. Death: 11 Jan 1930 in Bear Island, York, NB
Mary Ingraham: Birth: 8 Dec 1692.
Mary Ingraham: Birth: 26 Jun 1666 in Stonington, New London, CT.
Nathaniel Ingraham: Birth: 8 Oct 1674 in Hadley, Hampshire, MA.
Patience Ingraham: Birth: 2 Apr 1706 in Stonington, New London, CT.

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