Norman Reginald /Lapham/
B: 21 NOV 1898
P: AML BB 132 Cheltenham Road
D: JUL 1978
P: Australia

 Alfred Thomas /Lapham/
B: 15 OCT 1872
P: 15 Campbell Street Bristol BS2 8XE Clifton...
M: 1897
P: By Rev T J Wright
D: 30 JUL 1961
P: Sun 1830 Thornbury Hospital (Alison and No...

 Florence Caroline /Evans/
B: 13 JUN 1877
P: St Philips AML BB RGO Bristol 6d 21 5 Merc...
D: 1 FEB 1956

 Alfred /Lapham/
B: 23 FEB 1843
P: Bristol [Somerset sic 1871 census] AML BB ...
M: 27 SEP 1868
P: St Andrew's church, Montpelier, Bristol Cl...
D: AFT 1928

 Fanny Bartley /Ball/
B: BET 1836 AND 1837
P: Pitchcombe Nr Stroud, Gloucestershire, Eng...
D: 30 OCT 1920

 Philip /Evans/
B: ABT 1839
P: St Philips Bristol
M: 6 MAY 1867
P: St Philip and St Jacob Parish Church numbe...
D: AFT 1901

 Elizabeth /Walker/
B: ABT 1842
P: St Philips Bristol

 Thomas /Lapham/
B: BEF 4 MAR 1798
P: Bath St Michael , Somerset, England
M: 12 MAY 1833
P: St Pauls, Bristol (banns date)
D: JUN 1846
P: Bristol 11 115
 Elizabeth /Seymour/
B: ABT 1810
P: not born in GLO county [1841] Cardiff [s...
D: SEP 1891
P: Barton Regis 6a 58
 Thomas Buckingham /Ball/
B: BET 1806 AND 1811
P: See notes - otp St. Nicholas (with St. Leo...
M: 13 MAY 1827
P: St. Nicholas (with St. Leonard) Bristol
D: BEF 1851
 Elizabeth /Keene/
B: BET 1796 AND 1798
P: Stroud, (or Stroudwater), Gloucestershire...
D: AFT 1871
 Philip /Evans/
B: 16 MAR 1798
P: Swansea
M: 5 MAY 1829
P: St. Mary, Swansea
D: AFT 1871
 Mary /Dolling/
B: BET 1798 AND 1803
P: Swansea
D: BEF 1871
 James /Walker/
P: Scotland?
M: 25 NOV 1833
P: St. Pauls
 Eliza /Stallard/
P: speculative
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