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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lois Alvina Louisa "Alvina" Precourt: Birth: 20 NOV 1844 in of, Winnebago, IL, maybe b.Maine?. Death: 22 OCT 1934 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA,

  2. Rosina Filina Precourt: Birth: 14 MAR 1847 in Mill Crk, Wood/Portage, WI, Linwood Twp. Death: 16 MAY 1916 in Buena Vista Twp, Portage, WI

  3. Joseph Luman Precourt: Birth: AUG 1848 in Mill Crk, Wood/Portage, WI, Linwood Twp. Death: 5 MAY 1858 in Buena Vista Twp?, Portage Co prbly, WI

  4. Amelia Phelomen Philoman [used 2nd name] Precourt: Birth: 22 MAY 1856 in Mill Crk/Buena V, Wood/Portage, WI. Death: 16 AUG 1946 in probably, Portage, WI, Liberty Corners

  5. Lyman Antoine Precourt: Birth: 24 JUL 1859 in Buena Vista Twp, Portage, WI. Death: 22 APR 1935 in US 10 & Co. J Rd, Portage, WI

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  !2013mar from bernard.vanasse (at) he of Fall River MA USA 2002 Baptized July 3 1820 at Nicolet , a town right next to [12 miles NE = 20 km NE] the Baie du febvre Quebec . Bernie Vanasse
  -   !2013march Bernie’s AWESOME PRECOURT descendancy by Bernard Precourt - ;
  !2013mar page 968 of 1895 Portage County WI history on Antoine Precourt says he was born 2 July 1820 son of Joseph Precourt [and Therese Boisvert, who is evidently the namesake for Theresa (Precourt) Scribner born 1880 WI] , but Antoine born exactly where and to what mother, has for over 20 years been searched for— because his is the only sibling in his family who does not appear in the baptisms of his home parish St Antoine in La Baie [du Febvre], Yamaska County, Quebec. Now , finally, I received his actual baptismal record 3 July 1820 in the neighboring county of Nicolet. So that is huge progress in confirming him as a full legitimate sibling of that family. - Thanks to Bernard Vanasse, we can actually examine the 3 July 1820 baptism of Antoine Precourt in Parish of St Jean Baptiste, Nicolet, Nicolet County, Quebec Here's a rough transcription and approx translation just for people who don’t read French, with some help from my wife Kay Scribner Forsythe, granddaughter of Theresa Precourt b. 1880. Kay studied one year 1962-3 in a French school in Neuilly, France This is brief, just to copy into my internet database, which can’t accept actual photos of record books, & please ask if you need more interpretation: "page 23 (maybe double-page spread page number including facing left page where baptism begins) 1820 Nicolet, Nicolet, Quebec: Cathedrale St-Jean-Baptiste Registres: “Le trois Juillet huit cent vingt [3 Jul 1820], par moi pretre cure souligne[=undersigned priest] a ete baptise antoine ne d’hier [born yesterday] du legitime mariage de [father] Joseph Precour cultivateur de la Paroisse de la Baye St. Antoine & de [mother] Therese Boivert & (short condensation of rest) parain Francois Boisvert & la maraine Marie Gauthier.... (English language: by me, the undersigned curate [parish?] priest had baptized Antoine, born yesterday [2 July 1820] of the legitimate marriage of [father] Joseph Precour planter/farmer of La Baye St. Antoine parish [in adjacent Yamaska County] and [mother] Therese Boisvert, with godfather Francois Boisvert and godmother Marie Gauthier........” - my family tree about Antoine Precourt (1820-1904) posted at - ~Warren Forsythe for database ildaunewtest at ;   -
  -2007 nov from felckowski_family (at) Myron Felckowski of Stevens Point Wis: 1860 Census records: UWSP online shows Precourt living in Buena Vista shows Pricorch living in Lanark - Buena Vista was organized in 1853 Lanark was organized in 1856 ;
  SOURCES: see LDS FHL microfilm 1000805 item 1 p.968-971; [Co. History] source, ie. Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Wis Counties of Waupaca, Portage etc, : p. 968-971, pub by J H Beers and Co about 1895 Chicago; also Pat Taecker, Mrs. Archie (Iris) McGillivray,Charles Scribner commented and suggested, Bayard Wentworth checked tombstones and his records; Lois (Young) Precourt diaries; Lois Precourt b. 1952 is quite an authority also; The place is taken from an obituary I believe. Pat Taecker had Mr. Jean Prince(see parents notes) search church baptisms and he found that all of Antoine's 3 brothers, 1 sister were recorded at La Baie du Febvre, but apparently no record in the church (INDEX ONLY) for Antoine himself; 12 Nov 1991 letter from Mr. Prince above: even the actual parish records for St-Antoine parish in Baie du Febvre area and [?somehow in 1991 overlooked Antoine Precourt baptism 3 Jul 1820 record, as cited above in detail?] St.Jean Baptiste parish in Nicolet; !LOIS & ANTOINE's own children's birth locations: Maybe younger kids were all born in same room in same house in Northeast part of Buena Vista Twp; DAR Lineage books 72: 176 Lillian clark Cary Nation # 71488-- the daughter of Lyman's sister; Lineage Books 59:108, and Eliz Lillian Shear #374586, Theresa Johanna Precourt NSDAR# 529169. History of Rye NH by LB Parsons 1905 p.414,482; According to Iris Precourt McGillivray N. Boundary of farm is on the Stockton township boundary of Buena Vista Twp. videotape of Bernard and Blanche made in Appleton WI ca. 1987; As I recall Bernard said on video that they went to church at Custer --presumably the town in Northern Stockton Township; MARR: same as above for birth. Date was from visit to Isabelle Keachie's home in 1988. Possibly date came from Lois Young Diaries, possibly from a family bible like sheet she had on the Young family; CENSUS: index 1860 Antoine Pricout p.266 Larark, Portage Co WI; 1900 census buena Vista, Portage Co WI page 56A ED 100 sheet 7 family130; DEATH:Obituary seen at Isabelle's (presumably, I don't see copy in my files); I do have notes I made from Lois Young obituary and on those notes it also gives husbands death date and age at death. It mentions her kin Earnest A. Precourt--see this file for his birth parents. COUNTY LOCATIONS: the terms Portage County and Columbia County WI as used by me here refers to present day counties--even though some events are before 1846 when the county name was reapplied to a different area. See Wm Thorndale and Wm Dollarhide "Map guide to US Census" BOOK; NEWSPAPER: 19 May 1992 Stevens Point Journal probably, an article in connection with 150th anniversary of Portage County probably: headline: PRECOURT WAS EARLY SETTLER about Bob Precourt a member of Portage Co Hist Soc. Bob and brother Ron in 1985 visited a town on Lake St. Pierre Quebec, found relatives and learned of an area of Normandy, France, which Bob and his wife Joan (teacher at Jackson Elementary in Almond WI) later bicycled through. He operates Media Management Services Antoine born 1820 established sawmill on Mill Cr with Shaurette, also from Quebec. (chimney story from same 19 May 1992 article). CHIMNEY STORY: Lois complained previous chimney ddin't draw right and he told her he was too busy, to do it herself. When she laid the bricks fairly high she saw it didn't line up with hole in roof. To compensate she curved the chimney to fit. Antoine always told everyone that they had crooked smoke. Antoine staked many of his relatives to come from Quebec. Joe Precourt is said to have walked down the military road from Green bay with everything he owned on his back. Antoine later served as chairman of Buena Vista town for many years. Lois was widely known as an herbalist or herb doctor and midwife, delivered "hundreds"; CONTEXT: (Co History paraphrase) Antoine born in Lower Canada , attended French schools until age 15. After his fathers death when he was age 2, Antoine lived with Grandfather Baptiste {Precourt or Vanase dit Precour At 15 he bagan learning baker's trade at Trois Rivieres town. After 2 years returned to birthplace, took job which got him to Green Bay WI USA, skipped out on job contract and walked to Portage City, got into lumber and shingles business. Wife came to area of Durand,Winnebago,IL from Maine at age 13, she having 8 siblings plus half brothers and sisters or stepsiblings. She was a midwife, an herbalist and a "real renaiisance woman" Antoine started from Columbia Co to present day Portage Co in 1850 but did not secure 160 ac in Sec 5 in northern Buena Vista Twp until 1852--so maybe family moved as late as summer of 1852 when first frame house completed; Lois Young was evidently the stone mason who built the crooked chimney on their house--that many of us hope to see at the 1992 reunion; (1900 census says he entered US 1837); QUEBEC VISIT: Rosaire Lemay is Baie du Febvre town historian, wrote 1983 book for 300th anniversary in 1983. His 1993 address C.P.131 Baie du Febvre (87 rue de l'Eglise) QC J0G 1A0, municipal office is 51 Rue de l'Eglise. Mr. Lemay is a retired grade school principal, 5yr of school there then kids to Nicolet for secondary. He gave us a nice tour.; 1687 Seignery mill etc. was 3 or 4 km east of present town in what's called West Nicolet now.; (In wisconsin Door County a sign said Jean Nicolet land 1634 at Red Banks, WI as emissary of Gov De Champlaign while looking for a NW passage. Nicolet put on Asian Indian garb before landing, thinking that must be the appropriate garb for these folks!; Moulin (mill) was up on hill above river floodplain (which was all river in the spring in those days before dams on St. Lawrence) presently a farm-like building. The 2nd and third churches before 1829 were about 2 km east of town, in between Seignery and present day town. Emilien Precourt lives about 19 rue de l'Eglise across from church, but his line cannot obviously be connected to before 1850 by means of the copies of marriage records on microfilm. Bob precourt of Wisconsin talked to Emilien about 1988, we did not try Emilien. In 1829 they moved some cemetary caskets to the new church cemetary at the present town, but the location of the pre-1829 cemetary is apparently unknown although must have been near 3rd church site which is by the turn out parking lot for the Bird refuge overlook about mile east of Baie du Febvre.; Houses in present town are about 125 yrs old at maximum. About 3 km east of town there is a historical marker on an old building that says it's from 1646 Seignerie, but Rosaire says that's impossible, it's probably not over 250 years old, as the 1683 buildings were first ones and they haven't survived. ; DIT surnames: VANASSE DIT PRECOUR literally the short prairie Vanasse family uses an Archaic sense of the verb "to say" which is not really a title so much as just a way of distinguishing the many families of the same surname in a village or parish area. OLD MAP LAND RECORDS: the old Lac St. Pierre shoreline was close to modern day Route 132. So the old 1700 maps start from that shoreline uphill. There was seasonal grazing below that when the river was not in flood. Today the floodplain below Highway 132 is all permanent cornfields as the dams and locks on the St. Lawrence maintain water at low level and so there is about a mile of fields on the floodplain between Baie du Febvre and the present day river (Lac St. Pierre); The next parish to South is St. Zepherin. I think Bob Precourt said to go see that but we didn't have time. There are no churches but the Roman Catholic one in Baie du Febvre; RESTAURANT & MOTEL:1993 we stayed in St. Francois du Lac 10 km west at Motel Le Villageois at 95 Marie Victorin 514-568-3386 we stayed in room 12 at $60 Canadian highest price room with air cond. on back west side; Restaurant on west side of Rue De l'Eglise&Rte 132 inBaie du Febvre had contest winners up on wall with surnames Precourt, Boisvert, Lemire; SOCIETIES ETC: Mr. Prince above could be hired more. Olivier's book above mentions 3 societies in Trois Rivieres: L'ARBRE HISTORIQUE ,610 Prevost (postal code)G8Y 4A5, Societe Genealogique Trifluvienne, 839 Rue Richard, Societe de la Maurice & des Bois Francs , C.P.901, G9A 5K2; OBITUARY: Obituary Mention, Antoine Precourt, July 22, 1904 (provided by Bernice Fletcher. One of these obituaries was found in Mrs. Crofoot's old sewing machine.) ; In the death of Antoine Precourt, of Buena Vista, one of the first settlers of Portage county, and in fact central and northern Wisconsin has passed away, his death having occurred at 6 o'clock last Friday evening. He had been confined to his bed only about one week, but for over three years was in a state of mental collapse, his mind being almost entirely gone, and he was unable to recognize his most intimate friends, but was strong physically, able to be about at all times and suffered no pain. Death was due to old age.; Mr. Precourt was born at Three Rivers, Lower Canada, July 2, 1820, and was therefore 84 years of age. When a boy he was employed as a baker with his uncle and when about 17 years of age came to Green Bay and later to Portage county. For years he followed the life of a woodsman and lumberman, and for 12 years, in company with Jerry Hayden, operated a saw mill on Mill Creek, in the town of Linwood. He was married at Beloit to Miss Lois Young in 1846, and in 1850 disposed of his lumbering interests and located upon a farm in the town of Buena Vista, which had ever since been his home. He was a man of robust constitution, a good citizen, staunch friend, respected by all who formed his acquaintance. The widow and four children survive, the latter being Mrs. Alvina Puariea, of Whatcomb, Wash.; Mrs. Jos. Precourt, Mrs. Wm. Clark and Lyman Precourt, all of Buena Vista, the last mentioned residing on the homestead. The only other relatives living are two cousins, Jos. Precourt, of Buena Vista, who is also a son-in-law of the deceased, and Mrs. C. LaMere, of Wausau. ; The funeral took place from the family residence at 3 o'clock last Sunday afternoon, Rev. A.G.E. Jenner of the Episcopal church of this city officiating, and was largely attended by friends from different parts of the country. Interment took place in the Plover cemetery and the pallbearers were John Dineen, Jos. Raymond, Patrick Feeley, Mike Scanlan, Schuyler Whittaker and A. Crofoot. ; ; The deceased was the last of three pioneers who came to what was then Portage county in 1839, the other two being A.B. Gilchrist and John Boursier. Mr. Precourt was of English parentage, his father being an English officer who [WRONG!!! his father was French on all sides, but was in Canadian=British Army] died when the son was young, and the latter lived with his grandparents until he was 15 years of age, attending French schools in his native land. The saw mill he operated was known as the Brawley mill on Mill creek. In 1848 the United States government purchased all the lands of the Menominee Indians, and the next spring Messrs. Precourt and Boursier secured claims on the east side of the "little prairie," about five miles east of Plover, which has since been their home. Their farms were the first to be improved in that section, with the exception of the John L. Moore claim, which was on the west side of the prairie, and upon which he settled in 1849 and engaged S.A. Sherman to erect a residence thereon, this being the first house built in that part of the county. The lands were not purchased by the occupants until 1852, at which time the government survey was made. ; Obituary, July 30, 1904, Death of Antoine Precourt (prov. by B. Fletcher) Antoine Precourt, believed to have been the oldest settler in Portage county, in point of continuous residence, died at his home in Buena Vista at 6 o'clock Friday evening, July 22. Mr. Precourt was born in lower Canada July 2, 1820. When a boy he was employed as a baker with an uncle in Canada. When 17 years old he came to Green Bay, having contracted with 17 other young men to work there for $80 a year. Still later he came to Portage county on foot with two companions. Here he worked in the pineries, running the river, making shingles, etc. For a number of years he owned and operated, in company with A. Hayden, a saw mill on Mill Creek. In 1846 he was married to Miss Lois Young at Beloit and for the next four years they lived on Mill creek. In 1850 he located on some land in what is now the town of Buena Vista, and they have been respected residents of that town ever since. When Mr. and Mrs. Precourt settled there the land had not been placed on the market by the government, but was paid for two years later. He is survived by his widow and four children, Mrs. Alvina Puariea, of Whatcomb, Wash., Mrs. Joseph Precourt and Mrs. William Clark of Buena Vista and Lyman Precourt, with whom he lived. ;
  ADDRESSES: (Sjulian) Pat ta la' ha Naperville ha ad as di ad (ebranchln) Iris mtvernonpl la' tso Baltimore nak la' nak ad nak (harmonyln) Bayard ta di ad ne apt nak StPt as di di tso la' 316 S. Julian Napervill 60540, Mt. vernon pl, 17 E. Branch Ln Baltimore 21202, 3409 Harmony Ln Apt 2 54481; (911 ninth st) Lois Plover as di di has tso' Lois # tso la' as ta di di nak as tso as; Dec 1993 Quebec 9 page French descendancy I entitled " Genealogie de Quelques Familles de La Baie, Comte Yamaska, QC ca. 1790" and I sent it to: Mr. Jean Prince BP 1293 1293 Trois Rivieres QC G9A 5L2, Babette Porteus Jensen 254 Shawnessy Dr SW Calgary AB T2Y 1M5, BIBLIOTEQUE GENELOGIQUE Sciete Genelogique Trifluvienne 839 Rue Richard, Trois Rivieres QC G8? ???, L'Arbre Historique, 610 Prevost, Trois-Rivieres QC G8Y 4A5, Soc. Gen. Canadienne-Francaise, C P 335 PLACE D'ARMES, Montreal QC H2X 3H1 or H2Y 3H1, Soc. Gen de Quebec, CP 9066, Ste Foy, QC G1V 4A8 , 418 651 9127; Soc. Gen de Cantons de l'Est, CP 635, Sherbrooke QC J1H 5K5, Soc Gen de la Mauricie et Bois Francs,CP 901 Trois Rivieres G9A 5K2; FrenchCanadianGenealogists of WI 4624 W.Tesch Ave Greenfield WI53220; WI Historical Society -J.Hansen(??)618(??) State St Madison 53706; is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.