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1. Page:   1881 RG11/2260 Folio 68 Bideford - Northam Dist 4 Page 21 Sched 94 Quarry House George W Rice Head 13 Scholar Scotland Marcia A Rice Sister 12 Scholar Scotland Louisa M Rice Sister 11 Scholar Scotland Mark N Rice Brother 10 Scholar Scotland Walter F [or T?] Rice Brother 8 Scholar Scotland Frances M Rice Sister 7 Scholar Scotland Cecil E Rice Brother 5 Scholar Scotland Robert A Rice Brother 3 Scholar Scotland Alicia C Rice Sister 9 months Scotland Margaret Borthwick Boarder Unm 20 Governess Scotland Mary S Murray Serv. Unm 30 Cook Scotland Annie Cameron Serv. Unm 19 Parlormaid Scotland Jane H Foster Serv. Unm 36 Nurse Scotland Jane Thompson Serv. Unm 31 Housemaid Isabella W Smith Serv. Unm 21 Laundrymaid Scotland Margaret R Harper Serv. Unm 17 Under Laundry Maid Scotland Elizabeth Birch Serv. Unm 16 Nurserymaid Scotland
2. Page:   1871 Reg.685/01 St George - Edinburgh St Cuthberts Page 10 Sched 30 No.6 Ainslie Place Mark Napier Head Mar 72 Sheriff of Dumfriesshire Midlothian Edinburgh Charlotte Napier Wife Mar 64 East Indies Bengal Frances A Rice Dau Mar 22 Edinburgh West Church Parish George W Rice Grandson 3 Edinburgh West Church Parish Marcia A Rice Granddau 2 Edinburgh West Church Parish Louisa M Rice Granddau 1 Edinburgh West Church Parish Walter N Rice Grandson Under 1 mo. Edinburgh West Church Parish >9 servants>
3. Page:   Deaths Jun 1958 Abingdon 6a 5 RICE Marcia 89
4. Page:   England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966
5. Page:   1891 Reg 342/00 Crieff Page 27 Sched 159 Donawood(?) Connaught Terrace Maria [sic] Alice Rice Head Unm 30 Private Means Midlothian Edinburgh Louisa May [sic] Rice Sister Unm 21 Private Means Midlothian Edinburgh Frances Maud Rice Sister Unm 17 Scholar Midlothian Edinburgh Cecil E Rice Brother Unm 15 Scholar Midlothian Edinburgh Robert A Rice Brother Unm 13 Scholar Midlothian Edinburgh Alicia C Rice Sister Unm 10 Scholar Midlothian Edinburgh Bertha Block Governess Unm 18 French Governess France >5 servants>
6. Page:   1901 RG13/2634 Folio 40 Uttoxeter - Abbotts Bromley St Anne's College Page 1 Marcia Alice Rice Head Single32 Head Mistress Church of England [School] Scotland >>>>>>
7. Page:   1911 RG14/4984 East Grinstead Dist 75 East Grinstead ED6 Sched No.142 Kingscote House East Grinstead Cecil Rice Head 80 married Army retired Lieut Colonel (employee) Kent Tilmanstone Matilda Horatia Rice wife 80 married 24 (No children) London St George's Hanover Sq Marcia Alice Rice daughter 42 single Schoolmistress Art Needlework Woodaid(?) Society Midlothian Edinburgh (resident) Louisa Mary Rice daughter 41 single Embroideress Art Needlework (employer) Midlothian Edinburgh (resident) Alicia Charlotte Rice daughter 30 single Midlothian Edinburgh (resident) >7 servants> is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.