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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Hammond: Birth: BET. 1777 - 1779 in date range: 1777 to 1779 signed sister Elizabeth's marriage consent & certified she 'was of age' in Grayson Co, VA 27 March 1804 when she m. John Bryant. Death: in After 1804 - did he live in Grayson Co, VA after 1804?

  2. Elizabeth HAMMOND*: Birth: BET. 1779 - 1783 in VA? Brother James Hammon signed her marriage consent in 1804 Grayson Co, VA. Death: in lived in Bedford Co, TN when daughter Sarah was b.1813

  3. WILLIAM HAMMOND: Birth: 1787 in VA? Surry Co, NC? was born in NC according to 1860 census, but father Joseph is not listed in Surry Co in 1790. Death: AFT. 1860 in Hempstead Co, AR? after 1860 cen. never located -living 1850 census in Lafayette Co, MS

  4. Martha 'Patsy' Hammond: Birth: 1791 in Surry Co, NC- age per 1850 cen. of Monroe Co, IN-Indian Creek Twp. Death: AFT. 1850 in IN?Monroe Co? Indian Creek Twp

a. Note:   Record of marriage in Lunenburg Co, VA not found, but according to Martha's statement before the court in Monroe Co, IN in 1843 when she applied for her Rev War widow's pension there, she and Joseph were married by ' Parson Craig'...who was a minister at that time in Cumberland Parish, VA which included parts of Lunenburg Co, Parson Craig's records of the sacraments he administed to his flock were all lost. Possibly during the Civil War fighting around Petersberg, VA where one of his direct descendants lived and whose home was 'sacked' by Union Army troops.
 Knowledge of marriage, children's names are from Martha's widow's pension claim in the 1845 Monroe Co, IN court where she moved about that time from Surry Co, NC with her daughter Martha 'Patsy' Hammon Collins and Patsy's husband John Collins. Martha was living though 'aged and infirm' in 1845 and
 dead by 1850 census when John Collins and family remained living there.
 Pension claim in Monroe County gives Martha's age in 1845 as 90 years old.
  Joseph served 14th VA Regiment, Col. Davidson, Capt. Boll's Company. Discharged in March 1779.
  Joseph's daughter Martha 'Patsy' Hammon's husband John Collins was probably
 the brother of son William Hammon's wife, Eve Collins. Both couples were married in Surry Co, NC.
  1790 Census of Surry Co, NC listed the following Hammons: Ambrose 1-1-6-0-0;
 James 1-1-4-0-0; John 3-1-5-0-5; John 1-4-4-0-0; William 1-1-2-0-0
 Legend: males over 16 born before 1784, males under 16 born 1784-1790, females, others, slaves.
 Ambrose has 1 adult male, 1 under 16 male, 6 females
 James has 1 adult, male, 1 under 16 male, 4 females
 John has 3 over 16/adult males, 1 under 16 male, 5 females, 5 slaves
 John2 has 1 adult male, 4 under 16 males, 4 females
 William has 1 adult male, 1 under 16 male, 2 females
 Note that our Joseph is not listed here, probably still in VA....or with John 1's hhshld? possible if John was his father 3 adult males could include both him and
 Joseph, 1 under 16 male could be James, Joseph's older son
 It appears that John 1 is oldest & richest -5 slaves...others seem to be younger
 No Hammons listed in Stokes Co, NC 1790 census....In Wilkes Co, NC, sixth company were: John 1-3-8-0-0; Benjamin 1-0-3-0; Wm 2-1-2-0-0 and
 James 1-1--1<this is James Rev Soldier who went to KY, ancestor of Stratford
 Hammon> also in 6th company are the Holbrooks & Hargis'
  emailed rec'd 10 May 2001: James and Elizabeth at last! (replied same day rec'd)
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  Hello Judy,
  I got your name from GenForum and wanted to write you about the Hammons and Bryant families. I descend from Abraham Hawks and Beulah Bryant who were married 4/3/1834 in Surry Co., NC. Beulah is supposed to have been a daughter of a John Bryant. Even though they married in Surry Co., they lived accross the State line in Grayson Co., VA until the time of the Civil War when part of the family moved to Mercer Co., WV. The only John Bryant for that time period in Grayson Co. appears to have been the son of an earlier John Bryant who died in 1800 leaving a will mentioning all of his children including John and a daughter Beulah (not mine but the similar name leads me to believe I'm on the right track). From the census records in Grayson Co. the younger John's wife may have died between 1820 and 1830 and either John died in the 1830's or he and most of the family moved away. All I really have is the number of children in the household and approximate ages, no names except for m!
 y guess of Beulah.
  Anyway, John Bryant and Elizabeth Hammons marriage bond is in Grayson Co., VA dated 3/27/1804, Book 1, page 41. James Hammons is the surety and he gave consent 3/27/1804 stating that his sister is of lawful age. A John Bryant appears on the 1810 Grayson Tax List (no 1810 census for Grayson Co.), and the 1820 and 1830 Grayson Census.
  I would love to get more information on the Hammons side of the family if you don't mind. I would especially like to know how to get a copy of the pension request of Martha Landrum Hammon that you mentioned on GenForum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  Jay Slagle
 157 Cooper Dr.
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