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 Peder Orville /Barsness/
B: 14 JAN 1930
P: Oklee, Red Lake County, Minnesota
D: 21 DEC 2000
P: St. Mary's, Duluth, Minnesota

 Peder Martin* /Barsness/
B: 8 JAN 1903
P: Madison, Minnesota, Lac qui Parle County
M: 7 AUG 1928
P: Polk and Red Lake County
D: 17 MAR 1961
P: Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

 Albina Marie Louise* /Plante/
B: 9 JAN 1910
P: Lambert Township, Oklee, Minnesota
D: 1 FEB 1980
P: Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

 Peder* Pedersen Bjelde /Barsness/
B: 9 AUG 1868
P: Sogndal in Sogn, Norway
M: 26 APR 1892
P: Dane County, Wisconsin McFarland Luthera...
D: 29 AUG 1936
P: Oklee, Minnesota Zion Lutheran Cemetary

 Anna* Marie /Johnson/
B: 22 AUG 1875
P: McFarland, Wisconsin Dane County
D: 30 MAY 1945
P: Oklee, Minnesota Zion Lutheran Cemetary

 Louis* /Plante/
B: 11 NOV 1871
P: St-Paulin, Maskinoge Cty, Province of Qu�...
M: 12 JAN 1897
P: St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Lamber...
D: 1 DEC 1942
P: Oklee, Minnesota Red Lake County

 Mary* /Clairmont/
B: 1878
P: Maskinoge County, Qu�bec Province, Canada
D: 4 DEC 1910
P: Chester, Polk County, Minnesota

 Peder* Pedersen /Bjelle/
B: 17 JAN 1828
P: Norway
M: 6 JUN 1861
P: Sogndal, Norway
D: 1 JUL 1875
P: Sogndalsfjora, Norway
 Margreta* /Torsteindatter/
B: 8 JUN 1829
P: Sogndalsfjora, Norway
D: 16 JUN 1877
P: Sogndalsfjora, Norway
 Lasse /Johnson/
B: 6 FEB 1824
P: Sogndal, Sogn, Norway
M: 4 NOV 1858
P: Sogndal, Norway
D: 2 JUL 1885
P: Blooming Grove Township, Dane County, Wisc...
 Anna Olsdatter /Aaroen/
B: 1 DEC 1835
P: Norway Hafslo County
D: 15 APR 1924
P: Wisconsin
 Jean-Baptiste* /Plante/
B: 23 FEB 1847
P: Ste- Ursule, Maskinonge, Quebec, Canada
M: 6 SEP 1870
P: St-Leon Le Grand, Maskinonge, Qu�bec, Canada
D: 23 OCT 1926
P: Oklee, Minnesota Red Lake County
 Olivine* /Doyon/
B: 10 AUG 1846
P: St. Ursule, Maskinonge, Quebec, Canada
D: 12 MAY 1926
P: Oklee, Minnesota Red Lake County
 Louis* Joseph /Dubord-Clermont/
B: 15 OCT 1842
P: Trois Rivieres, Quebec
M: 27 JUN 1864
P: St. Gabriel de Brandon,,Berthier, Quebec, ...
D: 13 APR 1926
P: Fisher Branch, Manitoba
 Celanise* Anna /Nadeau/
B: 11 DEC 1846
P: St-Ambroise De Kildare,,Joliette, Quebec, ...
D: 1938
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