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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elisha Blankenship: Birth: BET 1765 AND 1794.

a. Note:   1782, Dale Parrish, Chesterfield Co., VA,
 "Will of James Atkinson of Dale Parish, 26 cot. 1782, mentions a John Blankenship (poss. born 1745) who will receive a part of the estate upon Atkinson's death. This John must be the son of Ralph who was the son of Ralph and Martha Blankinship. There also is mention of a Joseph Blankenship who is to be given a portion of the fruit of the orchard of Atkinson for his entire lifetime. This Joseph must be Joseph, son of Ralph who was the son of Ralph and Martha. It looks like this Joseph must have married into the Atkinson family line. The witness on this will is Matthew Blankenship (b. 1748), another of the several sons of Ralph Blankenship who was the son of Ralph and Martha Blankinship."
 From Don Blankenship db-email(at)
  Chesterfield Co., VA Wills 1774-1795, by Weisiger III.
 Page #159: Court 5/16/1789: John Blankinship and Ann his wife, et al VS John Spears, heir at law of William Spears, deceased, and Administrator with Will annexed of Mary Spears, deceased. Court orders estate divided satisfactory to plantiffs.
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