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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles Claude Boudrot: Birth: 1683 in Port Royale,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  2. Michel Boudrot: Birth: 1685 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  3. Marie Boudrot: Birth: 1687 in Grand Pre,Acadie,Nova Scotia. Death: 1768 in La Prairie,Quebec,Canada

  4. Jacques Boudrot: Birth: 1688 in Grand Pre,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  5. Francoise Boudrot: Birth: 1690 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  6. Marie Anne Boudrot: Birth: 1691 in Port Royale,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  7. Marguerite Anne Boudrot: Birth: 1692 in Port Royale,Acadie,Nova Scotia. Death: AFT 1767 in St Suliac,France

  8. Joseph Boudrot: Birth: 1693 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  9. Elisabeth Boudrot: Birth: 1696 in Grand Pre,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Catherine Boudrot: Birth: 1703 in Acadie,Nova Scotia. Death: 15 Oct 1731 in Acadie,Nova Scotia

  2. Etienne Boudrot: Birth: 1704 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  3. Anne Marie Boudrot: Birth: 1705 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  4. Cecile Boudrot: Birth: ABT 1706 in of Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia. Death: 4 Dec 1725 in of Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia

  5. Paul Boudrot: Birth: 10 Oct 1707 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia. Death: 1758 in At Sea,in Exile from Acadie to,France

  6. Francois Boudrot: Birth: 18 Jul 1709 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia.

  7. Jean Boudrot: Birth: 1710 in Grand Pre,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  8. Marguerite Boudrot: Birth: ABT 1711 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  9. Pierre Paul Boudrot: Birth: ABT 1712 in , of Acadie, Nova Scotia. Death: BEF 1759 in Acadie,Nova Scotia

  10. Francoise Boudrot: Birth: 1715 in Grand Pre,Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  11. Etienne Boudrot: Birth: 1716 in Acadie,Nova Scotia.

  12. Marie Josephe Boudrot: Birth: 3 Jan 1718 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia.

  13. Claire Cecile Boudrot: Birth: 27 Dec 1719 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia. Death: 1 Nov 1741 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia

  14. Anne Boudrot: Birth: 22 Nov 1721 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia. Death: Aug 1756 in Southampton, Hampshire, England

  15. Charles Boudrot: Birth: 23 Oct 1725 in Grand Pre, Acadie, Nova Scotia.

1. Page:   Vol 1-A pg 30
Note:   The Book, Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records, Acadian Records, 1707-1748, Vol 1-A which contains records abstracted from Acadian Records brought with Acadian Settlers to St Gabriel Parish, Louisiana when they arrived from Acadie and France. Although they are in currently in deteriorating conditon, thanks to years of work by dedicated Volunteers, they are here saved for our day! Claude Boudrot, age ca 80, bur 7 March 1740 in the cemetary of the parish of St Charles aux Mines, wit Pierre Doucet (s); Joseph Terriot(s); Francois Boudrot; Michel Boudrot (SGA-3, 4b) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.