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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah "Sally" Motley: Birth: ABT 1765 in St. Anne Parish, Essex Co., Virginia. Death: 1847 in Allen County, Kentucky

  2. James Marion Motley: Birth: 15 JUN 1773 in Halifax County, NC. Death: 9 MAR 1833 in Allen County, Kentucky

a. Note:   N185 In "Kentucky: A History of the State" (Battle, Perrin a& Kniffin, 3rd ed., 1886) reprinted on the WWW on the Allen County Genealogy page. Motley was a native of Virginia and captain in the Revolutionary war. Barbara Motley Swain reports "John moved to North Carolina -- patriot in Revolutionary War -- giving $[;] rewarded by land grant in Kentucky moved his clan there -- had a mill" Source also says there is a large article on him.
 John Marion Motley:
  Captain in the Revolutionary War.
 1760: sold 263 acres in Essex Co. VA
 1772: bought land in Halifax Co. NC
 1779: granted 3 tracts of land in Wake Co NC
 1808: bought property in Warren Co KY from Joseph and Sarah Boone (Joseph was brother of Daniel)
  In 1807 or spring of 1808 they moved from NC to Warren Co and settled 7 miles NW of Scottsville (now in Allen Co).
  Capt John is said to be buried in the Landiers Cemetary. His will is Warren Co Book A pg 250 or 260)
  Source: Sledge; she mentions Mary Rabold for the Motley information
 MOTLEY, John. June 13, 1811/December court 1811. Will. Wife: Elizaabeth. Sons: Matthew, Henry, James, Edwin. Daughters: Sally Smith, Caty Johnson, Polly Johnson, Penny Lynn, Nancy Weatherspoon. Executors: my sons Matthew and Henry. Witnesses: John Ray, John Landis, Soloman Williby. pg 260.
 From Linda Pasley:
 9. CAPT. JOHN MARION MOTLEY (HENRY, JOHN JR., JOHN) was born Abt. 1734 in St, Anne Parish, Essex Co. Va, and died June 13, 1811 in Warren Co. Ky. He married ELIZABETH PAGE Abt. 1764 in St. Anne Parish, Essex co. Va, daughter of EDWARD PAGE. She was born Abt. 1740 in Essex Co. Va, and died Abt. 1816 in Warren Co. Ky.
 John was reared in Essex Co. Va. on an estate at the mouth of Occupacia Creek on the Rappahannock River, about twelve miles north of Tappahannock, the county seat of Essex. The family was Episcopalian, attending the church of St. Anne in St. Anne`s Parish where they lived. In 1754 Henry Motley bought his two sons, John and Thomas, (the only full brother John had) a schooner, THE TRY-ALL, which they used for trade on the waters of Virginia and the Carolinas. A deed in Essex Co. Deed Book 38, page 246, dated May 17, 1760 records that John sold 263 acres of land for 237 L 10sh. This was the land owned by his mother, Hannah, and given to her by her father John Andrews. The deed states that John Motley was his mother`s " heir-at-law." In 1772 he bought land in Halifax Co. NC. where John, his father and step-mother, and all of the family except his brother, Edwin Motley, and his sister, Elizabeth (Motley) Harrison, moved. They went by sea to Enfield in the southeastern part of the county. His father, Henry, died there. John and his family left Halifax Co., probably in the late 1770s and moved to Wake, now Durham Co. NC. In 1777, he sold land there to William Brazier. Later, in 1779, he received three land grants for a total of 939 acres in the Crabtree Dist. of Wake Co. The 1790 census shows John Motley: 2m over 16, 3m under 16, 4F and 8 slaves. John and Elizabeth built a home and raised their children on this land about 11/4 miles due west of Nelson, NC. As the children grew up and married, they settled on or near the land owned by their father. The two youngest children married in Kentucky. In 1805, James, the oldest son of John, made a trip to Kentucky, where he bought, Dec. 2, 1805, a 200 acre track at Bays Fork in Warren Co. Ky. Records show he returned to NC. before Sept. 1806. He may have made this trip to check on a land grant his father had received " South of the Green River in Warren Co. for his service. After James, return, the Motley family began selling their land in Wake Co. NC. and making plans for their move to Ky. The last deed for them was recorded Jan. 1808. By early spring, John and Elizabeth, with six of their children, grandchildren, relatives and friends, left Wake Co. for a new life in Warren Co.,Ky. Their two daughters Polly and Elizabeth, came later. On May 31, 1809, John bought 108 acres "including the mill" from Joseph and Sarah Boone. This is the land where they built their home and lived until their death. It became a part of Allen Co. when it was formed in 1815. The 1810 Warren Co. census shows all of John`s children living on land adjacent to or near his land. Since the old mill was near the Warren-Allen Co. line, some of their farms were in Warren Co and some were in Allen Co. This community, named "Motley", is now called Settle. Capt. John died after making his will June 30, 1811 and before it was recorded in Warren Co. on Dec. 14, 1811. He left his estate to Elizabeth her life-time, to be divided equally among their children at her death. He named the eight children. Elizabeth continued to live at the homeplace until her death in 1816. They are both buried in the family graveyard of their neighbors, John and Catherine Landers. In a biography of John`s grandson, Henry T. Motley, in Perrin`s History of Kentucky, 1886, Henry states that John was a Captain in the Rev. War. We have found no proof of this, but we do know he was a" patriot", using his riverboat on the Neuse River to transport soldiers and supplies from Raleigh to New Bern, NC. Registered in the NC. Rev Army Accounts is a certificate for 334 pounds, redeemable in Continental Currency. He also received the land grant in Ky. for" his service." John and Elizabeth had over seventy grandchildren. Some remained in Kentucky, while others settled in Texas, Illinois, Missouri and other states and territories. Members of the Motley family have served in all the wars, held high political positions, and have numbered in all the professions. Many, like ancestors, have remained with the land.
 MOTLEY, John. June 13, 1811/December court 1811. Will. Wife: Elizaabeth. Sons: Matthew, Henry, James, Edwin. Daughters: Sally Smith, Caty Johnson, Polly Johnson, Penny Lynn, Nancy Weatherspoon. Executors: my sons Matthew and Henry. Witnesses: John Ray, John Landis, Soloman Williby. pg 260.
  Larry Motley says he died June 30, 1811 in Warren Co., KY. He also does not list these children: Francis Marion, George Washington, and Jackson. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.