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 Joan /Courtenay/
B: ABT 1440
P: England
D: 05 FEB 1501

 Thomas /Courtenay/ 5th Earl of Devon
B: ABT 1414
P: Okehampton, Devonshire, England
M: AFT 1421
P: England
D: 1458

 Margaret /Beaufort/
B: ABT 1410
P: Westminister, London, Middlesex, England

 Hugh /de Courtenay/
B: 1385
P: Godlington, Devonshire, England
M: AFT 1413
P: England
D: 16 JUN 1422
P: Okehampton, Devonshire, England

 Anne /Talbot/ Countess of Devon
B: ABT 1390
P: of Blackmere, Cornwall, England
D: 16 JAN 1441

 John /BEAUFORT/ 1st Earl of Somerset KG
B: ABT 1371
P: Pottersgate, Lincolnshire, England
M: BEF 28 SEP 1397
P: Upholland, Lancashire, England
D: 16 MAR 1410
P: St. Catherine-by-the-Tower Hospital, Londo...

 Margaret /de HOLAND/
B: ABT 1385
P: Upholland, Lancashire, England
D: 30 DEC 1429
P: St. Saviour's Monastery, Bermondsey, Surre...

 Edward /de Courtenay/
B: 03 MAY 1357
P: Haccombe, Devonshire, England
M: BEF 31 MAY 1383
P: England
D: 05 DEC 1419
 Maud /de Camoys/
B: ABT 1365
P: of Bekerton and Trotton, Sussex, Eng.
 Richard /TALBOT/ 4th Lord Talbot
B: ABT 1361
P: Blackmere, Cornwell, England
M: BEF 23 AUG 1383
P: England
D: 07 SEP 1396
P: London, Middlesex, England
 Ankaret /le STRANGE/
B: ABT 1364
P: Blackmere, Cornwell, England
D: 01 JUN 1413
 John /PLANTAGENET/ KG of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster
B: MAR 1339
P: Bavon Abbey, Ghent, Flanders
M: 13 JAN 1397
P: Lincoln Cathedral, England
D: 03 FEB 1398
P: Leicester Castle, Leicestershire, England
 Catherine /ROET/
B: 25 NOV 1340
P: Picardy, France
D: 10 MAY 1403
P: Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
 Thomas /de HOLAND/ KG 2nd Earl of Kent
B: ABT 1350
P: of Upholand, Lancastershire, England
M: 10 APR 1364
P: Arundel, Sussex, England
D: 25 APR 1397
P: Arundel Castle, Arundel, Suxxex, England
B: ABT 1352
P: Arundel Castle, Arundel, Suxxex, England
D: 17 MAR 1416
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