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 John /de NEVILLE/ 3rd Baron Neville of Raby
B: ABT 1331
P: Raby, Durham, England
D: 17 OCT 1388
P: Newcastle, Northumberland, England

 Ralph /de NEVILLE/ Baron Neville of Raby
B: ABT 1302
P: Raby, Durham, England
M: 14 JAN 1327
D: 05 AUG 1367
P: Durham, England

 Alice /de AUDLEY/
B: ABT 1300
P: Hadley, Staffordshire, England
D: 12 JAN 1375
P: Greystoke, Cumbria, England

 Ralph /de NEVILLE/ Lord of Coverham
B: 18 OCT 1262
P: Raby, Durham, England
M: BEF 25 DEC 1281
P: England
D: 18 APR 1331
P: of Coverham, Yorkshire, England

 Euphemia /de CLAVERING/
B: ABT 1266
P: of Clavering, Essex, England
D: 1329
P: Warkworth, Northumberland, England

 Hugh /de AUDLEY/ 1st Lord Audley
B: ABT 1260
P: Straton, Audley, Oxford, England
M: BEF 07 JAN 1293
P: Herfordshire, England
D: 1325
P: Perhaps while still a prisoner

 Isolde /de MORTIMER/
B: ABT 1265
P: Chelmarsh, Hereford, England
D: BEF 04 AUG 1338

 Robert /de NEVILLE/
B: ABT 1242
P: of Raby, Durham, England
M: ABT 1260
P: England
D: 1271
B: ABT 1244
P: Middleham, Yorkshire, England
D: 1320
P: Coverham, Yorkshire, England
 Robert /de CLAVERING/ 1st Baron Clavering
B: ABT 1247
P: Clavering, Northamptonshire, England
M: 1265
D: 1310
 Margery /la ZOUCHE/
B: ABT 1252
P: Winchester, Hampshire, England
 James /de ALDITHLEY/
B: ABT 1218
P: of Heleigh, Audley, Staffordshire, England
M: 1244
P: England
D: 11 JUN 1276
P: Ireland
B: ABT 1228
P: Stratton Audley & Wretchwick, Oxford, England
D: ABT 22 NOV 1299
 Roger /de MORTIMER/ 6th Baron of Wigmore
B: ABT 1231
P: of Wigmore, Herefordshire, England
M: ABT 1247
P: England
D: 27 OCT 1282
P: Kingsland, Herfordshire, England
 Maud /de BRAOSE/
B: ABT 1228
P: Bramber Castle, Breconshire, Wales
D: BEF 23 MAR 1301
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