B: ABT 1237
P: Shere, Surrey, England
D: 18 APR 1301
P: Grey Friars, Worcestershire, England

 John /FITZGEOFFREY/ Justicar of Ireland
B: ABT 1210
P: of Shere, Farnbridge, Surrey, England
M: ABT 1229
P: England
D: 23 NOV 1258

 Isabel /BIGOD/
B: ABT 1210
P: of Thetford, Norfolk, England
D: ABT 1252

 Geoffrey /FITZPIERS/ 4th Earl of Essex
B: ABT 1164
P: of Waldon, Essex, England
M: BEF 29 MAY 1205
P: England
D: 04 OCT 1213
P: Walden, Essex, England

 Avelina /de CLARE/
B: ABT 1167
P: Hereford, Herfordshire, England
D: BEF 04 JUN 1225
P: England

 Hugh /BIGOD/ 3rd Earl of Norfolk Magna Charta
B: ABT 1182
P: of Thetford, and Framlingham, Norfolk, Eng...
M: BET 1207 AND 1212
P: Europe
D: BEF 18 FEB 1225

 Maud /MARSHAL/ Countess of Norfolk
B: ABT 1192
P: Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
D: 27 MAR 1248
P: Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

B: ABT 1130
P: of Cherhill, Whiltshire, England
M: ABT 1160
P: England
D: BEF 1198
B: ABT 1135
P: of Rycott, Oxford, England
 Roger /de CLARE/ 3rd Earl of Herford
B: ABT 1120
P: Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England
D: 1173
P: Oxfordshire, England
 Maud /de ST. HILARY/
B: ABT 1137
P: Buckenham, Norfolk, England
D: 24 DEC 1193
P: Norfolk, England
 Roger /BIGOD/ 2nd Earl of Norfolk MCS
B: 1150
P: of Framlingham Castle, Norfolk, England
M: ABT DEC 1181
P: England
D: BEF 02 AUG 1221
P: Thetford, Norfolk, England
 Ida /de TOENI/
B: ABT 1160
P: Norfolk, England
 William /MARSHAL/ 1st Earl of Pembroke
B: ABT 1146
P: Rockley, Marlborough, Wiltshire, England
M: AUG 1189
P: London, Middlesex, England
D: 14 MAY 1219
P: Caversham, Oxfordshire, England
 Isabel /de CLARE/
B: ABT 1174
P: Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
D: 1220
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