Thomas /de MOWBRAY/ Duke of Norfolk 6th Lord Mowbray
B: 22 MAR 1366
P: Epworth, Isle Of Axholme, Lincolnshire, En...
D: 22 SEP 1399

 John /de MOWBRAY/ 4th Baron Mowbray
B: 25 JUL 1340
P: Epworth, Isle Of Axholme, Lincolnshire, an...
M: 1349
P: England
D: 09 OCT 1368
P: Constantinople, Byzantine Empire

 Elizabeth /de SEGRAVE/
B: 25 OCT 1338
P: Croxton Criol, Leicestershire, England
D: 24 MAR 1398

 John /de MOWBRAY/ 3rd Baron Mowbray
B: 29 NOV 1310
P: Hovingham, Yorkshire, England
M: ABT 28 FEB 1327
P: England
D: 04 OCT 1361
P: Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

B: ABT 1311
P: Norfolk, England
D: 07 JUL 1349

 John /de SEGRAVE/ 4th Baron Seagrave
B: 1315
P: Norfolk, England
M: BEF 15 DEC 1338
P: England
D: 20 MAR 1353

 Margaret /PLANTAGENET/ Dutchess of Norfolk
B: ABT 1322
P: Norfolk, England
D: 24 MAR 1399

 John /de MOWBRAY/ 2nd Baron Mowbray
B: 04 SEP 1286
P: Chamb, Norfolk, England
M: 1298
D: 1321
 Aline /de BRAOSE/
B: ABT 1290
P: Gower, Monmouth, England
D: 1331
P: Swansea
 Henry /PLANTAGENET/ Earl of Lancaster
B: 1281
P: of Grosmont Castle, England
M: BEF 02 MAR 1297
D: 22 SEP 1345
P: Leicester, Leicestershire, England
 Maud /de CHAWORTH/
B: ABT 1282
P: Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
D: BEF 03 DEC 1322
P: Mottisford Priory, Hampshire, England
 Stephen /de SEGRAVE/ 3rd Baron Seagrave
B: ABT 1285
P: Segrave, Leicestershire, England
D: 1325
 Alice /de ARUNDEL/
B: ABT 1290
P: Arundel, Sussex, England
D: 1340
 Thomas /PLANTAGENET/ Earl of Norfolk
B: 01 JUN 1300
P: Brotherton, Yorkshire, England
M: AFT JUN 1321
P: England
D: 1338
 Alice /de HAYLES/
B: ABT 1304
P: of Lodden-Hales, Norfolk, England
D: BEF 1330
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