ALFONSO // X King of Castile and Leon
B: 23 NOV 1221
P: Toledo, Castile, Spain
D: 04 APR 1284
P: Saville, Spain

 FERDINAND // III of Castile & Leon
B: 1199
P: of Castile and Leon, Spain
M: 30 NOV 1219
P: Burgos, Castile, Spain
D: 30 MAY 1252
P: Saville, Spain

 Beatrice /von HOHENSTAUFEN/
B: 1198
P: of Swabia, Bavaria

 ALFONSO // King of Castile and Leon IX
B: ABT 1171
P: Zamora, Leon, Spain
M: OCT 1197
P: Valladolid, Spain
D: 24 SEP 1230
P: Villanueva de Sarria, Castile, Spain

 Berengia /de CASTILE/
B: BEF AUG 1180
P: of Segovia, Castile, Spain
D: 08 NOV 1246
P: Las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain

 PHILIP // II Emperor of Germany
B: BEF APR 1177
P: Swabia, Bavaria, Germany
M: 25 MAY 1197
P: Germany
D: 21 JUN 1208
P: Bamberg, Germany

B: ABT 1181
P: Byzantium
D: 27 AUG 1208

 FERNANDO // King of Leon II
B: 1131
P: Leon, Spain
M: 1165
P: Europe
D: 1188
 URRACA // of Portugal
B: ABT 1152
P: Portugal
D: 16 OCT 1188
 ALFONSO // VIII The Good King of Castile
B: 11 NOV 1155
P: Soria, Castile, Spain
M: 22 SEP 1177
P: Burgos, Castile, Spain
D: 06 OCT 1214
P: Near Arevalo, Avila, Spain
 Eleanor /PLANTAGENET/ Princess of England
B: 13 OCT 1162
P: Falais, Calvados, France
D: 25 OCT 1214
P: Burgos, Castile, Spain
 Frederick /BARBAROSSA/ Holy Roman Emperor I
B: ABT 1122
P: Waiblingen, Germany
M: 1156
D: 10 JUN 1190
 Beatrice /de BOURGOGNE/
B: 1145
P: Burgundy, France
D: 15 NOV 1184
P: Dole, Burgundy
 Eastern Roman Emperor Issac II /ANGELUS/
B: 1155
P: Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
D: 1204
 Irena /COMNENA/
B: ABT 1166
P: Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
D: AFT 1185
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