URRACA // of Castile
B: BEF 28 MAY 1187
P: Castile, Spain
D: 03 NOV 1220
P: Lisbon Portugal

 ALFONSO // VIII The Good King of Castile
B: 11 NOV 1155
P: Soria, Castile, Spain
M: 22 SEP 1177
P: Burgos, Castile, Spain
D: 06 OCT 1214
P: Near Arevalo, Avila, Spain

 Eleanor /PLANTAGENET/ Princess of England
B: 13 OCT 1162
P: Falais, Calvados, France
D: 25 OCT 1214
P: Burgos, Castile, Spain

 SANCHO // III King of Castile
B: 1134
P: of Castile, Spain
M: 04 FEB 1151
P: Calahorra, Spain
D: 31 AUG 1158
P: Toledo, Castile, Spain

 BLANCHE // of Navarre
B: ABT 1135
P: Navarre, Spain
D: 12 AUG 1156

 Henry FITZEMPRESS King of /England/ II
B: 05 MAR 1133
P: Le Mans, Sarthe, Normandy, France
M: 18 MAY 1152
P: Bordeaux Cathedral, Bordeaux, France
D: 06 JUL 1189
P: Chateau Chinon, Normandy, France

 Eleanor /de AQUITAINE/
B: ABT 1124
P: Chateau de Belin, Gironde, Aquitaine, France
D: 31 MAR 1204
P: Fontevrault Abbe, Fontevrault, Maine-et-Lo...

 ALFONSO // VII King of Castile and Leon
B: 01 MAR 1105
P: Toledo, Castile, Spain
M: 1124
D: 21 AUG 1157
P: La Fresneda, Castile, Spain
 BERENGUELA // of Barcelona
B: ABT 1112
P: Barcelona, Catalon,, Spain
D: 03 FEB 1149
P: Palencia, Leon, Spain
 GARCIA // IV King of Navarre
B: ABT 1110
P: of Pamplona, Navarre, Spain
M: AFT 1130
P: Spain
D: 21 NOV 1150
P: Lorca de Navarra, Spain
 Margaret /l'AIGLE/
B: ABT 1115
P: Aigle, Orne, Normandy, France
D: 25 MAY 1141
 Geoffrey /PLANTAGENET/ Duke of Normandy V
B: 24 NOV 1113
P: Anjou, France
M: 22 MAY 1127
P: Le Mans, Pas de la Loire, France
D: 07 SEP 1151
P: Le Mans, Pas de la Loire, France
 Matilda /BEAUCLERC/ Princess of England
B: BEF 05 AUG 1102
P: London, Middlesex, England
D: 10 SEP 1167
P: Rouen, Normandy, France
 WILLIAM // 8th of Poitou 10th Aquitaine VIII
B: ABT 1099
P: of Poitou, Aquitaine, France
M: 1121
P: France
D: 09 APR 1137
P: Poitiers, France
B: ABT 1109
P: of Chastellerault, Vienne, France
D: AFT MAR 1130
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