John /Cherleton/ 4th Lord Cherlton
B: 25 APR 1362
P: Powys Castle, Montgomeryshire, Wales
D: 19 OCT 1401

 John /CHERLETON/ 3rd Lord Cherleton
B: ABT 1334
P: of Powis Castle, Welshpool, Montgomeryshir...
M: ABT 1360
P: England
D: 13 JUL 1374

 Joan /de STAFFORD/
B: ABT 1340
P: Stafford, Staffordshire, England
D: BEF 1397

 John /de CHERLETON/ II 2nd Lord Cherlton of Powis
B: ABT 1307
P: of Cherleton, Wrockwardine, Shropshire, En...
M: BEF 13 APR 1319
P: England
D: BEF 30 AUG 1360
P: Powis Castle, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, ...

 Maud /de MORTIMER/
B: ABT 1307
P: Netherwood, Herefordshire, England
D: AFT 1345

 Ralph /de STAFFORD/ 1st Earl of Stafford KG
B: 24 SEP 1301
P: Stafford, Staffordshire, England
M: BEF 06 JUL 1336
P: England
D: 31 AUG 1372
P: Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England

 Margaret /de AUDLEY/
B: ABT 1320
P: Straton, Audley, Oxford, England
D: 16 SEP 1348

 John I /de CHERLETON/
B: ABT 1280
P: of Cherleton, Shropshire, England
M: BEF 26 AUG 1309
P: England
D: BEF DEC 1353
 Hawise /de la POLE/ 3rd Baroness of Powis
B: 25 JUL 1290
P: Powys Castle, Montgomeryshire, Wales
D: ABT 1350
 Roger /de MORTIMER/ IV 1st Earl of March
B: 25 APR 1287
P: of Netherwood, Thornbury, and Wigmore, Her...
M: ABT 20 SEP 1301
P: England
D: 29 NOV 1330
 Joan /de GENEVILLE/
B: 02 FEB 1286
P: Of Trim and Ludlow Castle, Shropshire, Eng...
D: 19 OCT 1356
 Edmund /de STAFFORD/ 1st Baron Stafford
B: 17 JUL 1273
P: Stafford, Staffordshire, England
M: BEF 1298
P: England
D: BEF 12 AUG 1308
 Margaret /BASSET/
B: ABT 1275
P: Drayton, Staffordshire, England
D: BEF 17 MAR 1337
 Hugh /de AUDLEY/ 8th Earl of Gloucester
B: ABT 1295
P: Straton, Audley, Oxford, England
M: 28 APR 1317
P: Windsor, Berkshire, England
D: 10 NOV 1347
 Margaret /de CLARE/
B: ABT 1294
P: Caerphilly Castle, Glamorganshire, Wales
D: 09 APR 1342
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