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Margaret Bromflete: Birth: ABT 1435 in Lonsborough, Yorkshire, England. Death: 12 APR 1493
Edward Brooke: Birth: ABT 1411 in Brooke, Somersetshire, England. Death: 06 JUN 1464
John Brooke: Birth: 10 DEC 1447 in Cowling, Kent, England. Death: 09 MAR 1512
Katherine Broughton: Birth: ABT 1515 in of Toddlington, Bedfordshire, England. Death: 23 APR 1535
Lucy Browne: Birth: ABT 1507 in Kent, England. Death: 1557
Thomas Browne: Birth: 1414 in of Tong, Eyhthorne, Kent , England. Death: JUL 1460
Viscount Montagu Anthony III Browne: Birth: 29 NOV 1528 in of Betchworth, Surrey, England. Death: 19 OCT 1592
John Browning: Birth: ABT 1325 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
Alexander Bruce: Birth: ABT 1296 in Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Death: ABT 1306
Alexander Bruce: Birth: ABT 1310 in of Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 19 JUL 1333
David Bruce: Birth: 05 MAR 1324 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland. Death: 22 FEB 1371 in Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edward Bruce: Birth: ABT 1276 in of Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland. Death: 14 OCT 1318
Anne BULISTRA: Birth: ABT 1224 in England. Death: 1300
of Wilton Ralph Bulmer: Birth: ABT 1390 in of Wilton, Yorkshire, England. Death: 05 APR 1444
William Bulmer: Birth: ABT 1415 in of Wilton, Yorkshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Elizabeth BURDET: Birth: ABT 1385 in Huncote, Leicestershire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Thomas Burdett: Birth: ABT 1425 in Arrow, Alcester, Warwickshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
James Burford: Birth: ABT 1330 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
Thomas Burgh: Birth: 1405 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Thomas Burgh: Birth: ABT 1428 in Northumberland, England. Death: 18 MAR 1496 in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England
Maud Burghersh: Birth: ABT 1384 in East Worldham, Hampshire, England. Death: 04 MAY 1437
High Sheriff of Shropshire John BURLEY: Birth: ABT 1366 in of Bromscroft, Shropshire, England. Death: BEF 1416
John BURLEY: Birth: ABT 1340 in of Bromscroft, Shropshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
Margaret BURLEY: Birth: ABT 1385 in of Shawbury, Shropshire, England. Death: 26 JAN 1439
Richard Burley: Birth: ABT 1340 in England. Death: 23 MAY 1387
Hugh Burnell: Birth: ABT 1375 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
Margaret Burnell: Birth: 1415 in Billingford, Norfolk, England. Death: 27 MAR 1486
Maud BURNELL: Birth: 1290 in Acton Burnell, Shropshire, England. Death: 17 MAY 1341
Phillip BURNELL: Birth: ABT 1260 in Acton Burnell Castle, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Death: 1294
Joanna Burnet: Birth: ABT 1220. Death: UNKNOWN
Richard Bussel: Birth: ABT 1125 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
Robert Butiller: Birth: ABT 1210 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
Avicia BUTLER: Birth: ABT 1295 in Knocktopher Castle, Wicklow, Ireland. Death: UNKNOWN
Daughter BUTLER: Birth: ABT 1368 in of Ormund, Ireland. Death: UNKNOWN
Eleanor Butler: Birth: ABT 1445. Death: 1468
Elizabeth Butler: Birth: 21 DEC 1421 in Ormonde, Kerry, Ireland. Death: 08 SEP 1473 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth BUTLER: Birth: ABT 1375 in Bewsey Hall, Warrington, Lancashire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
James Butler
James BUTLER: Birth: ABT 1305 in Knocktopher Castle, Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 06 JAN 1338 in Moyalvi, Tipperary, Ireland
James Butler: Birth: 04 OCT 1331 in of Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland. Death: 18 OCT 1382 in Knocktopher Castle, Wicklow, Ireland
James Butler: Birth: AFT 1361 in Ormonde, Kerry, Ireland. Death: 07 SEP 1405 in Gowran, Kilk, Ireland
James Butler: Birth: 28 MAY 1393 in Ormonde, Kerry, Ireland. Death: 23 AUG 1452 in Aredee, Ireland
James Butler: Birth: ABT 1420 in of Kilkenny Castle, Ireland. Death: 01 MAY 1461 in Towton, Yorkshire, England
Joan Butler: Birth: ABT 1310 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
John BUTLER: Birth: ABT 1300 in Knocktopher Castle, Wicklow, Ireland. Death: AFT 1334 in of Skelbrook, Yorkshire, England
John Butler: Birth: ABT 1423 in of Ormund, Kerry, Ireland. Death: 14 OCT 1476 in Holy Land
Margaret Butler: Birth: 1460 in London, Middlesex, England. Death: 03 APR 1537
Pernel BUTLER: Birth: 1332 in Ormonde, Kerry, Ireland. Death: 23 APR 1368
Thomas Butler: Birth: ABT 1491 in of Bewsey, Lancastershire, England. Death: 1551
Thomas Butler: Birth: ABT 1430 in England. Death: 1461
Thomas Butler: Birth: ABT 1425 in of Ormond, Ireland. Death: 03 AUG 1515
William II BYKEBERRY: Birth: ABT 1305 in England. Death: UNKNOWN
William III BYKEBERRY: Birth: ABT 1330 in Devonshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN
William IV BYKEBERRY: Birth: ABT 1355 in Devonshire, England. Death: AFT 1390
James BYRON: Birth: ABT 1320 in of Clayton, Lancashire, England. Death: ABT 1352
John BYRON: Birth: ABT 1272 in Yorkshire, England. Death: UNKNOWN in of Clayton, Lancashire, England
Margaret BYRON: Birth: ABT 1412 in Clayton, Lancashire, England. Death: AFT 1476
Richard BYRON: Birth: ABT 1345 in of Clayton, Lancashire, England. Death: 27 JUN 1397
Richard BYRON: Birth: ABT 1295 in of Clayton, Lancashire, England. Death: ABT 1347

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