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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Thomas Stoddart: Birth: DEC 1887 in Buffalo , Erie Co New York USA. Death: 22 JAN 1983

  2. Isabella Stoddart: Birth: OCT 1892 in Buffalo , Erie Co New York USA.

1. Title:   Register of Births and Baptisms for Kirkmahoe
Page:   19 Sept 1852
2. Title:   Times
Page:   Dec 3, 1932

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 1900 USA census, New York State. Erie Co. City of Buffalo Ward 21 Enum Dist178 Page 14A
  { Line, Street, Name,Relation ship,Color,Sex, Birthdate Mth yr,Age last birthday,Marital,# years married,Mother of How many children, # of Children living,Place of Birth, Place of Birth of Father, Place of Birth of Mother, Yr of immigration to the US, # fo yrs in the US, Naturalization, Occupation, Mths not employed,Attended school in mths, Can read, write, speak English, Own or rent, own free of mortgaged, Farm or House}
  11, Prospect Ave, Stoddart Thomas, Head,W, M, Sept 1852,47, M,18, -,-,Scotland Scotland,Scotland, 1872,28,Na,Wholesale and Retail Druggists, 0,-, Yes, Yes, Yes, O, M, H,
 12, Prospect Ave, ------------- Emma, Wife, W, F, Jan 1864, 36,M,18,3,2,New York, New York, New York, -,-,-,----, - ,-, Yes, Yes, Yes,-
 13, Prospect Sve, ------------- John, Son, W, M, Dec 1887, 12, S, -,-,-, New York, Scotland, New York, -,-,-, At school, -,9, yes, yes, yes
 14, Prospect Ave, -------------- Isabella,Daughter,W, F,Oct 1892,7,S- 0,0,New York, Scotland, New York, -,-,-,
 15, Prospect Sve, Reilly, Anna, Servant,W.F,Aprl 1843, 57,S, -,0,0,Ireland, Ireland Ireland,1865, 35, -, Servant,0,-,Yes, Yes, Yes,
 16, Prospect Ave,Petersen John, Boarder, W, M, Jan1868, 32,S, -,-,-, New York, New Yrok, New York,-,-,-, ? Drug Clerk?, 0,-, yes, yes, yes,
 Buffalo City Directory ( Microfilm)
 Stoddard, Charles drug clerk b. 62 Clinton
 Stoddard, George N. druggist 1226 Niagara
 Stoddard, Thomas , drug clerk, b. 62 Clinton
  1874 - same as 1873
 Stoddard, Charles drug clerk b. 62 Clinton
 Stoddard, Frank, drug clerk, b. 62 Clinton
 Stoddard, George N. druggist, 1226 Niagara, h. same
 Stoddard, Thomas firm Champlin and Co. h. 62 Clinton
 Stoddart Bros(Thomas Stoddart, Charles Stoddart) dispensing druggists, 84 E. Seneca
 Stoddart, Charles (Stoddart Bros) 84 E. Seneca b. Franklin House
 Stoddart Thomas (Stoddart Bros) 84 E. Seneca b. Franklin House
 Stoddart, Thomas h st 233 S. Division (Stoddart Bros ) 84 E. Seneca
 also Charles at same
 Stoddart, Thomas drug clerk, Location 1: 84 Seneca,Location 2: 161 Prospect Ave,
 TIMES May 29, 1927
  Celebrate Golden Anniversary; Opened First Soda Fountain
 {Photo-Thomas and Charles Stoddart}
  Fifty years ago two brothers started in the drug store business at 86 Seneca. Thye building was a one-story structure, and the store occupieda floor space of 17 feet by 50 feet. Wednesday on the golden anniversary, these two men Thomas and Charles Stoddart were celebrating their success in the same building but with larger premises, 50 by 250 feet.
 The Stoddart Bros. were in business as a partnership until 1919, when they became incorporated. They are now the heads of a chain of three of the largest drug stores in the city.The Stoddart Bros. Drug Store was the first place in the city to own a soda fountain. The novelty took a fast hold on the citiens of Buffalo and police cordons were necessary to keep the crwods in line. The Stoddart firm was one of the first five subscribers to the telephone in this city.
 Buffalo News 12-3-32 page 3
 Owner of Pharmacy Chain and Leader in Profession Ill About Year
  Thomas Stoddart 80, owner of a chain of four drug stores which bear his name, died at 5 A.M. Saturday in his home 128 Highland Avenue.
 Death followed an illness of about a year and was attributed to heart disease. He had been confined to his home for the past five weeks although he took an active part in his business to the end.
 Born in Dumfries Scotland, Sept 9, 1852, Mr. Stoddart was one of seven sons who emigrated to Thorndale oNT., with their parents when he was 10 years of age.
 When he was 18, he graduated from St. Marys college, St. Marys Ont as a pharmacist, and the same year he began as an apprentice in the McCullum drug store London, Ont. He worked without pay the first year and received $1 a week during the second year of his service there.
  First Store Opened Coming to Buffalo in 1873, Mr. Stoddart went to work for Prof. Hadley in a small laboratory at Main and Virginia Streets. Three years later he opened his first drug store in Buffalo under the name Stoddart Bros. in 84 Seneca St. His brother Charles was his partner.
 Mr. Stoddart took a lifelong interest in all matters pertaining to his profession and in 1879 was one of the active organizers of the Erie County Pharmaceutical Association.
 He married Miss Emma B. Petersen. daughter of Capt. John Petersen in 1882. She died in 1920.
 A year later the original Stoddart drug store was moved from 84 Seneca street to 86 and 88 Seneca Street where it is still in operation.
 Mr. Stoddart served three terms as president of the New York Pharmaceutical association.
  Active in Profession
 In 1900 he was active in organization work of the National Association of Retail Druggists. He also served two terms as president of the American Surgical Trades Association.
 For a time Mr. SToddart took an active interest in municipal politics, being elected to the Board of Councilmen in 1901 and was president of the board in 1901.
 In 1912 Mr. Stoddart entered a three-cornered mayoralty race as the regular Republican candidate against John Lord O'Brian, now assistant to the attorney general of the United States, who was running as a Progressive and the late Louis P. Fuhrmann, Democrat.Mr. Fuhrman was elected and served eight yeras.
 Untila year ago Mr. Stoddart was a trustee of the American savings bank which office was assumed by his son John T, Stoddartwhen he retired.
 Funeral on Monday
 Mr. Stodart was active in the work of the St. Andrew'as Scottish Society since its organization in BUffalo. He served several terms as president. He was a member of the Buffalo club for 40 years, retiring from its rolls two years ago.
 In recent years he established three branches of the Stoddart pharmacies in 315 Main Street, 384 Main Street, and 2842 Delaware Avenue, Kenmore.
 Funeral services will be conducted in the family residence at 3 PM Monday by the Rev Charles Stewart of North Presbyterian Church of which Mr. Stoddart was a member throughout his residence in the city. Burial will be in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
 Surviving are a son John T. Stoddart, a daughter Mrs/. William Cochrane and a brother Dr. James Stoddart of Buffalo. His partner Chales Stoddart was killed by an automobile at Elmwood avenue and Lancaster avenue Jan 29, 1931_
 Times Oct 27, 1926
 Thomas Stoddart {with photo}
 Tribute was paid by 60 members of the St. Andrew's Scottis Society to THomas Stoddart and James E. Neilson for 50 years members of the society at a banquetin the Lafayette Avenue clubhouse last night.
 Capt. James M. Todd, president presented in behalf of the society a framed testimonial to Mr. Stoddart. It was penned in Spencerian script and told of Stoddarts fidelity friendship membership in the society. A similar testimonial was presented to Mr. Neilson by George W. McCoppen.
 Harry G. Anderson was toastmaster Robert B. Ferguson, Hugh Roberson and Adam B. Gunn spoke. Both Mr. Neilson and Mr. Stoddart joined the Society in Buffalo and each has been a trustee for over 20 years.
 Times Dec 3 1932
 Pioneer Pharmacist Once Headed Board of Councilmen
 Thomas Stoddart 81, former political leader and head of the drug firm of Stoddart Bros. died at his home 123 Highland Avenue early today.
 One of the pioneer druggists of Buffalo, Mr. Stodart with his brother the late Charles Stoddart organized his firm here in 1876
 Mr. Stoddart was long identified with the Republican party in Western New York and was one of Buffalo's outstanding figures.
 Councilman in 1901
 He was elected to the board of Councilman here in 1901, Pan American year
 After serving on the city legislature.....?...Counciolman in 1903
 In 1912 he was nominated by the Republican partyfor mayor but was defeated by Louis P. Furhman, Democrat candidate , in the now politically historical Bull Moose year when the Third Party led by former Preisdent Theodore Roosevelt nominated as the Bull Moose candidate for mayor of Buffalo, John Lord O'Brien, present assistant United States attorney general.
 Founder of Drug Group
 In 1879 Mr. Stoddart was one of the founders of the Erie County Pharmaceutical association. Three years later, he married Emma B. Peterson, daughter of Capt. John Peterson of Buffalo.
 He served as President of the New York Pharmaceutical acssociation in 1901, 1902 and 1910. He was elected president of the American Surgical Trades association in 1916 and 1917.
 For many yearshe has been a leader in Scottish American affairs here and was active in the St. Andrews Scottish Society.
 Born in Scotland
 Mr. Stoddart was born in Dumfries Scotland and came to Canada with his parents at the age of 10. After graduating from St. Marys college at St. Marys Ont he came to Buffalo.
 He is survived by his brother Dr. James Stoddart, one son John T. Stoddart and a daughter Mrs. William Cochrane , all from Buffalo.
 Courier Dec 13, 1932
 Pioneer Druggist Leaves estate to Two children
 The will of Thomas Stoddart, pioneer druggist and head of Stoddart Bros, Inc. was filed for porbate in Surrogate's court Wednesday. Value of the estate was not stated.
 Mr. Stoddart bequeathed $1000 each to five grandchildren, Margaret Stoddart, John Thomas Stoddart, Charles Moshler Stoddart, William J. Cochrane Jr, and Mary Isabella Cochrane. the sums to be held in trust ubtil they are 21.
 He devised 500 shares of teh capital stock of Stoddart Bros. Inc to his daughter Isabella Cochrane wife of William J. Cochrane 128 Highland Avenue together with the contents of his home at the Highland Avenue address.
 Th eremainder of the estate is to be divided equally between his son John Thomas Stoddart, 43 Lancaster Avenue and his daughter Mrs. Cochrane.
 He named his son John T. Stoddart and Wilmliam R. Daniels as executors and trustees.
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