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Maria Hagdorn: Birth: 17 Sep 1589 in Sindelfingen. Death: AFT Nov 1624 in Sindelfingen
Martin Hagdorn: Birth: ABT 1555 in Sindelfingen. Death: AFT 1609 in Sindelfingen
Valentin Hagdorn: Birth: ABT 1500 in Sindelfingen. Death: 30 Okt 1556 in Sindelfingen
Barbara Hagelloch: Birth: 27 Oct 1566 in Maichingen. Death: 10 Okt 1611 in Maichingen
Hans Hagelloch: Birth: ABT 1535.
Anna Maria Hagenlocher: Birth: 8 Jul 1609 in Sindelfingen. Death: 14 Oct 1634 in Sindelfingen
Barbara Hagenlocher: Birth: 13 Oct 1623 in Sindelfingen. Death: 23 Apr 1692 in Sindelfingen
Bernhard Hagenlocher: Birth: ABT 1550. Death: 23 Mar 1635 in Sindelfingen
Margaretha Hagenlocher: Birth: ABT 1650.
Veit Hagenlocher: Birth: 25 Feb 1586 in Sindelfingen. Death: AFT 1623 in Sindelfingen
Agnes Hahn: Birth: 10 Jan 1579 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch. Death: 20 Aug 1636 in Sindelfingen
Georg Hahn: Birth: ABT 1550 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch. Death: AFT 1594 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch
Georg Hahn: Birth: 1514 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch. Death: 2 Nov 1594 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch
Georg Hahn: Birth: ABT 1480 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch. Death: 3 Aug 1565 in Altdorf, Schoenbuch
Anna Haid: Birth: ABT 1575 in Oberesslingen. Death: BEF Sep 1610
Jerg Haid: Birth: ABT 1540.
Rosina Haid: Birth: 1549. Death: 22 Mar 1597 in Aidlingen
Barbara Haisch: Birth: ABT 1550 in Steinenbronn. Death: BEF 1606 in Sindelfingen
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Catharina Haller: Birth: ABT 1465. Death: 1522 in Stuttgart
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Jack Lee Hancock: Birth: 14 Aug 1957 in Kankakee, Illinois. Death: 11 Oct 2005 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Michael Eugene Hancock: Birth: 22 Oct 1952. Death: 23 Nov 1981 in Manteno, Kankakee, Illinois
Robert Donald Hancock: Birth: 9 Sep 1918 in Cook County, Illinois. Death: 2 Feb 1995 in Kankakee, Illinois
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Barbara Handel: Birth: 1629 in Neuffen, Wuerttemberg. Death: 17 Feb 1695 in Sindelfingen
Aaron Hankinson: Birth: 7 Feb 1735 in Freehold, Monmouth, New Jersey. Death: 9 Oct 1806 in Stillwater, Sussex County, New Jersey
Eliza Hankinson: Birth: 1797 in Stillwater, Sussex, New Jersey. Death: 6 Feb 1878 in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania
Joseph Hankinson: Birth: 27 Mar 1712 in Matawan, Monmouth Co, New Jersey. Death: 12 Sep 1783 in Reading Twp, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
NN Hankinson: Birth: BEF 1652 in British Isles. Death: BEF 1683 in (Ireland)
Peter Hankinson: Birth: 1676 in (Ireland). Death: BEF 1700 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
Richard Hankinson: Birth: 1674 in (Ireland).
Sarah Hankinson: Birth: 1770 in Sussex County, New Jersey. Death: 10 Feb 1815 in New Jersey
Thomas Hankinson: Birth: 1672 in (Ireland). Death: 1738 in New Jersey
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Anna Hannah: Birth: 14 Sep 1846 in Ohio. Death: 4 Nov 1878 in Indiana
Margaret Hannah: Birth: ABT 1810 in Virginia.
Johann Hannemann: Birth: BEF 1610.
Waldburga Hannemann: Birth: BEF 1630 in Neuffen. Death: 3 Feb 1674 in Sindelfingen, Wuerttemberg
Peter Hansen: Birth: BEF 1609.
Christoph Harpprecht: Birth: 18 Sep 1596 in Tuebingen. Death: 17 Okt 1637 in Tuebingen
Hans Harpprecht: Birth: 1518 in Walheim bei Bietigheim. Death: 1564 in Walheim bei Bietigheim
Johann Christoph Harpprecht: Birth: 6 Oct 1625 in Tuebingen. Death: Jul 1676 in Tuebingen
Johannes Harpprecht: Birth: 20 Jan 1560 in Walheim bei Bietigheim. Death: 18 Sep 1639 in Tuebingen
Maria Benedikta Harpprecht: Birth: 27 Dec 1656 in Tuebingen. Death: 30 Jan 1746 in Sindelfingen
Anna Harr: Birth: 1624 in Freudenstadt. Death: 9 Oct 1678 in Sindelfingen
Jakob Harr: Birth: BEF 1595. Death: BEF 1654
Johann Harre: Birth: BEF 1671.
Chloe Harris: Birth: BEF 1879.
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Maria Hartlaub: Birth: BEF 1580 in Schweinfurt.
Conrad Hartlin: Birth: BEF 1450.
Lenhardt Hartlin: Birth: BEF 1430.
Catherine Hartman: Birth: 20 Jan 1841 in Ashland Co, Ohio. Death: 19 Mar 1863 in Harrison, Indiana
Barbara Hartmut: Birth: BEF 1526. Death: 29 Jan 1595 in Heilbronn
Philipp Hartmut: Birth: BEF 1506.
Rachel Hartong Harding: Birth: ABT 1818 in Ohio. Death: 25 Apr 1850 in Stark Co, Ohio
Isaac Hartsough: Birth: BEF 1861.
Rosa A Hartsough: Birth: 21 Sep 1881 in Elkhart County, Indiana. Death: 25 Jun 1951 in Columbia, Whitley County
Catharine Hassenplug: Birth: ABT 1847 in Pennsylvania.
Charles Hassenplug: Birth: 19 Nov 1821 in Union County, Pennsylvania. Death: 6 Feb 1902 in York Twp, Sandusky, Ohio
George Rockey Hassenplug: Birth: ABT 1844 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1889
Israel Hassenplug: Birth: 9 May 1826. Death: 24 Sep 1897
Johann Heinrich Hassenplug: Birth: 1792. Death: 1861
Esther Hassinger: Birth: BEF 1806.
Elizabeth Hastings: Birth: BEF 1777 in Gap, Lancaster Co, Pennsylvania.
Agnes Haubenfeind: Birth: BEF 1465.
Ursula Hauff: Birth: ABT 1560.
Aberlin Haug: Birth: BEF 1540 in Sindelfingen. Death: 10 Nov 1596 in Sindelfingen
Adam Haug: Birth: 25 Jan 1597 in Sindelfingen. Death: 30 Mar 1637 in Sindelfingen
Anna Maria Haug: Birth: 1611 in Botnang. Death: 31 Oct 1671 in Boeblingen
Anna Haug: Birth: ABT 1620 in Darmsheim. Death: 17 Apr 1643 in Sindelfingen
Anna Haug: Birth: 5 Jul 1626 in Simmozheim. Death: 13 Sep 1666 in Simmozheim
Barbara Haug: Birth: ABT 1545.
Barbara Haug: Death: BEF 1652 in Sindelfingen
Blasius Haug: Birth: BEF 1500. Death: AFT 1532
Catharina Haug: Birth: ABT 1540 in Darmsheim. Death: BEF 1576 in Eltingen
Catharina Haug: Birth: BEF 1540. Death: AFT 1579
Conrad Haug: Birth: ABT 1530.
Dorothea Haug: Birth: 24 Nov 1561 in Ehningen. Death: AFT 1604
Hans Haug: Death: BEF 1642
Jakob Haug: Birth: BEF 1540 in Daetzingen. Death: AFT Jun 1604 in Sindelfingen
Jakob Haug: Birth: 1613. Death: 24 Mai 1687 in Ostelsheim
Jakob Haug: Birth: 1510. Death: 1580/1590
Johannes Haug: Birth: 1420 in Stuttgart ?.
Leonhard Haug: Birth: BEF 1590.
Leonhard Haug: Birth: BEF 1602.
Leonhard Haug: Birth: 1510/1520 in Sindelfingen. Death: 27 Sep 1585 in Sindelfingen
Lienhard Haug: Birth: 1480/1490. Death: 1535/1545
Magdalena Haug: Birth: 17 Okt 1651 in Ostelsheim. Death: 25 Mrz 1706 in Ostelsheim
Magdalena Haug: Birth: 22 Jul 1571 in Sindelfingen. Death: AFT 1614 in Sindelfingen
Margaretha Haug: Birth: 8 Mar 1600 in Dagersheim.

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