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Marriage: Children:
  1. Adolph Evertse Van Gelder HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 14 FEB 1677. Death: Deceased

  2. Jacobus Evertse Van Gelder HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 2 JUN 1678 in Brooklyn,Kings County,New York. Death: 1745 in New Jersey

  3. Aeltje Evertse Van Gelder HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 1 AUG 1680. Death: Deceased

  4. Hendrick Evertse Van Gelder HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 27 OCT 1682. Death: Bef 17 MAY 1740 in Richmond (Staten Island),New York

  5. Janetje Evertse Van Gelder HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 30 NOV 1684. Death: Deceased

  6. Sarah Evertse Van Gelder * HENDRICKSEN: Birth: Bef 9 MAR 1690 in Brooklyn,Kings County,New York. Death: Aft 1730 in Freehold Township,Monmouth County,New Jersey

a. Note:   Hendricksen van Gelder, also know as Capt. Evert Hendricksen Eck and Evert or Ifvar the Finn, who had established himself at Crane Hooke on the South River about 1641. The appellation, Eck, is almost exclusively used by people from Gelderland.
  According to research done by Jerry Vandiver, Hendrick Janszen, Adam Brouwer and Evert Hendricksen all served in Brazil, together. When the Portugese took over all three came to North America, with Janszen and Brouwer settling in New Netherlands and Evert Hendricksen at Crane Hoooke on the South River. Evert caused miscellaneous and sundry trouble for the authorities on the South River, so that by 1675, he had been banished from the river. About the same time, an Evert Hendricksen shows up in the tax rolls in Brooklyn, living near Adam Brouwer Berkhoven.
  There is no marriage record for Fytie and Evert. Their union began about 1675, and there are marriage records in Brooklyn for that period of time.
  Fytie and Evert baptized the following children:
  Adolph, 14 February 1677, New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church, Adam
 Brouwer, Marritje Hendrickszen
  Jacobus, 2 June 1678, Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Church, Jakop Pieterman
 and Aeltje Brouwer
  Aeltje, 1 August 1680, Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church, Matthys Brouwer,
 Magdalena Brouwer
  Hendrick, 27 October 1682 Dutch Reformed Church of New York, Adam
 Brouwer, Marritje Hendrickszen
  Jannetje, 30 November 1683, Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Church, Adolph
 Brown, Marritje Hendrickszen
 .....[This could really be Adolph Brown, or it could be a
 mistranscription of Adam Brouwer.}
  Sarah, 9 March 1690, Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Church, Abram Brouwer,
 Sarah Brouwer
  In 1679, Evert Hendricksen of the South River, was brought into court there on a charge of bigamy. He told the court, his wives were happy with the arrangement and the charges were dropped. Unfortunately, the existing court records do not name these lucky ladies. This Evert Hendricksen had a wife and several children living on the South River from the early 1640s to at least the 1690. These children were know by the Evertsen surname.
  Sarah Hendricksen was born in 1690, and on 20 February 1692, Fytie Adam Brouwer married Matthys Cornelissen. They subsequently has two sons, Cornelius in 1695 and Abraham in 1698. By July 1700, Matthys and family were living in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The last record of Fytie is 19 May 1700 when Fytie Cornelisen stood as sponsor for her grand-daughter in the Brooklyn Dutch Reformed Chuch. Matthys Cornelissen is last mentioned in 1716, along with his son, Cornelius Van Horne, as owing money to the estate of John Bowne in Monmouth County.
  Fytie's children with Evert were recorded as being Hendricksens in the baptismal records, while Fytie's children with Matthys were entered into the baptismal records as Cornelius and Abraham Matthysen.
  None of Fytie's children with Evert named a child Evert. After baptism, there is no further record of Adolf Hendricksen, but Jacobus and Hendrick both married and had families. Each named a daughter after their mother. By the 1740, both sons were using the surname Van Gelder.
  Robert Gordon Clark, the Adam Brouwer researcher, does not identify the father of either David nor Marritje, but he does identify the father of Evert as Hendrick Van Gelder. The man Evert did not use the surname of Van Gelder, but his children did. Perhaps Robert Gordon Clarke was able to identify a man named Henderick, of the city Gelder (van gelder), who was the father of this man Evert. I do not have his research sources to look at or quote from, but perhaps he saw this somewhere.
  1. Genealogical and Biographical Directory to Persons in New Netherland, David M. Riker....
 A 4-volume 1575....Vol. 23, pp 193-206 and Vol. 24, pp 23-32.
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 While you quote me extensively on Evert Hendricksen, you do not have the Van Horne information correct. Matthys Cornelissen NEVER used the Van Horn surname. His two sons with Fytie Adam Brouwer were not named Van Gelder. The oldest son was Cornelius Van Horen, yes, EN. The younger son was Abraham Vanhorn.
  Marleen Van Horne
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